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  1. Got a Strandberg

    I've never seen nor heard of a Strandberg but that's kind of cool. I would want one with a 3 Single Coil configuration. I'll bet it is fun to play. It would certainly make for a nice travel guitar.
  2. I already have one so no need. I wouldn't pay that much for one anyway but apparently there are at least 8 people that are willing to pony up that much.
  3. Now he is posting about it on the local Craigslist.
  4. The Ghost Notes

    Totally badass. Thanks for sharing.
  5. 2 of each

  6. According to Lance's FB page, there are only 2 remaining spots to purchase one. Apparently, the 2 open spots just became that way because 2 would be buyers backed out for financial reasons.
  7. I have always known that Glen was an amazing guitarist but that was only because I had read about him in all of the publications. It wasn't until I saw the Wrecking Crew documentary and the I'll Be Me documentary that I really understood his greatness.
  8. I typically take 3 guitars to a gig. I bring a Strat, a Tele and a non-single coil guitar which is usually one of my Hamers. The Strat sees most of the action and the others are for when I feel like something different sounding.
  9. Anyone into Joe Jackson?

    That is my favorite Joe Jackson album. He put that out way before the Jump & Swing craze in the 90's which makes his release even cooler.
  10. Bruno Mars covering Jimi

    We are all stealing from somebody to a degree. I do not care for most of Bruno's music but every once in a while he does something that let's you know he does have a little bit of soul in him.
  11. Hamer Family Photo

    Ha. You have a point. I guess the correct phrase would have been that no money came out of my pocket.
  12. Hamer Family Photo

    Interesting story on the Futura.The Vector was my first Hamer purchase. I had a Wayne's World moment when I saw the Vector because I am such an Albert King fanatic. Didn't matter who made it, I was finally going to own a Korina V. A year later, Hamer contacted the store that I purchased the Vector from and asked if I would be interested in getting the Futura to go with my Vector. I said only if I could have the same serial number. Both are #022 in their respective series. I had hoped that I could get the same serial number for the Artist but no such luck. I ended up with #005. Cool thing about the Artist is that it didn't cost me a dime. I was doing some work for the store at their new location and I got the guitar in trade for the work that I did.
  13. Hamer Family Photo

    Thanks. Yeah, it has been quite a while. For some reason, I drifted away from playing my Hamers for a while and spent more time gigging with my G&Ls. Probably because I never had much luck getting my tone with Humbuckers. Lately, I have found myself gravitating to a fuller sound and the Humbuckers are working for me.
  14. I thought I would group all my Hamers together for a family photo. Small collection compared to some I have seen on here but it continues to grow.