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    Serial Number Help

    T-51’s from 1994 are the best!
  3. Gabe

    Serial Number Help

    If it is about a USA Hamer, then it has been built in 1994. 4 36361 The first digit represents the year of manufacture. The digits thereafter are the actual serial number. So this is the 36361st USA Hamer built with a serial no. The four digit Standards do not fit into this system, and also some USA Hamers have been manufactured without a serial no. Roughly when the last five digits are above 50.000 the guitar is from the 2000's, if they are below 50.000 it is a 90ies guitar. Edited to add: from Ken of Seattles HamerGuitarAddict.com: The serial numbering sequence by decade is below: 1970s: 7 0001 - 9 1450 1980s: 0 1451 - 9 24192 1990s: 0 24193 - 9 50155 2000s: 0 50156 - end of production Gabe 😀
  4. Thanks, Dan. You know, IIRC I bought it from you! I think Montelovesco will be very happy with it! Gabe 😀
  5. Up for sale is my 2008 Talladega Black Transparent. Serial no. 856175. Look at the pictures, in certain light the Ultimate Flame top has a golden hue to it. It is a very nice guitar, straight neck, plays excellent. This Tally is light, lighter than my other Tally. It has the original DD-pickups with four-way switch. At this moment it has knobs with numbers, but the original knobs without numbers will be included, as well as a different truss rod cover (as it was already there when I bought the guitar a couple of years ago) and the other case candy. There is no COA, at least I have never had it. Personally I like the look of the guitar more with cream pickup-rings and amber knobs, but these are not included in the sale (but widely available everywhere). Of course the OHSC will be included. It is fully functional. There are some marks near the truss rod cover, but that is on the back. These were already there when I got the guitar, do not know what the cause is. Also there may be some pick swirls on the front, but nothing I can photograph. As I will send this guitar from France it is especially good for people within the European Union as CITES will then have no effect. When you are in Europe this is an excellent chance to own a USA Hamer Talladega. You know they are rare, and the black transparent colour is rarer than the amberburst Price is SOLD. Edited to add: With regard to the price: Please remember that on importing a guitar from the USA to the EU will add about 20% to the price. And in this case I have already paid that! Please PM me for any questions. Gabe 😀
  6. +1 So was I, even though I already have a unique Tally also (Aztec Gold with bound fingerboard), called "Irma". Gabe 😀
  7. As far as I know all Talladega’s are chambered, except for 1, which sounded different , if I remember correctly from Jol’s blog. Now it may be that the chambers in the EM Tally’s are slightly different from the regular ones, But I am not sure about that. Gabe 😀 Oh and indeed a big thumbs up for the photography 👍.