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  1. Sometimes I ponder how things would have turned out if I'd gone in the direction of beatnik/hootenanny music.
  2. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    RE the t-shirts and pint glasses, it's been discussed here before about how one of Gibson's goals for years has been to be a lifestyle brand, a la Harley-Davidson. It's debatable as to how well Gibson has succeeded.
  3. Back To The Eighties With 'Night Flight'

    That would have been the show that broadcast Yessongs the movie, which had different versions of songs that appeared on the triple album. My band's lead guitarist didn't know that Howe performed the slide parts on "And You and I" on a steel guitar until he saw it on that flick. Always enjoyed watching that one. And as I understand it, that 14-CD set called Progeny contains seven shows from '72, from the same tour from which the original Yessongs material was culled, although the notes on the band's web site indicate that the seven concerts were performed before the shows that contributed to Yessongs. And as for "New Wave Theatre", remember Peter Ivers' nose-and-mouth trick w/ the IV tubing?
  4. Alright Gibson!!

    If I was gonna spend approx. that amount of $ on a Les Paul Custom, I'd opt for a Peter Frampton CS sig model, which used to be around that price point but I'd imagine it's gone up if still available. Main attraction to that model would be/would have been three pickups that could be operated in any configuration.
  5. 1981 Green Grass & High Tides

    Another Southern music Alembic Stratoblaster reference: J.R. Cobb of the Atlanta Rhythm Section was a huge of fan of what he considered to be the definitive the "Strat sound" that Ed King got when Skynyrd recorded at Studio One in Doraville. Cobb was already oriented towards Strats because Barry Bailey played a Les Paul, but Cobb would often use a Les Paul Custom in concert. He also relied on a sunburst Strat modded with a Stratoblaster and a black middle pickup. It was seen and heard in the ARS's appearance on Midnight Special back then: and here 'tis w/ its owner, present-day:
  6. 1981 Green Grass & High Tides

    ...will always be compared to "Freebird" of course, although it's sorta apples-and-oranges since "Freebird' has unison guitar passages while it's "take turns" on "Green Grass and High Tides". I actually liked it better than "Freebird" when I first heard it in '75. That squealing, edge-of-the-pick Strat lick at the end was unforgettable. And "Hittin' the Road" is a great concert club live album, with a great version of "GG & HT". Thanks for posting
  7. Thanks; that was the rickshaw/jam segment I was looking for. IIRC the very next vignette is a killer version of "Born in the Fifties" recorded in Hong Kong.
  8. ...and who can help me out w. a bit of research for a writing project? I had the VHS but it's long gone. Trying to determine if Sting was playing an Ibanez eight-string bass (and it may have been fretless) during a sequence for "Voices Inside My Head". IIRC correctly, there was film of one or more of the band members being toted around in a rickshaw. Any confirmation of the instrument appreciated.
  9. Skynyrd announces final tour

    ...and has it been said whether Mick Ralphs will be on this tour (RE: His stroke)? I know they've been gigging w/o him, and Howard Leese or Dave "Bucket" Colwell are decent players but still....
  10. I'm actually planning on heading down that way to look (primarily) for basses to photograph. I should be around both show days so say hey if you're there (no booth; I'll prolly just be wandering around w/ me trusty Canon SLR. Morty's been at this for many years and has a good rep as a promoter, so it's about time I patronized one of his presentations.
  11. Skynyrd announces final tour

  12. Skynyrd announces final tour

  13. R.I.P. Jim Rodford

    Primarily known as the bassist for the Kinks for about 18 years, but I'd heard him earlier in Argent, He and Bob Henrit were a fine rhythm section; caught 'em in concert in Dothan AL in '73, when "Hold Your Head Up" was a sizable hit. The other members were Rod Argent on keyboards and Russ Ballard on a Swiss-cheese Strat-style guitar. White Witch opened (they were on the Capricorn label). Rodford seemed to have a workman-like, positive attitude about his music...and was "Hold Your Head Up" listed in that cowbell thread here a few years ago?
  14. A late '70s Ibanez Artist double-cutaway. One of their first original styles following the "copy"/"lawsuit" period. IIRC it had hold hardware, abalone pearl neck inlay and body binding, ash body, and a half-and-half (artificial + brass) nut. Great ergonomics, as well.