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  1. Imagine Dragons

    Wow, those guys are extra-shitty.
  2. Still downsizing, so I'm selling a near mint Avatar Signature 2x12 - all black with the exception of the white logo. It's loaded with a sweet pair of Scumback M75s - 100 watts each / 8 ohms. This cab will do just about anything very well and the M75s are the bomb. $500 $400 net to me after shipping/fees, which is getting the Scumbacks for free. The pic is from Avatar, but this is what it looks like. It's all I have after Photobucket went the way of the dodo. Specs on the cab are here: https://avatarspeakers.com/shop/guitar-cabinets/signature/g212-signature/ Speakers: http://www.scumbackspeakers.com/m_series.html
  3. What's Spinnin' ..

    Queen - Live at the Rainbow, 1974. On vinyl. Hell. Yes.
  4. EDIT 10 SEP 1740CST - SOLD. Selling a rare and awesome Maven Peal Tuskadaro variable wattage head. This thing is seriously the best Plexi tone I've ever heard - and I've owned/played the vast majority of them all. There's three types of boost (each channel and preamp) available with the flip of a toggle switch and the sag is variable as well. Sounds flippin' huge. Some amps advertise that they can emulate cranked Plexi tone at lower volumes and hardly any of them make the grade - this amp can actually do it. I'm downsizing and this is part of that effort. I honestly want to keep it, but I'm sticking to my commitment to get light on the gear as I start looking at a military retirement. Cosmetic condition is very good and a solid 9.5/10. Some very faint blemishes in the tolex, but you'll need a bright light and the right angle to find them. Incredible boutique head, with the best Marshall Plexi Super Lead tone at virtually any volume level. Here's the details: •The most advanced power section in a guitar amp, as it literally produces exactly the wattage desired allowing you to have great cranked up tone an feel at the right volume level •Based on the Marshall Super lead it has two interactive channels, bright and normal, along with the 3 band EQ, and presence controls •Each channel has its own boost, and there is also a preamp boost which can be activated via footswitch or front panel (great for soloing) •The wattage knob controls the actual wattage produced, from 1 to 50 watts •The Preamp Boost switch and SAG knob really work together to allow you to control the amps feel, response, touch sensitivity, and attack, making it tighter or looser, and they are incredibly effective •1/4" line out •Speaker outputs for 4 (two), 8 (two) and 16 (one) cabs •Biasmart system allows you to easily and quickly bias your tubes to taste (cords included) •Owners manual with great details and suggested settings (for Marshall Plexi / Super Lead, Bassman/Tweed Twin/JTM 45, and Hiwatt amps tone) to dial the amp in and leverage its powerful capabilities •Two EL34 power tubes and three 12ax7 preamp tubes included •You can play the following power tubes: EL34, 6CA7, KT77, KT66, 5881, 6L6GC, 6550, KT90, and 7581. So you can dial in an amazing array of classic amp tones here. The manual provides the recommended bias setting for each tube type. Various preamp tubes, including: 12ax7, 12at7, 12au7, and 12ay7 can all be used too. •29.5" wide X 13" deep X 12.25" tall •52 lbs Will ship in the stock custom heavy wooden crate for maximum protection. This a large crate and the shipping charges reflect that fact. I also have an Avatar Signature 2x12 loaded with Scumback M75s ( shown in the pic) that I'd consider letting go as well. It's also on Ebay, but I'd rather sell it here. $950 net to me after shipping and fees. More pics on the FeePay listing: Tuskadaro Ebay Listing .
  5. EDIT 6 SEP 1758CST - SOLD Up for sale is 1995 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut. This instrument is not to be confused with the Faded Series or the early 2000s run of Special with mini-trap inlays - this is an actual reissue of the famed Les Paul Special double cut. The "Gibson" logo is an inlay (as a real Les Paul should be) and the finish is gloss cherry red. This is a true reissue and although it's not a Custom Shop or VOS, it plays every bit as good as the vintage DC Specials I've experienced. It's truly an outstanding guitar. The neck measures .817" at the first fret and .914" at the 12th. The bridge pickup is a Lollar P90 that's wound slightly hotter for great blues and rock tone at any volume. The neck is a Thorn Staple P90, knows for it's clarity and "beefy clean" that's so difficult to capture. This instrument will run the gamut from clean to hairy to all-out rock tone with the turn of a volume knob. The original Gibson P90s are long gone and not included in the sale. Gibson OHSC is in excellent condition and functions properly. It's a solid 8/10 cosmetically, with surface blemishes in the clear coat on the headstock and few small finish bumps on the body. There are three bumps that break the finish and are captured in the photos. The pics tell the story and the flash makes the blemishes look much worse. The good guitars get played and this one is 22 years old - if you're expecting a museum piece, this isn't your guitar. This isn't a gig workhorse that's been there and back, but it's been played. This is a good one, folks. $950 shipped CONUS for my HFC brethren. More pics on the Reverb listing: 1995 LP Special DC on Reverb