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  1. New Tolex

    I've got two, never had the nerve to go scratching on them. Each has a scuff or two, I may look more closely
  2. lots of HAMERS

    That was standard issue on a Newport Pro Custom.
  3. That British Thing...

    That's the majority of it, I'd say. The notched mids of the Fenders are absent in the Marshalls. Curiously, the pre-notch Fenders, such as many of the tweeds, share this characteristic.
  4. Worst shipping job contenders

    One ordered an acoustic and case from a big box vendor. My first clue should have been that it shipped as two packages. The guitar arrived in one of those trapezoidal "carton containers" that is used to sup-package multiple guitars into a master container. The corrugated board that is used on these things is very flimsy. It was held closed by 2 or 3 bits of packing tape. The base was pretty well packed. It didn't have a load of padding but didn't particularly need it. The case was fine, the guitar had one side on the lower bout completely smashed in. At first the vendor wasn't going to let me return the case since it was OK? Ummm.....whut??
  5. Multiple/daisy chained amps?

    A post in another thread got me to wondering about this again. It's well known that in most cases, when you see the ubiquitous wall o' Marshalls, you're looking at empty cabs or just scrims,maybe with the power lights wired up. But then, you've got the situations where somebody is obviously using two or more amps, maybe switching off between guitars but they're wired together. Somehow. Then I saw an AC/DC rig rundown where they were using DA's (distribution amps) to drive about a zillion stacks for Angus and Malcolm. I had read many moons ago that running two amps and/or switching between them was a dangerous and potentially lethal proposition due to grounding issues and the wrong type of switching. So I never did it. But now I'm thinking about running two small amps, each begging for its life or in a clean/dirty kind of setup. Somebody edjimicate me please?
  6. Malcolm Young RIP

    All respect and props to Angus, but that guy over in the back corner was the one bringing the slam. That's who I wanted to be. RIP and thanks for flying the flag for rhythm players. And alzheimer's/dementia. It's all around me, I've watched two people die of it, and it terrifies me.
  7. 1992 Hamer Special???

    It looks like there might be one back there. Gain control for the blower switch on the front?
  8. Gary, I'm looking into one, will post if it can be had.
  9. Hamer USA Artist?

    WHEW! Glad I was late to the party. And yes, Rob makes some killer, killer amps.
  10. Another smooth deal at the HFC

    This ^^^
  11. Help me choose a new practice amp

    Super Champ XD/X2 is perfect as a practice amp and gig amp. Provided you put an eminence Ragin Cajun in there. I'd just use it, no pedals or anything for practice, then just drag it off to gigs, even smallish outdoor ones and add pedals as needed. The onboard FX and models may not bee bleeding edge, but they're pretty damn good (I particularly like the '59 Bassman, no subtlety at all, really). With the Ragin Cajun installed, it's capable of 112 Db cleanly.
  12. Coming in 2018 (at long last)

    You could save the money and just read your copy to your bassist...
  13. Gettin' Mah Hollerween Awn

    Preferred the Screamin' Jay Hawkins version of "Spell", but the Credence ain't bad at all. Try this one on for size for a quick foray into Mondo Bizzaro.
  14. WTB Cheap Power Amp

    I'd say $100 or less. That monoprice looks pretty attractive. But, of course, cheaper is mo' betta.
  15. Anybody have a power amp lying around they'd let go cheap? A friend recently lost his wife quite suddenly and has been occupying his time hosting various open mic nights around town. He has a decent mixer and speakers appropriate to the venues/uses. But his power amp is a badly underpowered home stereo thing. The only real must is that it has to have quarter-inch inputs and outputs. Right now he is using spring/screw terminals and that's a recipe for disaster if you're constantly hooking up and unhooking the things. Single rack space or two and 100 watts or so would be ideal. I've unloaded a lot of stuff lately and don't really have anything that fits the bill or I'd just give it to him. A search of nearby bricks 'n' mortars and pawnshops has come up blank as well. PM me or get me at tomterifficATearthlinkDOTnet TIA