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  1. Jesus Christ Superstar

    Very solid production. Good band and the set looked great. The commercials really messed up the flow making you realize this was still a tv production of a play.
  2. Jesus Christ Superstar

    Unfortunately he will be doing only one song. The same song he recorded a few years back for Weber on a reissue of Superstar. Liked it better than the original version. A lot more snappy and sarcastic. Rehearses with the cast during the day. Does his concerts at night. Getting ready for a new Vampire release and tour in May to July with them and a summer /fall tour with is own band, plays golf daily, has his own radio show. And is 70 years old. Maybe they should have let him play Jesus Christ.
  3. New Dokken

    Not all that impressed. Seems a lot of 80’s hair metal doesn’t age as well as 70’s rock. Guess that’s why they call 70’s rock classic rock.
  4. I think I am close to the end.

    Is she as content with no cable and smartphone as you are ? Does she have enough cash flow for herself to pursue her interests or does surplus cash just go to the music fund ? Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Well I guess I won’t be sharing my thoughts on Blue Cheer or Steppenwolf anytime soon.
  6. I was always into the hard rock when the Carpenters were around, but nobody was allowed to change the dial when they came on the radio.
  7. No more arena shows for me. Too many hassles. I like those old Art Deco 2000 seat theaters. A 500 seat club is great too. I will say those new casinos usually have a nice setup. Good sight lines, good acoustics and comfortable seating. At my age comfortable seating is a big plus.
  8. Todd La Torre

    Never was a big QR fan but I worked their show about 2 years back with the new singer. I was impressed.
  9. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    A few weeks back when they released their upcoming tour dates I was very surprised how intense it was. I had my doubts if it would last as long as advertised knowing of Glenn’s struggles on the last tour. I’m glad they addressed the issue before going back on the road. I would have hated to see them pull a Van Halen and complain of exhaustion and cancel dates that already had tickets sold.
  10. Sad state of affairs. I’m tired chasing technology and the money that goes with it. I imagine I will still be able to buy used cd’s on Amazon for a while longer.
  11. Skynyrd announces final tour

    Speaking of tribute bands, I saw Grand Funk Railroad last night. Don Brewer is still a great drummer and was having a blast on stage. I was expecting Mel on bass but for some reason he wasn’t with them. That was disappointing. The bass player they had use to be with Frampton. Good but not the same. Bruce Kulick was better with Kiss. The singer/guitarist was decent but he had tribute lounge singer written all over him. The crowd ate it up but IMO if it was not for Brewer they were too close to being just a lounge act. Still kudos to them I guess. They gave the people what they wanted and got paid doing it. But that is not rock n roll to me.
  12. Carvin Relaunching for 2018

    Made good amps and good basses.
  13. Sonny and Cher. Michael Fronti and Spearhead Grand Funk Railroad
  14. TDC: classic Motorhead lineup is reunited

    So I’m hearing he just died ?
  15. Cheap Trick 1977 Don Kersherner's Rock Concert

    Might have something to do with Bob Ezrin producing both of those albums. He can be a little heavy handed at times but when he’s on he can help take a band to the next level.