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  1. Monaco III Freeway switch wiring

    It's the rotational movement as opposed to an up or down flick which is the problem for me, my natural instinct is to use my thumb and first finger, and then drop my pick.
  2. Iv'e searched the previous posts here but can't to seem to find a wiring diagram for a Monaco III using a six way freeway toggle switch; if anyone has one I'd be super appreciative of a copy. The switch arrived this morning, and on first inspection seems a little stiff in use; has any one used one ? do they require some form of lubrication ? I plan to fit it this weekend, I love my M III, but the rotary switch makes it very difficult for live shows, hopefully the new switch will change that. Many thanks Jaberwock
  3. Monaco III Freeway switch wiring

    I found this, which is fairly close, one extra tone control.
  4. Monaco III Freeway switch wiring

    I thought about that, but I change my pickup settings numerous times during a song, and reaching down, especially past the Bigsby, to operate a push/pull pot, would be slow, and awkward. I may add a dual gang pot in the tone position so I can adjust the volume separately on the neck pickup.
  5. Best pedal board cables?

    One of these will make the job a lot easier.
  6. Best pedal board cables?

    If you're handy with a soldering iron, or have a friend that is, make your own with pancake jacks, custom length cords really tidy up your board, plus the pancake jacks free up some valuable space; I made mine three years ago, and numerous shows later absolutely no problems. I went for a mid-priced jack , about two dollars a piece , Switchcraft ones are around eight dollars if that will give you extra peace of mind. Jaberwock
  7. DiMarzio Super Ds and PAFs - what have I got?

    Square legs, braided wire, and "DIMARZIO PICKUPs MADE IN THE U.S.A." would put them somewhere between 1977, and 1982, as far I know. Jaberwock
  8. Has anyone tried one of these ? how much difference do they make to the tone and sustain, because 45 bucks isn't exactly cheap !! Regards Jaberwock
  9. Speaker dust cap glue

    The dust cap on my Celestion driver has fallen off, any body know what kind of glue I should use to reattach it ? Thanks Jaberwock
  10. Speaker dust cap glue

    Thanks, I'll give it a go with rubber cement, I'm guessing it's not as critical as gluing the surround. The adhesive Celestion uses looks almost like a black silicon. Regards Jaberwock
  11. Roller bridge, lubricate the Bigsby front roller, and the nut, and I have no tuning problems; upgrading the roller makes a substantial improvement to the the tone of the guitar. Jaberwock
  12. Di Marzio PAF correct bottom plate?

    1977 if this helps at all.
  13. Bigsby + Nashville style Tuna

    Doesn't rock on my Monaco III. The original Tele Bigsby bridge pivoted on the tip of the height adjustor screws; a roller bridge could help if your prefer not to rock, but to roll. Jaberwock
  14. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    I found some copper pipe that with a little sanding, was a nice tight push fit inside the front roller, added around 30% to the weight, and really reduced the "tinny " sound when tapped; adding some silicon grease to the two brass "bearings" made a big improvement to tuning stablity, and freed up the Bigsby movement. A brass GFS roller bridge increased sustain, and fullness, over the Schaller it replaced, this plus the Bigsby overhaul turned this guitar from one I was thinking of selling to a regular player for around thirty five bucks !! Jaberwock
  15. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    I remember reading that Hamer reworked the Bigsby's on their guitars.
  16. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    If I had access to a lathe I'd try making one for sure; but if I can rescue my Thin line Tele from the thin weak tone it has at present for 45 bucks, I'll give that a go. Here's what Charles Guitars had to say about the mod: All guitars equipped with a Bigsby B5 or B7 Vibrato suffer greatly because the front roller is made from hollow tube and so gives a very thin tone with little depth, resonance and sustain. Callaham's upgrade kits provides a solid, stainless steel front roller and axle that will widen the frequency response and sustain to where it should have always been. The roller is polished to a mirror finish and is grooved to maintain string alignment. This is a simple retrofit and pays huge dividends. We say: We have fitted these and the difference is remarkalble, Bigsby's have always had a reputation of providing a Vintage look but thin sound....well not anymore with this upgrade the tone is thicker and fatter.
  17. I have a Warmoth Tele, with a 10 inch to 16 inch compound radius fingerboard; I'm thinking of replacing the Schaller roller bridge, with either a Tonepro, or Wilkinson roller version, the Schaller has always sounded thin, and lacking sustain. With a roller bridge as far as I know there is no way to adjust the string radius, the Tonepro is 12 inch radius, and the Wilkinson 14 inch; from a quality point of view I'd prefer the Tonepro, but the Wilkinson seems a more suitable radius, any opinions or advice most welcome. An interesting, but expensive alternative would be the Babicz OEM tune-o-matic, not a roller bridge, but as I only use the Bigsby for a light shimmer on chords, with some graphite on the saddles I could probably get away with it. Regards Jaberwock
  18. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    I made the body, over forty years ago; using yacht varnish to finish it, which has gradually mellowed to that glorious amber colour. Sycamore I believe is a European variant of maple, hard, dense, and acoustically bright; the Babicz bridge, and a one piece rosewood neck tamed the brightness, and has given it a particularly sweet, and full tone on the unwound strings.
  19. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    That's sycamore, came from a tree in my uncles garden that blew down in a big storm.
  20. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    I have a Babicz trem on a Strat, made a big difference to the fulness of the guitars tone; two reasons for hesitating on it, first the cost, second I'd have to cut a hole in the bridge plate. I ordered the Wilkinson, I'll try it and see how it goes.
  21. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    The Mastery offset bridge looks beautiful, but 175:00 $ is a bit beyond my means at present.
  22. Compound radius neck bridge radius ?

    From my calculations the radius would be off by around 0.12mm ( 4.7 thou ) if the string width at the bridge was 52mm; ie. the G and D string would be 0.12 mm higher than the ideal radius in comparison to the top, and bottom strings......does that sound workable ? And thanks for the compliments, just wish it sounded as good as it looks. Jaberwock
  23. Home Studio Opinions [Edited]

    Audient mic pres are amazing for the money, clearly superior to the pres on the Focusrite Scarlett ; If you're recording with microphones to any extent that will make a big difference to your recordings. Jaberwock
  24. What Color for S-Type Partscaster

    I'd second the Mary Kaye blonde, but maybe not with the tortoise shell pickguard.
  25. Guitar synths, to dive in or avoid ?

    With the GR55, it's possible to get pretty good tracking in the studio, a clean playing style is essential, very careful positioning of the hex pickup, and using all unwound strings help a lot ( the pitch can be dropped an octave by the GR ); the Fishman TriplePlay triggers soft synths wirelessly, and tracks significantly better than the Roland, having used both I'd say the GR55 is better for stage use, although the 13 pin cables are a little delicate, but for studio use the Fishman is the clear winner. Hope this helps Jaberwock