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  1. I ordered the EPH Tape Echo thingy, shipping notice came on Wednesday, and another shipping notice for the 4-knob BF Deluxe pedal came today.
  2. If anyone is looking for an Eternity Burst, I have 2 for sale. One Hardwired, and one PCB board.
  3. tally

    Well thats definitely a pro's workbench with that Strobe tuner and the practice amp and the all that techy stuff.
  4. I bought the hardwired Eternity Burst, and I already have a PCB Eternity Burst. One will be up for sale soon as I don't need two. Also grabbed the Tiki Drive-alot of hype around that one. We'll see if it lives up.
  5. WTB/TRADE Acoustic guitar

    Loud and Resonant=Martin D28 Bright=Taylor, but I don't know which models are that loud, compared to the Martin Ds
  6. Seriously though, on a budget, I would go for a blackface Vibro Champ and one of the original Holy Grail reverbs. I had that combo for a while and liked the tone better than my PR and my Vibrolux Reverb.
  7. Even the boost silver faces sound good. I've heard from several techs that when the boost is not engaged, the circuit is the same as the earlier SF models.
  8. rounded and slightly chunky
  9. I can't say why the colors don't match, but I doubt they had two different "green" colors in that lineup for someone to swap a neck out for whatever reason. I have the candy apple red V-Shape of that series and I can attest that it is a very nice guitar with decent electronics, a real, original Floyd Rose, and a mice neck profile.
  10. NGD: Black Cherry Burst Newport

    Nice guitar. Nice jukebox too.
  11. Fender Strat Plus Transformation!!

    I had the blue/silver/red combo in a telecaster and that was one versatile set up. Miss that guitar.
  12. More on V-picks, this time unbuffed!

    Well if you never lose or misplace them, and they are indestructible, why would you need more than 1?
  13. Some labels now are high quality, some are lower. I bought 2 albums from the "Bloodshot" label that were warped right out of the box. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and Sundazed are two labels that I've bought that sound great, but I don't think it's because of any superior materials or the thicker vinyl they use-180 or 200g. Plenty of my older albums sound amazing. I know there are different causes of surface noise, but I own plenty of older records (some were mine originally, some I've bought in second hand stores) that play very clean with little or no surface noise. BTW, that JVC turntable is sweet.