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  1. UFO

    Apparently in the knitting/crochet world UFO = UnFinished Object(s). My wife has nothing but "UFOs" so got her this shirt. (Now the game is to see if she or her knitting krew ever make connection to a band she has never heard of..)
  2. Stoopid music stories

    Don't use a 12' guitar cable on a 15' stage In 1981 parted off my 1978 left handed fretless maple Fender PBass neck (with tuners) for $125. (Still have the body now with Kubicki neck)
  3. Headstock Shapes

    This has bothered me ever since I was a kid:
  4. Successful bands' member replacements

    Dave Wakeling still playing without Ranking Roger.
  5. Monkees with Jimi Hendrix Steve Martin Short and Steep Canyon Rangers Peter Hook +The Light
  6. "I am hip to the musics of today."
  7. Finally went Sunday night... my takeaway:
  8. Are these Explorers any good?

    There was a time I would have bought that in a millisecond...
  9. Help me choose a new practice amp

    Yamaha THR series categorized as a "coffee table amp" but mine works great on the bedside tabe. (And since replacement don't need to keep looking for loose change around house)
  10. I remember the walnut version:
  11. If you're looking for a diy-fretless left handed Rickenbacker Bass with a DiMarzio X2N in the bridge and a Seymour Mini Humbucker in neck here it is. Definitely a first; hopefully a last. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rickenbacker-4001-Left-Handed-Bass-Guitar-1981-/192315644290
  12. How's this for a project Gibson?

    Corvus in the rough!
  13. "I like Zapp not ZappaSo please quit your jibba jabba" - Hot Chip's Night and Day