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  1. First: Kansas Last: Dead & Company Next: Dunno??
  2. Congrats to the new owner. Was just playing my Talladega through an old Princeton Reverb. Great guitars!
  3. In that case, WTF on both of them!!!
  4. Wanna be a little more specific with your question? Kinda hard to answer a WTF....
  5. I don’t really have anything constructive to add, just wanted to say “Nice guitar!” And seemingly very common-sense improvements...
  6. I’m right off Lakeline. Haven’t been to the Lone Star...
  7. If you ever wanna grab a beer and compare Talladegas, lemme know. (Yours is prettier but mine is still pretty awesome!)
  8. Thanks for the photo transfer, @velorush! It is indeed a gorgeous burst. Wish I could transfer it onto one of my Studio Customs just for the sake of variety!!! Where are you in Round Rock, @shankyboy? I’m right next door in Cedar Park if you’d like to check them out in person.
  9. 1) I have no experience with CITES paperwork and no documentation on the guitar. If the guitar is seized, Paypal would refund your money because you never received it. That would leave me with no payment, no guitar, and no recourse. 2) International shipping is much more expensive, reducing my proceeds from the sale. 3) Longer shipping time means greater risk of damage. Again, all the buyer has to do is complain to Paypal to get a refund. In contrast, I would get the hassle of an international insurance claim and the additional expense of return shipping, all to reclaim a damaged guitar. As I mentioned earlier, I apologize for posting in your thread. I did so before I noticed you are in the Netherlands.
  10. My apologies - I replied before realizing you are overseas. I do not want to ship internationally.
  11. Hi gang, Found a few Christmas gifts I’d like to get Mrs. L without dipping into savings - thought I’d dip into my Hamer stash instead and offer up a couple of choice pieces. Please excuse my laziness but I’m short on time this morning so I just linked my Craigslist ad for now. Happy to take more pics, answer all questions and/or shoot a quick demo video for interested parties. https://austin.craigslist.org/msg/d/hamer-monaco-elite-hamer/6404332221.html
  12. Newly Acquired Talladega

    Nice! I really like my Talladega and like you, feel lucky to have found one. Yours has a really cool finish and top! Congratulations on your great new guitar!!!
  13. Just thought I'd share a pic of my two favorite P-90 Hamers. They're both so fun to play! The Vanguard is a '99, very clean. I replaced the stock Duncans with Rio Grandes a few years ago, Bluesbar and Jazzbar. The switch is starting to go, will replace it soon. The top coat has yellowed, giving the guitar a slight green tint that I think is cool. Of course, you can't see it in this pic because the flash brings out the silver, not the green. Really, really sweet guitar... decided to post this because I just put a fresh set of strings on it and was thinking about how much I like it. The Studio Custom goldtop is a '96, all stock. Pretty clean except for a headstock ding I caused during a dumbass moment many years ago. I know a lot of people don't like the Duncan P-90s, but I've found there is a nice sweet-spot if I roll the volume pots back to about 7 or so. Anyone else have a silver and gold pair???