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  1. shankyboy

    Matt "Guitar" Murphy RIP

    Great performance by MGM but look at those long fingers on Memphis Slim. Talk about someone being born to play the piano. Wow!
  2. shankyboy

    Roller Bridge for Newport w/Bigsby

    I have a Reverend PA-1 RT that comes with a Bigsby and Roller Bridge. It does a wonderful job of staying in tune. Not sure who makes the roller bridge.
  3. shankyboy

    60th Anniversary Jazzmasters

    The G&L Doheny is, essentially, a Jazzmaster with a dual fulcrum vibrato. I am jones'ing to get one but waiting for more of the Semi-Hollow models to hit the street. Mastery makes a replacement bridge and vibrato that is supposed to be far superior to the original Fender versions.
  4. Mine said Dr Z or some other boutique amp. Currently I am playing a Princeton with no pedals with a Blue Deluxe as my backup.
  5. As you venture down that funky rabbit hole, check out The New Mastersounds, The Bamboos, Orgone, Galactic, Cookin on 3 Burners, Speedometer, The Diplomats of Solid Sound, Lack of Afro, Lefties Soul Connection, The Pimps of Joytime, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Soulive, Stanton Moore, Swoop Unit, Third Coast Kings, The Sound Stylistics and Robert Walter. All fantastic yet relatively unknown Funk bands that are out there killin it these days.
  6. Greg Koch is a rather sick individual. Matt Smith recently had Greg do a clinic at the 6 String Ranch. I wish I could have attended but I was working out of town. Hopefully he'll have him again. Thanks for sharing.
  7. shankyboy

    Vaschenko Revisited

    Lance Keltner recently posted that he had a used one for sale for $3,500. Looks like a fine guitar.
  8. shankyboy

    How Many Talladegas?

    I would love to have this one.
  9. shankyboy

    Sturgill Simpson - - anybody?

    I saw him on one of the late night shows and was impressed enough to download his latest release. I like that he blends some soul into some of his songs.
  10. shankyboy

    Pedal Button Upgrade

    I have the same problem occasionally. Great idea!!
  11. I, too, have a love/hate relationship with the Phat Cats on my Newport. I'll play it at one gig and they sound fantastic and then the next gig they sound too shrill. There seems to be no middle ground. I have thought about putting a set of Filtertrons in it to see if that does the trick. Maybe someday.
  12. shankyboy

    How Many Talladegas?

    I am no expert but I heard there were less than 100 made. I don't know if that included the Pros or not.
  13. shankyboy

    Vanguard Value

    I should have taken pictures. Both were semi-hollow with P-90s identical except in color. I did notice that there was a difference in serial number digits. One had an additional 3 digits after the main serial number and the other didn't. Maybe one is a limited edition?
  14. shankyboy

    Vanguard Value

    I found a pair of Vanguards at a local pawn shop that look to be in excellent condition and have the original cases. One is the 25 Anniversary Silver with Black P-90s and the other is a Gold Top with White P-90s. The Silver is priced at $1,399 and the Gold Top at $1,299. From what I can find on the interweb, that seems a little high but I am not finding a lot of info. What they are going for these days?
  15. This has been educational. I have number 022 and never knew how many total were made much less the info on the Japanese offering.