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  1. Who gigs the "good stuff"?

    I've never understood why this question is even asked. As stated previously, unless you are a collector, why did you bother to buy the tool if you weren't planning on using it? I've gigged for years with my Hubers and never thought twice about it. I'm a player...not a collector. Please understand that I am not putting collectors down in any way. It's a very different mindset. If I am going to spend 3,4, or 5k on an instrument you can bet your sweet ass I am going to play it.
  2. edgar_allan_poe

  3. More Custom Cabinets

    I am at work and don't have them. I'll try when I get home and see what I can dig up.
  4. More Custom Cabinets

    Where's @thecajunboy's Cajun Cannon Custom Cabinet, made for @edgar_allan_poe about 10 years ago? Still with me...best sounding cab I have ever used. It's insane....but *heavy* lol Sounds better than my Wizard 4x12.
  5. RIP J Geils. Dangit.

    I don't think I was ever in a band that didn't play a J Giles Band tune or two. They always got people moving. Centerfold was a staple but we also did House Party and Musta Got Lost. As others in this thread have stated, they were a *killer* live band. Their studio stuff was great but didn't capture what they were all about. You needed to see them live to understand that. Peter Wolf is one of my biggest vocal influences. Bummer....
  6. 0058

    Bad assed guitar for a great guy. Grats Chris.
  7. What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    Those inlays are off center. 😎😜😀😇 killer stuff as usual
  8. My most valuable instrument...
  9. Hamer of beer?

    The problem with Urquel is that it doesn't travel well and can get skunky in a hurry. When it's fresh it is one of the very best lagers in the world, but finding a fresh case can be *very* difficult. No question about it, top five in the least and a strong argument can be made for the top spot. The problem with this is that the best Guinness isn't even brewed in Ireland. It is brewed in the Caribbean Islands. No BS...the Guiness I had down there was about 9% alc and bottle conditioned. It was simply the finest stout I have ever tasted. Not sure if they still make it, but I have had Guinness in Ireland, the US, and the Islands and of the three, it wasn't even close.
  10. Hamer of beer?

    Too vague. Germany is no different than every other country when it comes to beer. They have their great ones...Fraziskaner Hefe for example...but they also make crap beers. Not all German beers are good and a lot of beer drinkers aren't too keen on the lager style of beer. Lagers constitute a large portion of German beer. Don't get me wrong, a well executed lager is a fantastic drink, but in the beer world the ales rule.
  11. Hamer of beer?

    Indeed. Vik...at this point in time the US is second only to the Belgians in variety and quality of beers. Don't get me wrong, the Brits still brew several of my all time favorites..Sam Smith Taddy Porter is my all time fave...but some of the top shelf stuff from the US stacks right up there with anything from any other country and that includes the Belgians.
  12. Hamer of beer?

    If we are talking about the "Hamer" of beers, then we are looking for a beer that delivers very high quality at a moderate price. That leaves out the higher priced Belgians and also the crap beer from the big boys... A couple of companies come to mind. 1. Rogue - Can't go wrong here, I have never had a bad beer from them. 2. Penn Brewery - Not sure how widely distributed it is but Penn Dark is about as good a dark lager as you will ever find, and that includes the German stuff. 3. Victory - Again...not sure how widely distributed but fantastic stuff. 4. Dogfish Head - never had a bad one from these guys either.
  13. Short-but-GREAT guitar solos...

    I always thought that Gary Richrath's work with REO was outstanding. IMHO it was his guitar playing and tone that made them huge in the 80's. The solo to Keep on Loving You is damn near perfect. I have always had huge respect for guys who could make a statement in only a couple of seconds. That is a rare talent. Guys like Richrath and Easton are definitely unique.
  14. Pop, Power pop with cool solos

    Nope...we've never heard of him. Have a link?