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  1. That divorce thing is beyond sucks. The word "sucks" doesn't do justice. But all of us who have been thru it know you will get thru it. a few years from now you'll say to yourself "man, i wish I had done this sooner." This is dedicated to Eli and all of us who at one time or another became "Born Again Bachelors" Good bye is too good a word gal so I'll just say fare thee well I ain't sayin you treated me unkind You coulda done better baby but I don't mind You just kinda wasted my precious time Lawd don't think twice its allright (props to Bob Dylan) Clapton owns a great song Hit it Hal.... IMHO one of ECs best pieces of guitar work captured in a waaaaay long time, classic "call & answer" blues. Hot as a blow torch solo. watch the expession on Cropper's face at the end of the song. He looks like he just wants to put down his guitar, bow and say "we're not worthy" Best hijack of a Dylan tune since Jimi did All Along the Watchtower. Hands down breath taking on the guitar work, great vocal performance, and a total makeover interpretation of a Dylan classic. Tribute to a great song. It can be performed in several very different styles and hold up as a great song. Then Clapton does a walk off home run strut, exit stage right.
  2. Caddie

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    Was Ted still spending too much time preaching about the 2nd amendment. I'm a proud firearm owner but please Ted we came to see and hear you play, just play. And when he does play his heart is in it. No faking his way thru his well known stuff and picking up the check like many of the "classic rockers" do on the Summer Festival Ribs & Chili & hotdog eating tour. Ted's loincloth is long gone. 😥Probly not a bad thing. More Maalox backstage than recreational meds on the Summer Festival Circuit. 🍻😎
  3. gotta be a former Hamer employee in CT who does that. I don't personally know any of those guys but I'm sure that cmathes does or there are a few of of those guys here. Shishakov would probly know a few of them.
  4. Indigo is the new black. go ahead, whip out the ol' Visa/MC/Discover/PayPal...... awwww, are you shy? 🍻Cheers! caddie
  5. The girl's got some vocal chops in a Chrissie Hynde-ish sorta way.👍🍻 caddie
  6. well Mr hamerhead has all this nonsense helped you make a choice?
  7. Other than prrrrrfect what is that? hubba hubba bubs. caddie🍻
  8. Why? What sound are you looking for grasshopper? That sound is between your ears Tim. Lord knows there's plenty of space up there for all kinds of new and exciting sounds.😄 Newport or Monaco - consistant quality, hardware, wood, finish. For all the reasons we own too many Hamers (by ATF regulation) and why this discussion board still exists. Gibson ES-125 (the George Thorogood guitar) well if you absolutely do not want to go with a Hamer. If this Gibby is good enough for Thorogood, its good enough for me. Epiphone Sheraton (the John Lee Hooker guitar although i've seen pictures of him with an LP, and plenty of different Gibson hollow bodies) Gibson Byrdland (the Irrepressible Ted Gonzo Nugent guitar) Gibson ES-335 (the Alvin Lee - Ten Years After guitarist. Seems like every blues player ever has been photographed with a Gibson ES-335 slung over his shoulder or the Epi Sheraton. Personally I don't think you can beat a Hamer Newport or Monaco. pickups? - Pick whatever you want & load 'em up Cheers🍻🚀💥 caddie Nobody can kill Hamer, even the mighty Fender Musical Instrument Company could neither drive a 3 piece mahogany neck thru the Hamer USA headstock nor a quarter sawed brazilion rosewood fretboard WITH frets installed up its f-hole. So bring it on guitar fools, ya better get a bigger gun we're not dead yet! I don't know...don't ask questions like that...I came across it I thought I'd share it. How does a dude get a cameltoe? Some things you just can't un-see
  9. I am an incurable Eclipse lover. There's something about that white finish, attracts me like no other guitar Was that a factory finish or refin?
  10. I am so happy I could sh**! Don't do that. It will never play like buttah again. 😄 Yeah. That Wilky single slide can be maddening to set up. Ya gotta be extremely patient when you're trying to get intonation dialed in. However once you get it dialed in you'll have great sustain and a stable bridge. Whatever it takes to boost your patience and steady your hands use it. Jack D, weed, oxy, John Lee Hooker, Pink Floyd... choose your poison of choice. It probly goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. When its time to change strings leave the bridge alone, in place. Take the strings off one-at-a-time and put the replacement on. Or if you are really concerned about keeping it balanced, remove the E and the e, the A and b, blah, blah, blah.........Cheers🍻 caddie
  11. Caddie

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    starting 1 on the far left my money is on 6. 4 is wild! Beautiful but not for this body,🍻😎
  12. yep, ya got a put your own stank on it. Mine was remove the steel tuner buttons and put on either ebony or "Mother of Toilet Seat" pearly, swirly plastic. btw doubtful that the "ebony" tuner buttons were actually ebony. I had a Newport Pro Custom with the crown markers. Removed steel "art-deco" style buttons put ebony art-deco buttons to visually match the ebony fingerboard. Then after looking at it for awhile they got switched to the Mother of Toilet Seat buttons to match the crown inlay. Much more stylish. The price of being stylish at ALLPARTS was $42. Inspector Callahan has a different definition of beinf stylish.
  13. Raise your hand if you have ever seen a "not so nice" Hamer Korina Vector. Finding a bad one is like capturing Sasquatch. Sasquatch Unplugged Cheers🍻 caddie