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  1. Toadroller

    What's Spinnin' ..

    I learned how to change chords better by practicing this song. Not that I can remember how it goes now... But a great song and album.
  2. Toadroller

    Zandard Owners

    And everyone knows it would have passed through your hands at some point.
  3. Fixed it for ya. As an occasional traveler through CT on my way from here to there, I'm always astonished at the traffic. I always stop in Danbury. Not that I want to, but I84 always comes to a stop in Danbury. 24x7x365.
  4. Toadroller

    Two bits of wood bolted together.

    I sold my $65,000 Audi to a couple of kids for $100 recently. Didn't need a gentleman's code to do that. I'm not so sure they got a bargain.
  5. Toadroller

    OK, I got annihilated last night!

    Good on ya, mate! Enjoy! Now what will Bubs do? Want a Peavey Valveking 100 head?
  6. Toadroller

    OK, I got annihilated last night!

    Well, if you need a different amp, this is available:
  7. To quote my favorite comedienne Maria Bamford about relationships, "But what if I'm a red flag factory??!?!??!"
  8. Toadroller


    Das Wonderbar ist vunderbar! *With apologies to our German friends
  9. Please keep us, ahem, posted as this dream becomes a reality.
  10. Toadroller

    Me and Jeffro discuss Loudness

    I've got Lightning Strikes downstairs. Or at least it better be there; otherwise it's lost and gone. Not that I've played it in the last 25 years... Ima go check.
  11. Just got back. Quick, to the point, recognizable, fun to play.
  12. Shit, I don’t even know what a Robin Ranger is and I was reaching for my wallet.
  13. Toadroller

    The Beasts

    That's a Cruise-in!