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  1. Maybe not, but to rip through that song in double time as effortlessly as he did does speak to the playability of the guitar, which I'm pretty sure was the intended takeaway.
  2. It's been years since I subscribed to any of the mags, but over the last couple decades I can't remember seeing a single negative review from them for anything I researched.
  3. cynic

    Was This for REAL!!!

    To be fair, he never said what factory. The rarely talked about Taceuchi TRS-PRO trem and the not-so-professionally-added second serial number don't scream Hamer.
  4. cynic

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    Patti LaBelle
  5. cynic

    ZZTop last Tuesday night

    I’ve seen them one time, back in ‘90. The opener (Jeff Healey) had more engaging moves.
  6. cynic


    America, where any loan from a personal finance company is considered "sub-prime" lending and will damage your credit, regardless of rating.
  7. As a reproduction the attention to detail is pretty incredible.
  8. There's no need to game the system anymore. A few of the no-fee payment options that are at least as secure and efficient as Paypal include Apple Pay Cash, Google Pay, Venmo, Zelle, etc. Most are as simple as sending a text message. I like Zelle because it's bank to bank and the money transfer is as close to immediate as you can get without paying cash.
  9. There are several proxy services that will provide everything you need to get a Yahoo Japan auction guitar to your doorstep for a reasonable fee.
  10. "Has two small turnbuckles at the new neck joint to keep neck in place."
  11. Hell! I was thinking I’d send my East to you, you send $900 to Oxford, and he sends the monkey to South Mississippi.
  12. Nearly invisible
  13. cynic

    MOAC Gets Some...

    Looks like an old Full Shred
  14. Without doing any research whatsoever I was thinking no tuner graduation and trees. Soooo...thanks for all that doubt.