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  1. tomteriffic

    Tech/Features You Wish Hamer Had

    I've only had one Hamer that needed the seasonal trussrod adjustment. None of the dozens of others that have come and gone have needed it. Sting gauge, nut work, yeah, they needed tweaking but not due to the Springtime Swell phenomenon. I've become quite used to and fond of the classic Hamer 3-knob control arrangement. V-V-T. I find it to be very flexible and easy to use. I wish models like the Eclipse, various Phantom/Protos, etc. had that setup.
  2. tomteriffic

    New revolution in acoustic effects

    A friend has one. It's pretty cool in a "curiosity" sort of way. I played it for a while and, while it didn't overwhelm me, I could see it having its uses in a variety of "acoustic oriented" situations.
  3. tomteriffic

    Tampa Bay HFC Dean Invasion.

    Board burped.
  4. tomteriffic

    Tampa Bay HFC Dean Invasion.

    As it happened, Dean and Hamer got their starts within a few miles of each other at about the same time.
  5. It looks like you've fallen UP the stairs and landed on your feet! No matter how civil, that process is one I wouldn't wish on anybody.
  6. tomteriffic

    NGD: American Professional Tele

    Damn nice of you to do that. Just for what it's worth, the 7506's have a pretty hot top end, so that extra brightness you're hearing may be due to those cans.
  7. tomteriffic

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    Looks like a first-generation Cruise back there too.
  8. tomteriffic

    Overheard on Facetube

    I liked the Jimmy Dean wiring too.
  9. I'll bet it's somewhere on TGP too. “My ‘59 Les Paul replica. Baseball bat neck, weighs forty pounds, year specific sunrise finish, custom wound pickups with rare earth unobtainium magnets, coil tap/split/phase switches, Jimmy Dean wiring, oil filled caps recently reoiled, genuine mother of toilet seat hammer, anvil and stirrup inlays, frets recently ground down, turkey head knobs, includes burlap cleaning cloth. Plays like pop-tarts.” 🤣
  10. tomteriffic

    Ampeg is now a brand of Yamaha

    Ditto, except it's a first gen VT-40. VT-40 + 64 SG Junior with the "wrong" bridge (making it impossible to get it to play in tune) +350 mcg LSD = 50 years later I'm still trying to answer the phone when it ain't ringing. 😀
  11. Aaak! It's local to me! Wallet is vibrating! Must...resist... Just looked again. Double Aaak! It's in a small town outside of Dayton and I just happen to be going there tomorrow.
  12. tomteriffic


    +35 on the narrower fretboard. Maybe that's why I like Juniors. Seems like they're a smidge narrower.
  13. tomteriffic

    Hiwatt relaunch

    I once read a description of the original Hiwatt overdrive tone (at crushing volumes of course, that's the only way you could get them to OD) as a "blizzard of nails". I never was able to wind one up that loud, but I think they were probably right.
  14. Unless this was a custom order, I'm guessing that this is actually a 1995. That's when the wraptail Artists and Studios were being made, yes?
  15. I'd guess that someone sanded the back of the neck and the rest is forearm wear. It's old and beat up. I'm old and beat up. I'm OK with Kahlers and know how to tweak 'em but I wish it had the black stainless roller saddles. In all, I'd hit it.