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  1. Oops, broke my pickup

    If this is the guitar we're talking about, any change at all works against the stated goal.
  2. Oh damn...that's just perfect.
  3. I tuned in about 11:25, just before they kicked off Hit The Gas, Baby! I think it sounded great and there's absolutely no shame in owning Missouri!
  4. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    Are you using the same sideways method for removal? Coupled with a proper heating I've seen frets removed from the older Fenders with very little chipping at all.
  5. A fair offer would be half the number in your head. Don't discount your time and effort in arranging for repairs, and expect repairs to all be worst case scenario. Otherwise you're just plain letting the seller off the hook.
  6. If being thanked is considered a credit, I might be almost famous in some small village in Japan where one of the dozen or so copies of my buddies record was purchased!
  7. Not seeing sale prices...Is there a code to enter?
  8. This covers my experience perfectly. My best playing guitar is a $180 (in 1980) Gretsch BST. Being my only guitar for the better part of twenty years it became my benchmark. I have guitars with better action and bigger sound, but none bring the comfort I get from twenty years of monoguity. Yeah, I liked it so much I bought others and with Murkat's help individualized them. They're all fun, but the one on the far right just feels like home.
  9. I didn't except this to last as long as it has given the oddity...maybe it's too odd? I think it's pretty damn cool, and if it weren't for the Bigsby I'd be even more upset that now isn't a good time.
  10. All caps. Multiple color type. 8 string? Poorly worded ad. Lazy description.

    Flip the magnet?
  12. My point being it wasn't representative of the guitar being sold, regardless of reason. Maybe it's just me, but I figure if there's going to be a photo of a guitar in a for sale thread, it should be of the guitar that's for sale. Without further ado:
  13. Having a pic of that beater in this thread is misleading. I thought you were helping the OP by posting a pic of his.