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  1. Who gigs the "good stuff"?

    I've never understood why this question is even asked. As stated previously, unless you are a collector, why did you bother to buy the tool if you weren't planning on using it? I've gigged for years with my Hubers and never thought twice about it. I'm a player...not a collector. Please understand that I am not putting collectors down in any way. It's a very different mindset. If I am going to spend 3,4, or 5k on an instrument you can bet your sweet ass I am going to play it.
  2. edgar_allan_poe

  3. More Custom Cabinets

    I am at work and don't have them. I'll try when I get home and see what I can dig up.
  4. More Custom Cabinets

    Where's @thecajunboy's Cajun Cannon Custom Cabinet, made for @edgar_allan_poe about 10 years ago? Still with me...best sounding cab I have ever used. It's insane....but *heavy* lol Sounds better than my Wizard 4x12.
  5. RIP J Geils. Dangit.

    I don't think I was ever in a band that didn't play a J Giles Band tune or two. They always got people moving. Centerfold was a staple but we also did House Party and Musta Got Lost. As others in this thread have stated, they were a *killer* live band. Their studio stuff was great but didn't capture what they were all about. You needed to see them live to understand that. Peter Wolf is one of my biggest vocal influences. Bummer....
  6. 'Aged' Martins

    Exactly...and Martin *is* in the business of making money. If they think this is a way to sell more guitars, then who are we to question that? Maybe it works, maybe not, but a company like Martin wouldn't do it unless they thought it would sell guitars.
  7. 'Aged' Martins

    Not sure what the big deal is...they make them for people who like them. It's that simple. It isn't like Martin is forcing you to buy a relic. They make pleanty of new guitars that aren't relic'ed. FWIW I always thought the look of my beat up Strat and Tele was awesome when we played shows. A live show *is* sometimes about the look. Sometimes...
  8. Tonight: Ulrich Roth, Slim's S.F.

    He better have a great singer
  9. Who/what is Jol talking about?

    ^^^^^^^This post took an hour and 58 minutes longer to appear than I thought it would. lol
  10. Favorite VH Tone?

    Dear lord...how could anyone say anything *other* than Mean St? (Poe shakes his head)
  11. Carvin releases Steve Vai Legacy pedal

    Ok...again, it's been a while since I was into this but it looks like the Carvin uses a wall wart for a power source and if that is the case then they arent using an internal transformer to drive the tubes and IIRC they would *not* be getting full voltage to those tubes. Ergo...Carvin is nuts for thinking this is worth 5 bills. Here is what the Hot Box looked like inside...all hand wired with an internal transformer. These things were the absolute shiznitz.
  12. Carvin releases Steve Vai Legacy pedal

    I haven't looked too much into this but *if* the pedal is putting full voltage on the tubes then that can get pretty expensive. Matchless did this way back in the Sampson days and those pedals were up there in price. I had two of them and they were *vastly* different than other 12ax7 driven overdrive pedals. I think the first versions of the Budda pedals did the same thing but subsequent versions did not. Not all 12ax7 driven pedals are equal. That being said...if the Carvin isn't putting full voltage to the tubes then their price is insane.
  13. Adam Lambert to Restart Hamer USA

    Goddamnit you know I ain't lyin to ya...I'm only gonna tell you one tiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee yeah!
  14. Hamer Guitars USA might be coming back soon.

    This thread has brought back some great memories and made me LOL more than once. I miss this place and a lot of you as well. I hope to be around here more often in the future.
  15. Coolest Rhythm Parts Ever

    I always liked Steve Stevens work on Rebel Yell and White Wedding. Perfect, in the pocket feel.