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  1. NGD: GCS 58 mahogany VOS Explorer

    I have been wanting an Explorer badly for many/many years. I have played them but never bought one. Very nice Sir.
  2. Stoopid music stories

    I want all of my Hamer USA and Jackson USA guitars back that I was stupid enough to sell. I had a ton of them and a bunch of one-offs and customs. I am firmly in the idiot camp.
  3. $450 picked up. $500 shipped in the US. $525 shipped to Canada.
  4. Dang I wish I lived a lot closer. I always miss the Dean stuff. I love the Czech made Deans. I liked the one Korean Caddy I once owned. I need to try a USA Dean.
  5. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    That is one 25.5 scale neck guitar I would rock!! Very nice.
  6. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    Carvin/ Kiesel has been doing this for many years and is doing better than ever. Unless you get something way out of the box, it is returnable. I do have to say however, their prices are getting way too high in the last few years. They are getting kinda pricey.
  7. Thank you. My cell pics stink. The color is very Ferarri Red in person. This is a ton of guitar for the money, but I prefer less pickups and a thicker neck is all. I hate giving up the bridge. Someone is going to get a great deal!!
  8. Leslie West!

    I love his Dean with just 1 humbucker in the bridge. The Korean model is pretty fairly priced. I may snatch one of those.
  9. Selling my very nice 1988 Carvin DC135C and Carvin Case. These guitars are all maple body and neck, neck thru, 24.75 scale neck, 24 frets, ferarri red color, ebony board and mop dot inlays, black hardware, Kahler Pro trem with deluxe locking flip nut, 3 pickps consist of Humbucker in the bridge, stacked humbuckers in the middle and neck position, M22SD in the bridge, 3 mini toggles turns each pickup on or off for many combinations. This has a thin neck like the Jackson Fusions have, like an Ibanez Wizaed II neck. This guitar has not been played much. Has had a recent set up, but you may like it different. One little ding on the headstock and a little worming on the back. Frets are in very good condition. The case is just as nice and fully fuctional. I tried to upload more pictures but they are too big. Please PM me for more pictures if you like. It is of the headstock tip and case. I am asking $1000 or best offer on her. Will ship anywhere in the States or Canada. $1,000 or best offer. Make an offer, you never know. I am easy to work with.
  10. Oh Henry, Just STFU

    In the late 90`s, maybe early 2000`s I almost bought a new Gibson Les Paul Standard. They then came with a figured top and the flame was the next level up. I was going to buy one in trans Wine Red. It had everything I wanted in a Les Paul. Non chambered body, trans figured top(not flamed), 1959 neck, Grover tuners, nickel hardware, open pickups, they even left the pickgaurds off of them and just put them in the case. I believe they were $1200-1250. Very fair in my opinion. The reason I didn`t buy one is they used fake mother of pearl for the inlays. I thought they were being cheap and ripping us off because Hamer and Jackson USA used real MOP. So, basically what I`m saying is. Gobson needs to bring back guitars like that, at that kind of pricing and add real MOP to the fingerboards and I would buy one as long as the quality control is very good. They just don`t get it. I have a sweet 2001 Hamer Studio Custom that has pretty much all of that except the 1959 neck, more of a 1960`s without the taper. I know it`s not a single cut, but the quality and real mop is why I bought it instead of a LP. Have I told you I can`t stand Klusen tuners as well
  11. I just realized it needs a setup and cleaning. Anybody for $650 or best offer before I have that done to it?? Thank you.