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  1. princeofdarkness56

    Hamer Sighting

    I take it that would be Beasto Blanco ? Love that band. Very hard and heavy and I think Alice’s daughter is in the band too. After these quick tours they both hit the road with Alice for 3 months. I swear those guys are the busiest road dogs in rock and I have never seen a phone it in performance from them. If you have the time share your thoughts on Beasto Blanco.
  2. princeofdarkness56

    Hamer Sighting

    Care to elaborate ?
  3. princeofdarkness56


    Enjoyed that interview. Seems he’s put his demons behind him. Hope he can concentrate on his music. Although I’m thinking he and his brother might have some things to address.
  4. princeofdarkness56

    Hamer Sighting

    Talk about deep cuts. That’s some serious digging to find that. Always enjoy Roxy’s playing. Equal parts chops and swagger. His new solo release is pretty damn good.
  5. princeofdarkness56

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    Love me some Ted minus the rants. I prefer the band with a second guitarist.
  6. princeofdarkness56

    Gene Simmons studio event

    I see he’s hitting the road solo this year. Anybody know if it’s worthwhile checking it out ?
  7. princeofdarkness56

    Hamer Golden Era?

    If it has a checkerboard stripe on the headstock it’s a classic. Can’t beat the mojo that comes with those.
  8. princeofdarkness56

    If you want blood...

    Saw them twice in the early days with Bon Scot on vocals. First time they were the opening act for Thin Lizzy and Ronnie Montrose. They stole the show. Second time they opened for UFO and stole the show again. UFO was good, but they knew they just got beat.
  9. princeofdarkness56

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Beasto Blanco’s Nostro Spirito from their first release Live Fast Die Loud is a spaghetti western classic. Great rock band too.
  10. princeofdarkness56

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    Very solid production. Good band and the set looked great. The commercials really messed up the flow making you realize this was still a tv production of a play.
  11. princeofdarkness56

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    Unfortunately he will be doing only one song. The same song he recorded a few years back for Weber on a reissue of Superstar. Liked it better than the original version. A lot more snappy and sarcastic. Rehearses with the cast during the day. Does his concerts at night. Getting ready for a new Vampire release and tour in May to July with them and a summer /fall tour with is own band, plays golf daily, has his own radio show. And is 70 years old. Maybe they should have let him play Jesus Christ.
  12. princeofdarkness56

    New Dokken

    Not all that impressed. Seems a lot of 80’s hair metal doesn’t age as well as 70’s rock. Guess that’s why they call 70’s rock classic rock.
  13. princeofdarkness56

    I think I am close to the end.

    Is she as content with no cable and smartphone as you are ? Does she have enough cash flow for herself to pursue her interests or does surplus cash just go to the music fund ? Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  14. Well I guess I won’t be sharing my thoughts on Blue Cheer or Steppenwolf anytime soon.