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  1. Likewise on a set of his P90's.
  2. Never played a fretless ones, but have played a couple of fretted ones. Properly set up, they were a very good bang/buck. This one's rare but still on the spendy side.
  3. I have an Indonesian bass that takes its looks after a B4S with a flametop. It's a blast to play and sounds about as good as a short scale bolt-on bass can. But I don't think of it as a Hamer.
  4. tomteriffic

    Guitars that punch above their weight.

    I've had a gang of various Yamaha Pacificas. Not a darn thing wrong with any of them that a better set of pickups wouldn't fix.
  5. tomteriffic

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    From the Billboard obit: "She won critical acclaim for her vocal versatility when she stepped in for opera star Luciano Pavarotti at the 1998 Grammy Awards to sing the aria “Nessun Dorma.”". Could Pavarotti, for all his talent, cover for her on "Chain of Fools"? Doubt it.
  6. tomteriffic

    Pedal repair (power jack)

    Nope, center negative, per the unit's instructions.
  7. tomteriffic

    Pedal repair (power jack)

    It never worked with a wall wart AFAIK. I'm the second owner and the first always used a battery. I double checked voltage and polarity and that's all as it should be.
  8. tomteriffic

    Pedal repair (power jack)

    I've got a pedal that works fine on batteries, but with a wall wart power supply, no soap. I've swapped out supplies repeatedly and it's definitely the pedal. A peek down the jack seems to indicated that the "finger" that should contact the sleeve of the plug is too short/misplaced/just not making contact. It MAY be possible for me to get in there with something like a dental pick and bend the contact finger, but it may be that the jack just needs to be replaced. I'm just old enough that my eyes probably won't let me do the work. And I'm old enough to know when I'm in over my head. Anybody here work on pedals? For somebody that knows what they're doing it should be an easy fix. And cheap.
  9. tomteriffic

    Guitar Center's Pro Warranty

    I once found a rusty swiveling 1/2" square drive breaker bar (not a ratchet) with about a 20" handle out in the weeds. It had to be 50 years old or more. The shaft was bent and one of the drive mounts to the yoke was broken. Just for grins and to see if they'd do it, I took it to Sears and asked for a replacement. Bango, no muss, no fuss. These days I'm not so sure. I haven't broken anything but I'm glad that all of my Crafttsman hand tools are at least 20 years old.
  10. tomteriffic

    Guitar Center's Pro Warranty

    Agreed in general. However... On my last Subaru and this one, I've gotten the extended warranty. 100K miles, bumper to bumper with the only exceptions being stuff like wiper blades, battery, light bulbs. It's a $100 deductible and truly a no-hassle proposition. This one has already paid off. The A/C conked out twice in rapid succession from two different causes. The dealer was apologetic as hell that I had to come back, threw a handful of low cost (to them) services in free and I got a spiffy Subaru hat. He waived the second deductible too. Try to find a warranty like that on a two year old used car. Now the joke is REALLY on them. I just retired and my driving miles went down to less than a third of what I was doing before. That warranty may still be in effect when they take my license away.
  11. Had a raft of them and miss 'em. My fave was a 65HD210. Plenty loud and clean for just about whatever you had in mind, the alnico speakers sounded heavenly and the thing was still plenty luggable.
  12. The story goes that he was touring with Browne and Howard/Alexander got backstage hawking his amps. Curtain time came and no one could find Lindley. They eventually did, back in some way back room, screaming away through the amp. Lindley may have been the only guy to ever get one right on the spot, without a zillion month wait. He wanted THAT amp, right now. He got it.