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  1. That's cool and innovative. If the Ovation design had belonged to Gibson, Henry would probably be chasing him down with a lawsuit.
  2. What an awesome treat for the audience!
  3. Every new band needs a gimmick.

    I bet they get lots of pussy.
  4. Every new band needs a gimmick.

    Yeah... not my thing for sure. The “singer” in the middle (or is it the singer on the end? 😀) made think of Charles Manson.
  5. I didn’t mean they sound like The Who, just that I hear a similarity... specifically at 2:40, which reminded me of ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. No, you are right in that they do not sound like The Who, just more of a modernized similarity at a moment in time.
  6. Not sure how I missed these guys... anyone familiar? Seems like they should have at least crossed the Headbanger’s Ball a time or two back in the day. Ricky R, ya dropped the ball man!
  7. I’ve seen some of her videos. Very talented, but somehow hard to swallow. Much better than say, Celine Dion, covering ‘Shook Me All Night Long’. Talk about butchering. 🤮
  8. Diary from a Time Machine

    I remember when all those Sweet songs hit the airwaves... The Sweet were definitely some pioneers. I always liked Krokus’s version a bit more... and Hamer content to boot!
  9. The quintessential acoustic guitar tone. Love mine! GLWS!
  10. New Judas Priest album

    Saxon. Damn I'd love to see them. Never had the chance back in the day.
  11. No shit... Didn’t know that. I used to say “dammit, put on some BTO” when America came on the radio too.
  12. I do too. Back in the day when I'd heard it come on the radio, I would be like "oh God, please put on some BTO" (or something like that)... Like you said, now it conjures up memories.
  13. Believe me when I say this, I hate that I even know this... but "Muskrat Love" was The Captain and Tennille.