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  1. Oops, broke my pickup

    Oh fer godz sakes man, Why are fookin with this. Get a new pickup and Whammer Jammer in there Dicky. It will cost less than the blood pressure boost, the broken blood vessel in yer forehead, and the curse-a-palooza coming out of your basement. Page thru www.seymourduncan.com and pick one out or talk to one of SD's techs and get a recommendation. Simple as that. Ya gotta ask your self did he fire 6 shots or only 5. Do you wanna play yer guitar or do you want to make it into a science project. Do ya feel lucky punk?
  2. Korina Artist?

    That's what the HFC is all about. We are GAS Enablers. Its what we do best! Do what you love. Love what you do.
  3. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    Martin EM-18 sorry no pics and its long gone. Why? Someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. and a very purty '89 Fender Strat Deluxe Plus. Still got it. During The Historic Purge of 2012-2016 Pearly Red simply refused to step forward to take a bullet. She held on for her life to the bottom of the box spring. Thru 3 relocations. Ah Pearly Red, thanks for sticking with me.

    Wait, shhhhhhhh, turn off that TV. and yes of course the radio in the car too! The Peter Green mod is completed. The first time it is powered up we can all hear the Chorus of Angels. Lets hope that it is not a strong aurora borealis day when ol' PG gets juiced. Those damn auroras.... always carelessly throwing their neutrons & protons around our magnetic field! The nerve.
  5. NGD - Artist

    Flames are like fingerprints. That looks like my first Artist. That dark stripe below the neck pup, the stripes thru the VOL knobs, and checkerboard stripes on the lower horn were the telltale signs for me. If that's my old Blondie I bought it new in '97 from a dealer in Downers Grove, IL. Can't remember the name but the store folded up shortly after I got "Going out of Biz" pricing on that brand spankin' new '96 Artist same Wilky single slider wraptail. And a brand spankin' new stunningly gorgeous '96 Koa top Mirage II. Obviously this buyer had more money than talent. Other than strings they went into my basement the same way they came in. Thrown down the stairs into the basement. Bazinga!. Made ja look. The Wilky never needed any adjustment. Blondie was a fine axe. I can still feel her breath from her f-hole on my forearm. (sounds slightly erotic, eh?) At the time I was cornered into a 1-in-1-out agreement. I don't remember exactly who bought it, maybe Jim Somebody in Newport, VA. Maybe? Picked up a '95 Artist in '59 burst. But It had big shoes to fill and I never quite bonded with it. ! tried tramping her up, the hardware went gold, the plastic went black. It looked cool, very slutty. Then Sweet Jane (aka Indiguotone, Custom order Duotone) came into my life and the '59 burp Slut Artist left town. Don't remember who bought it. It might have been delivered to the 2nd owner another HFCr, at a 4-3-2-1 party?? IIRC he was a MN or WI guy, maybe? or maybe it was the other way around. The Slut went to a Jim in VA and Blondie went to the Frozen Tundra? I don't know. I don't recall. I do recall that the transactions remained in the HFC Family of GASrs. The receipt was in the case compartment of one of them. The Mirage II went to an HFCer who lives juuust inside Santa Land, the Arctic circle, what was the name of that town and the HFCr? Again, yer Honor, I am xercizin' my fid amement right. Back on topic, that darker flame stripe in that spot for me was the moment when the ding, ding, ding went off. Pretty tough to duplicate the stripes unless it was the next slice out of the same flame maple log, and even THAT is not an absolute shared birthmark. Regardless Artists in general are great guitars. Don't let the Wilky bigots get to ya. You'll end up spending a few $$$ on a pigtails or TonePros or whatever you think will make your Artist sound better. Give the wilky a chance. The Wilky Worky just fine for me. Go ahead. Just try to say Wilky Worky 3 times fast. Cheers! caddie btw - What!!! Just heard the Walmart Christmas ad campaign, "I'll Take You There". Pops Staples must be rolling over in his grave. and if his family the Staple Singers still own the rights they are rolling around in Christmas dough for "I'll Take You There" from the Wallyworld Christmas ad campaign. Oh the horror, the horror....but oh the CAYSH, the CAYSH, $$$$$$
  6. I apologize if your ad was misinterpreted due to my post. I can see how that might happen, Perhaps it might be a good idea to update your ad. Explicitly stating what is sold and what is still available. If you feel you need to, you can call me out by name for any confusion cased by my post. Please accept my apology tommy caddie
  7. Big herd of Black Sheep at Mesa, however there are some fabulous diamonds back at the ranch. Like the DC-series and the Lonestar series and the Blue Angel. Post them at The Mesa Forum. wow! lotsa a new spinoff Mesa Boogie amp forums to skim thru! google "mesa boogie amp forum" Holy Kay Ripes! The HERD of Herds. Cheers! caddie
  8. Looks like someone bought the Mesa Nomad 55 2x12 combo. Loved the amp but hated the torn rotator cuff that came with it.....HEEEEAAVY! He went back to get the head only. The good news is that the orthopaedic surgeon was offering a combo too! I'll fix your rotator cuff and throw in the Tommy John surgery for FREE! It'll give you either one helluva a diving curveball or slide guitar like Mike Campbell. dilly dilly caddie
  9. You beat me to the submit button my friend! All those knobs & toggles. If there ever was such a thing it looks like a 12 string from Mesa. Just a little diamond plate and its a masterpiece from our friends in Petaluma. I wish they'd go back to the tough as nails vinyl or tolex or covering they used to use. It exudes what Mesa is. Cheers! caddie
  10. yeah, yeah, yeah dozens of "too bad I'm out of cash", "missed it the last time it was for sale", "one my favorite Hamers", "my wife sez if I bring another guitar home have your atty call my atty"...... blah, blah, blah.... SHOW HIM THE MONEY! Cheers! caddie
  11. Would you please stop with the price drops! Can't cha wait until Black Friday?!
  12. gtrdaddy is a great guy to do biz with. Have no fears. caddie
  13. BadgerDave, you have excellent taste when it comes to choosing hardware, finishes, wood. Go Badgers!!!! caddie
  14. 1992 Hamer Special???

    Is that a lefty strung righty? steel tuner buttons on one side of the headstock ebony tuner buttons on the other side? Cheers! caddie
  15. thanks to whoever got it. It was screaming at me to break my vow of nothing in. Its at least 3 years now. The diode of guitars.