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  1. The worst hamer usa

    Fun with physics!
  2. NGD: 1984 Hamer Phantom A5 6 Inline

    Just love the look of those. Someday. Candy Apple to match my Cruisebass! Congrats!
  3. If the supply is fine at the moment, wouldn't some speculators remark on the unusual demand from China and foresee a shortage? They could invest their own capital and start to acquire a reserve, sustainable supply, for when demand exceeds supply and the prices rise. And of course when the prices rise, the fashionable tastes in rosewood will change, bringing another variable into the equilibrium. Bob Taylor has done that with ebony in Cameroon, a long term vision improving the quality of life for his employees there and finding alternative uses for what were considered useless ebony sources (those not perfectly black). Fashionably marketed to eco-conscious guitarists who don't mind colors in their ebony fretboards. Bob's learned a lot along the way, paying some prices for sure, dealing with poachers and local governments, etc. Not easy by any means. And possibly not a profitable venture for him. A laudable risk that may pay off financially, though that does not appear to be his goal, which appears to be responsible resource management. Instead, with rosewood, we've set regulations in place that cause unnecessary distortions in the marketplace (now I can't sell a simple production guitar, clearly not built with mal-intent-materials, across international boundaries without paying the tax man, a new, self-invited heavyweight player in the market, on both ends) and form precedents for further species restrictions in the future. More disruptions.
  4. 99

    Just the tip?
  5. Funny; it seems to me if you just let prices of mass quantities of rosewood go up to China, the demand for mass quantities of rosewood to China would go down. And if they didn't, you could just raise the prices again, and again, until they did. Without all the regulations.
  6. Way to bring it back to life. Solid chunk of flame maple body in salmon blush? Wow.
  7. Wasn't it already sold? Weren't there two of them? I'm with cmatthes; dazed and confused.
  8. 99

    Shadoobie! That's friggin' incredible.
  9. Experienced wait time?

    Feeling older all the time. No, wait, feeling older in progressive, sequential increments of observation, those increments not necessarily encapsulated in modular time concepts.
  10. Dating imported Hamers?

    Regardless, it's got a nice top and chunk o mahogany. I have a gold top Chinese XT P90 and it's a fine guitar. Enjoy it and welcome!
  11. Paul Gilbert

    I do a LOT of customer presentations; it's my career. If you pay attention closely, you'll see and hear a number of influences in my style, ranging from Dennis Miller to Judy Graubart to David Letterman. Paul Gilbert comes through as well- he's genuine and to the point and having fun.
  12. I nominate Matthes Emerald Green Monaco 3. Picture needed.
  13. Paul Gilbert

    Well dayum! Never seen that before. Thanks for putting it up.
  14. That case is awesome, @custom53