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  1. Irrationalities

    Charvel is coming out with a "Statchel" model this year. Yellow Bengal. I am interested, but it has 2 humbuckers. May have to EVH it and take the neck one out. I don`t care for 25.5 scale length with 9-42 strings so I will have to have it set up with 8-38`s.
  2. Custom Orders- ever grow out of one?

    I have sold a few custom order Jacksons but not due to changing but due to financial at the time. I still and will always have my custom order Carvin "Jason Becker" model guitar. I play it everyday!!
  3. That`s really sweet. I had a 1993 or 94 that had the P90`s and they just didn`t sound right too me. Great guitar though and nice and heavy.
  4. I agree. I only have new guitars built with just a bridge humbucker and only a volume knob. I only play wide open.
  5. I have a red 2001 Studio Custom. Medium neck profile with crowns. Fantastic guitar.
  6. Amp and Pedal Reviews

    I love the 2210. It`s a 2203 on roids. Ya, clipping diodes but oh so awesome!! I believe the JCM 900 MKIII is the same as a 2210.
  7. This was a good read.

    I love plain 1 pickup guitars. The only thing I don`t like is a single wraparound bridge or a hardtail like a hardtail strat bridge or a Wilky style bridge. A tunamatic bridge with a stop bar or strings thru the body is nice or an Original Floyd or Kahler Pro. I imagine most hear would pick a Tunamatic or single Wraparound bridge.
  8. NCD

    Great buy man!! I have a 1960A with the GT-75`s and love it. I have been looking for a very nice B for a while locally. It seems they sold way/way more many A`s than B`s.
  9. This was a good read.

    I for one really appreciate a hand made guitar. Having said that, I also love a good consistent CNC made guitar and then hand finished. Jackson, Carvin/Kiesel and others have turned to this and they come out really/really nice. Now with that been said, it hasn`t lowered the prices any. They still keep going up quickly!!
  10. Tale of two guitars

    I have 3 all maple Carvin guitars. All the same bridge pickup. 2 only have a bridge pickup, the one is H/H/H with the 2nd 2 being stacked single sized humbuckers. All 3 different bridges. All 3 sound so much different than the other, but I love all 3. The only same things is the woods. With the JB you mentioned, I have loved that in any guitar I ever had one in except my 2001 Hamer Studio Custom. It seams a little thin and shrill to me. I think a lot of tone comes from the pickup and they way it is wound.
  11. Pre Amp Noise

    The pre-amp tubes may be bad, but JJ`s in general in the pre-amp section have always been really dark and flat to me. I prefer the Tung Sol`s or even EH tubes.
  12. NHD

    Me too now that I`m older. I am thinking of dipping my feet into the semi-hollow guitar waters. Very nice Sir!
  13. NGD: Jason Becker In The House!

    Thanks fellas!! Yes McLaren Yellow. Fantastic color!! If I get another one, I will get British Racing Green. Probably a DC125C or maybe a V220C or TL60(think hot-rodded neck-through Tele with pointy headstock).
  14. HEL Custom Order

    That`s frickin` hilarious!!
  15. I have 2 pair of Doc Martin 6 inch non insulated all leather work boots. Bought them around 10 years ago. I actually had to buy them a size smaller due to being over-sized. I usually wear a 13 Wide and bought 12 Wide. Maybe they are made to wear thicker socks? Mine are made in England. Great boots.