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  1. Hamer Family Photo

    Right? I'm a total sucker for a korina Vector, but the Futura is totally badass! And unobtainium. Then you get to the Artist... The grain is insane!
  2. Hamer Family Photo

    The korina is badass!
  3. NCD

    AWESOME report! As for the "volume shy owner".... BURN BRIDGES, baby!!!
  4. Damn Steve, that sounds like an awesome show! Thanks for the review! I had no idea any of those names were in the area, and I'd loved to have seen any of them.
  5. NGD Supro Westbury

    Been curious about that one, especially since the BF deals like you got. Very cool retro vibe going on.
  6. What's Spinnin' ..

    Watching/listening to this, and eagerly awaiting 1/12/18:
  7. NCD

    That's awesome! So how are you liking it?
  8. A Shout out to Josh

    I see what you did there! Feedback... 😂
  9. Hmm... that one looks familiar.
  10. Tale of two guitars

    "One is warm and thick sounding. One is thin and very nasally sounding like a pig" So, which one is which here?
  11. 'specially a blue one!
  12. Cabinet's Impact on Tone

    Instead of the A cab, get yourself a proper 1960B cab. They have a slight bit more "oomph" to them.
  13. Malcolm Young RIP

    Too late for that. They’ve already performed without him. And Brian Johnson.
  14. Seriously, if there is a first dibs available, I want it!