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  1. They didn’t make those in 1995. So 2005 it is. - Austin
  2. Despite the fact that I've sold all 3 that I've owned, DGTs are great guitars! - Austin
  3. Tom Petty in bad shape

    Wow, this is effed up. RIP
  4. The coolest P90 Hamer ever. And here I am 1) with no money and 2) having just bought a fabulous P90 guitar. Good luck with the sale; can't imagine this will last too long.
  5. Wow, that's gorgeous and a score at the price. I had a GMP in the past and it was nice solid guitar. The neck carve wasn't as comfy as Hamer's though. And I can't quite tell from the pic; does that have the blocky, LP-esque neck/body attachment or the seamless one? At some point I believe they transitioned from the former to the latter. - Austin
  6. O.k., then I guess we don't actually disagree Austin
  7. Down-voted. I don't listen to the majority of his stuff, but Passion and Warfare and Alien Love Secrets are awesome start to finish (Flexable's pretty damn entertaining too). Plus, he co-wrote pretty much every song he recorded on in the DLR band and Alcatraz, so the "playing songs written by other people" thing doesn't really make sense? Austin
  8. I have, but not for a number of years - Austin
  9. Hot Damn! PATB Love

    PATB's look great (until the pole pieces start to rust anyway ) and sound great. The PATB1 always felt kind of like a non-annoying JB to me. - Austin
  10. Future NGD(?)

    A Hartung?
  11. Bill Frisell

    Frisell is great. My favorite album that he's on is the first Ginger Baker Trio album, Going Back Home. He's also great on the John Scofield album, Grace Under Pressure. In terms of his "solo" albums, I am a big fan of Have a Little Faith and the Bill Frisell/Kermit Driscoll/Joey Baron Live album. He's one of those guys where a ton of what he's playing sounds simple and easy until you try to play it Austin
  12. Hamer Alert!

    https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/25784-rig-rundown-hall-oates-john-oates-and-shane-theriot?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PGN - 060917&utm_term=PG Weekly And if you haven't given a listen to Shane's excellent Podcast Riff Raff, then I highly recommended doing so! https://shanetheriot.com/shane-s-podcast-the-riff-raff - Austin