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  1. Yes Sir and replied back to your pmand email. Thank you.
  2. Shipping to USA or Canada. $495 Shipped in the USA or plus shipping for Canada $775 or best offer plus shipping for the Carvin
  3. Yes and No. They changed to the medium neck profile in late 1993. The hard part without playing them is telling which it has. Not sure which serial nember they changed them at. I have had both necks from 1993. I have owned a bunch of Specials. Unfortunately they are all gone now.
  4. It looks like Trans Natural but can`t really tell. Either way. The 1993 Hamer specials had really thin necks until late 1993 when they switched to the medium ones. Not sure what serial number they switched at.
  5. Hi guys. The Jackson has been recently serviced and now has new EB Paradigm 9-46 strings. So. $500 shipped on the Jackson $800 or best offer on the Carvin. Thank you.
  6. black magic

    NGD: GCS 58 mahogany VOS Explorer

    I have been wanting an Explorer badly for many/many years. I have played them but never bought one. Very nice Sir.
  7. black magic

    Stoopid music stories

    I want all of my Hamer USA and Jackson USA guitars back that I was stupid enough to sell. I had a ton of them and a bunch of one-offs and customs. I am firmly in the idiot camp.
  8. $450 picked up. $500 shipped in the US. $525 shipped to Canada.
  9. Dang I wish I lived a lot closer. I always miss the Dean stuff. I love the Czech made Deans. I liked the one Korean Caddy I once owned. I need to try a USA Dean.
  10. black magic

    NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    That is one 25.5 scale neck guitar I would rock!! Very nice.
  11. black magic

    So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    Carvin/ Kiesel has been doing this for many years and is doing better than ever. Unless you get something way out of the box, it is returnable. I do have to say however, their prices are getting way too high in the last few years. They are getting kinda pricey.
  12. Thank you. My cell pics stink. The color is very Ferarri Red in person. This is a ton of guitar for the money, but I prefer less pickups and a thicker neck is all. I hate giving up the bridge. Someone is going to get a great deal!!