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  1. I was skeptical when I saw the announcement and I am even less impressed now that I have seen the guitar. The headstock shape is so wrong for the S-Type body. It would have made more sense for Mayer to work with G&L on a signature model. Best of luck to PRS with this one.
  2. We've made the death list kids.

    That website is rife with popup ads. Guitars and Motorcycles. The only vices I have. Hmmm.
  3. How'd you get into Hamer?

    My foray into the world of Hamer was purely happenstance. I walked into my local guitar shop and up on the wall was this sexy Korina Vector. Being a huge Albert King fan, I had always wanted a Korina Flying V but would never be able to afford a real one. Once I played it, I knew I had to have it. The store agreed to let me take it home and make payments to them. I knew nothing about Hamer at the time but by the way it looked and played, I knew it was a quality instrument. The rest is history.
  4. Successful bands' member replacements

    Most, of the bands that I listen to are named after the leader of the band so when they check out, that's it.
  5. NAD - Custom Princeton Reverb ‘68

    I have one. Recently changed out the speaker for a 25 watt Weber and it is the perfect amp for low volume gigs. Congrats!!
  6. Lava Cables - questionable experience

    I purchased one of their Lava Coil cables 3-4 years ago and the cable started acting up after about a year so I reached out to them on 2 different occasions via email and got no response. Big waste of money. I will never do business with them again.
  7. Carvin Relaunching for 2018

    Good to know.
  8. Carvin Relaunching for 2018

    Curious to know what your dislike is with Heritage. I have been checking out there version of a 335 and it looks like a quality instrument. Is there something I should know?
  9. Klon & Klones

    I have a Zombie Klone from Frederic Effects. I got it after seeing Dave Specter use one in his rig. I don't have anything to compare it to as I have never played on an original or any other clone but it is pretty cool. I use it to get a clean overdrive on low volume gigs. I haven't used it much since switching to using a Princeton cause I get all the grind I need at pretty low volumes.
  10. newport or artist? what ya think

    Not even close. Feels about the same as an Artist only lighter and more resonant.
  11. Both my Reverend Pete Anderson Model and my Eastman Ray Benson Model guitars are fantastic examples of quality instruments not made in America. They are well made and play & sound as good as any of American made guitars.
  12. Def Leppard released today

    Steve Clark's death was the end of Def Leppard in my opinion.
  13. Pickup selector issue

    The switch contacts could be dirty if it is intermittent. Spray some De-Oxit on the switch and see if that does the trick. If not, check for loose solder joints. If none of those work, then replace the switch. It's an inexpensive repair.
  14. Just pre-ordered one just like this...

    Congrats. That is sweet! I have been jonesing for a semi hollow Strat and now you are making it worse.