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  1. Sonny and Cher. Michael Fronti and Spearhead Grand Funk Railroad
  2. TDC: classic Motorhead lineup is reunited

    So I’m hearing he just died ?
  3. Cheap Trick 1977 Don Kersherner's Rock Concert

    Might have something to do with Bob Ezrin producing both of those albums. He can be a little heavy handed at times but when he’s on he can help take a band to the next level.
  4. Cheap Trick 1977 Don Kersherner's Rock Concert

    Their newest release is very good on its own and is a solid fit in their long catalogue of recordings. I would add Deep Purple and Alice Coopers 2017 releases to that list. Three groups that weren’t just living off past glories or trying to cash in on present trends but instead put out music true to their roots.
  5. New Judas Priest album

    That looks like a pretty aggressive tour they are about to embark on. I hope Glenn can hold up. IIRC there were some struggles on the last tour with his playing ?
  6. Use to love Don Kershener Rock Concert. Waited all week for that show.
  7. New Judas Priest album

    I liked it.
  8. Not sure if I needed to be reminded about aging or not...

    I recently saw a picture of Steve Priest the bass player from the Sweet and almost cried. He will be 70 next month. If you want another scare take a look at Jim Dandy. He looks like somebody’s crazy old grandmother.
  9. Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    My music related gift was a Big Blue Party Bluetooth wireless indoor/outdoor speaker from Brookstone. Really like it. Has some serious boom and sounds great from any part of the room. A little Rory Gallagher working right now.
  10. I sold my 81 Special

    Love those 81’s. Checkerboard headstock. Mojo guitars for sure.
  11. R.I.P. Wayne Cochran

    Think Bruno Mars might be his Love child.
  12. New Joe Perry Release Coming

    I think he still has gas in the tank. I think his playing in Aerosmith may have been on autopilot the last couple of outings but that may be because of the strain and stress with the band members. That has to suck. That’s no excuse for not giving it your all but what I have read from Perry the Aerosmith thing is for the money. He stated he rather play with the Vampires. They are no egos as it’s all about the music. Guess we will see if the music does the talking this year.
  13. Will I Get Banned For This?

    And that would be a good thing.
  14. New Joe Perry Release Coming

    I like it that he’s working with David Johansen on three tracks. Always liked that guy. I hope Joe’s in shape this year as his schedule looks pretty busy. He’s also writing with the Hollywood Vampires for a album of all original tunes this time and concert dates with that band are out for a May-June European tour with probable US dates to come. Really don’t want to see Joe passing out on the drum set again.
  15. TDC - Pentti “Whitey” Glan

    The stories he could have told.