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  1. atquinn

    Weezer cover Toto

    That cover is a great illustration of what a great groove Toto has. Austin
  2. I remember this when it was new at Wilcutts; it had regular humbuckers back then though Austin
  3. I like the saddles on my ClassicT Pro. It's a Wilkinson with massive brass swivel saddles. I tried replacing them with Rutters compensated saddles. Immaculately crafted, but thinner sounding, not in a good way to me. I imagine they would do quite well with Rutters massive bridge plate though. Austin
  4. atquinn

    Songs that change genres while being played

    The Affiliated by Dukes of the Stratosphear (aka XTC). Pure brilliance in both genres (genre shift at 1:08).. Austin
  5. That Wolfgang with the blue hardware is awesome! Austin
  6. Loved both these songs when I was a kid Of course, I've developed a sense of taste since then so his new song not so much. It's not an embarrassment or anything though. - Austin
  7. I played an Albert Lee years back in a store (3 P90 model IIRC) and was just stunned by how incredibly comfortable it was. I believe the humbuckers in the HH model are the same ones they use the Axis, so it makes sense they would be hot and dark. Maybe just swap them out for something lower output like Dimarzio 36s or PAF Masters? Austin
  8. Yes, my T is alder. All the Pro series ones with rosewood boards are. I didn't have a strong preference in terms of body wood either way, but some reason I don't like maple fretboards, so alder was the only option. The JM's great, but it's more like a tele on steroids than the Thorn. The fact that it has a dedicate bridge tone knob makes it more set-it-and-forget-it than the tele though. And output-wise it can keep up humbuckers no problem even though the pickups sound and feel like single coils. I've never tried the humbucker version, but I'm sure I'd like it (It has the same model humbuckers that I have in my Studio Custom and I'ved like the same pickups in other guitars I played). I really like the split sound of Suhr humbuckers though so I felt like it would be kind of a waste to get a guitar where they were just in a 3-way configuration. If I ever come across a Thornley model used I might give that a try (doubt that will ever happen though). Austin
  9. I have these: and a Pete Thorn model and another Standard (and no money LOL). My Classic T Pro is a bit unique in that it was part of a small special run with arm contours and belly cuts. Because of this, it plays better for me than any other T type (although, the T51 with its more-rounded-than-standard edges was super comfy too). I love Suhr's SSCII system, neck carve and stainless steel frets. Tone-wise, it sounds like a tele I guess :D. Much like my Classic Pro, after getting it I don't have any tele-related gas. I'm sure if you are a tele connoisseur there are other guitars out there that could be a better fit. But if you like Suhrs, I imagine you'll like Suhr Ts. Austin
  10. One of my Suhrs. Can't really say that I have a fave though. Been really digging the Pete Thorn model lately. Shockingly (though not unpleasingly) bright with everything up to ten, but roll the tone back to around seven and the volume down a touch and it does the whole vintage 2-humbucker guitar thing very nicely. Philosophically, it's like a DGT, but it does virtually everything better for my tastes. Austin Quinn
  11. atquinn

    Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    T62's have an downsized body, different trem and different electronic (they have preamp in them). Basically, the Daytona is Hamer's "strat" whereas the T62 and (ridiculously-name) Vintage S are 2 different takes on superstrats. Anyway, having tried a few specimens of each, the Daytona would be my pick (although ultimately, my strat needs have been filled bye a Suhr Classic Pro). Austin
  12. They didn’t make those in 1995. So 2005 it is. - Austin
  13. Despite the fact that I've sold all 3 that I've owned, DGTs are great guitars! - Austin
  14. atquinn

    Tom Petty in bad shape

    Wow, this is effed up. RIP
  15. The coolest P90 Hamer ever. And here I am 1) with no money and 2) having just bought a fabulous P90 guitar. Good luck with the sale; can't imagine this will last too long.