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  1. DaveH

    Tech/Features You Wish Hamer Had

    I seem to remember Teisco had this feature on at least some of their models in the late 60’s-early 70’s, although I never really considered Teisco as being innovative... I assumed it was due more to the extreme instability of the plywood and cheap production. 😂 Sorry, couldn’t resist.
  2. Mainly Gibson, and probably Dean. I’m a real sucker for a good SG or LP. Love the Cadillac’s and ELites. My recipe is simple... Korina or mahogany, set neck, 24.75” scale.
  3. DaveH

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons https://youtu.be/xn6KqC1c0Kg
  4. DaveH

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    Probably a good thing, considering how valuable your time is, and all. 😂
  5. DaveH

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    Really? It doesn’t take hardly any time, and it’s so easy. I don’t work on my truck, although I am perfectly capable, for just the reason you suggest. Buying a gift card and cashing in a coupon is nothing. But, I suppose like anything else, ymmv.
  6. DaveH

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    $624 off of a $1999 purchase only amounts to "a few bucks", and goes "way beyond the point of diminishing returns"? Sounds like a pretty significant savings to me, for just tracking some specials and spending strategically.
  7. DaveH

    Overheard on Facetube

    I want me some “hammer, anvil and stirrup inlays“!
  8. DaveH

    Everybody Wants Some!

    Haven’t seen that one in a while! 😂🤣😂
  9. DaveH

    Now THAT'S a transformer

    This one will work... May have to bend the leads a little differently. It's rated 5W higher than what is in there now, so that is a good thing judging by the heat marks: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Ohmite/B20J400E?qs=%2fha2pyFaduiXyxytR3hs3F1SDgPIiDzeDxigGTtsdJPSaYWb4lWmew%3d%3d Are you sure it's bad tho? If you have a meter, try to read it. Sounds more like a cap issue to me.
  10. Yeah, but you fingers will slide across the strings like buttah!
  11. DaveH

    Dunlop Straplocks and Standard/Ultimate body shape

    Yes, and yes.
  12. DaveH

    Some Friday Roy Buchanan.

    This one bothered me for quite a while. I was always skeptical of the report for some reason... felt like it may have been caused somehow other than by his own hand. But who knows? Tragic shit for Roy and Danny both.
  13. DaveH

    Some Friday Roy Buchanan.

    Awesome! ‘Roy’s Bluz’ was always one of my favs. Roy and Danny Gatton were roomies for a while at one point, and they used to bounce things off one another. Danny said that one of the things Roy gave him back in those days, “is my love for the Telecaster”. ETA: Roy used to gig a lot thru the southeast. I got to see him about a month before his untimely death, at the Dog Gone Saloon in Spartanburg SC... helluva show! He absolutely tore up the old Hendrix staples! https://youtu.be/DDOIL5OqvYs