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  1. I think this is the style case that came with the XPL series LP styles. In the pic below (representative) you'll see the Aldo Nova LP case had a similar bulb at the headstock to accommodate its XPLness. No affiliation.
  2. 1/8" shaft pot knob source?

    @Jeff R Why not just grab these six off Reverb? $15 a pop, but they're correct and available. eta: Is that an H7x series? Coolest f-holes ever!
  3. Right?! How dare they attempt to cash in on the legitimacy of Private "Stock".
  4. I was pleasantly surprised by my checkerboard case from GuitarFetish. They aren't made to survive or protect during extensive gigging, but for home storage and occasional transport they're well worth the price. I do have an old import LP that currently resides in a cheap Gibson gigbag, and for $74.99 shipped the Ostrich skinned case is a pretty nice alternative.
  5. 99

    Incredible. I really appreciate your willingness to share the progress pics.
  6. Budda 2.0! Very nice.
  7. Someone posted that one as a NGD several days ago on the Hamer USA Guitars facebook page. Guess they didn't "bond" with it.
  8. 9.8lbs for kinda heavy for the little guy
  9. Another happy Dragonfly (v1.0) user here. Nothing to add really, other than I continue to be pleased with the improvement it makes over the iMac sound card in both monitors or phones.
  10. You're not alone
  11. Oh Henry, Just STFU

    No better way to refinance that debt than to convince interested parties the dealer network can't be relied upon.