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  1. The headstock on both guitars look just like the headstock on the Gadow that I recently purchased.
  2. shankyboy

    Acoustic Hendrix Guitar

    Next it will be guitars made from the re-purposed wood from his casket.
  3. shankyboy

    Opinions on Kramer Nightswan

    We have the same thing going on over at the Victory Motorcycle Club site since Polaris shut down Victory.
  4. shankyboy

    Opinions on Kramer Nightswan

    Have you looked at the number of non-Hamer related topics in the main forum lately? Not much else to discuss with Hamer being defunct. (The real Hamer, anyway)
  5. shankyboy

    NGD Bilt Zaftig

    A couple of pictures of the back side.
  6. shankyboy

    NGD Bilt Zaftig

    The guitar actually arrived a couple of weeks ago but this is the first opportunity I have had to take some pictures. The craftsmanship is top notch. I haven't weighed it but it is ridiculously light and resonant. I put it through the paces last week for a couple of gigs and it performed like a champ. I am especially impressed with the Lollar Regals. They definitely have a sonic character of their own.
  7. shankyboy

    Guitars That Catch Your Eye

    That guitar is all kinds of sexy!!
  8. shankyboy

    Funny CL Ad

    Yes sir. I am right by the Dell Diamond off of Hwy 79. Do you ever make it over to the Roadhouse for their Thursday night jam?
  9. shankyboy

    GAS related to season?

  10. shankyboy

    Funny CL Ad

    I came across this comical ad in CL today. https://austin.craigslist.org/msg/d/impress-people-with-your-rad/6684925911.html
  11. shankyboy

    GAS related to season?

    My bouts with G.A.S. are tied directly to bonuses so, typically, around June/July.
  12. shankyboy

    Incoming! Talladega

    Congrats on the score!
  13. Yeah, I would be happy to get a 1099 if I made 20K off of gigging in 1 year.
  14. I use that feature on a weekly basis to pay the other members of my band for gigs with no problem.