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  1. Toadroller

    NUGD - 87 Steve Stevens II

    Well, shiiiit, that's unique! I like it!
  2. Toadroller

    NGD (NSD)

    Hmm... Congrats! That's beautiful!
  3. Toadroller

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    Today @tomteriffic's Beatles Special begins its journey home, but it's taking the long way round, stopping in with @tommy p for a while to sit in on some gigs with his Cheap Trick tribute band. Best of all worlds- TommyP wanted some time with it and we were able to work it out pretty easily.* I hope we get some gig shots! *We also discovered you could have multiple people in a PM message, making communications a snap. Tip-o-the-hat to our admins! Donate today!
  4. Toadroller

    Wait, what?

    I was waiting on the Dread Zep reference. Still one of my favorites.
  5. Toadroller

    My Newport has returned home!

    Money shot! Wow.
  6. Toadroller


    “Wow! I could have had a V-80!” Congratulations! Stunning!
  7. Toadroller

    New acquisition: 2 Scepter

    You know, it's not every day you see two Scepters together. In fact, I never have. Let's look again, shall we? Yep, twice the awesome!
  8. Toadroller

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    Look at that! The two of them together a thousand miles away and a couple of years back.
  9. Toadroller

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    That can be arranged, if you'd like. Same price as when you sent it to me, whatever that was. It was reasonable, as I recall.
  10. Well, it's gorgeous. Hoping it all works out to a worthwhile guitar for you!
  11. Toadroller


    ... It's gonna take time. A whole lot of precious time. It's gonna take patience and time...
  12. I've spent some time in Danbury. You can't help it. Traffic is always jammed up in Danbury. 24x7, 365.
  13. I remember that! My mom actually ironed it on to a shirt for my dad.
  14. Toadroller


    It's intriguing, for sure. How would you describe its acoustic voice?