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  1. My Vector fitted with some Gibson PU. But I don´t know which one. Perhaps somebody could help? Neck: about 7,6 K Ohm; bridge 13,7 (2-wire connector cable )
  2. just for our "350guitars" it gone to be a little expensive
  3. For me it sounds that European Hamer fans are as same as kids in front of the window from a candy store: We could see all those beauties in the USA (ebay.com or Reverb...) but never can buy them
  4. Difficult. I have no idea honestly . (but not the running joke: 3,50 or 35,0 please ) I´ve found this one: https://reverb.com/uk/item/1463933-vintage-mighty-mite-mfg-1400-humbucker-pickup-usa-screamer-neck-bridge-8-9-ohms-van-halen-hex-poles (looks not as good as mine..) perhaps 150,- $ is fair??? (OBO !)
  5. Hello, I own a (I think) old Pickup: Migthty Mite MFG. It should be a early "Distortion" build in USA. Nobody in Germany knows.. So: If anybody is interested in: Make me a fair offer, please! (10,96 KOhm)
  6. Since 2017 there is a new "law" for trading products with rosewood parts ... (Cites II) My question: are there any problems known buying a guitar in USA and shipping to Europe??? My fear: could/would it confiscate from customs without "papers"??
  7. I think depending where are you located.. In Germany there is a Scarab in good condition on market for 2 years! (790,-€ included Gibson case..) https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-scarab-von-1986-made-in-usa-incl-gibson-koffer/802380630-74-8031
  8. I think means that they will work verry correctly
  9. I have rescued the saddle on the “hard way”: I drill out the old srews carefully, first Than I cut a new screw thread. Only difference to the original: They have “German” thread now
  10. I´ve spend my complete sunday afternoon with this damned parts.. An other idea (if I can´t get some original ones): Did anybody have used some Graph Tech (PG 8000 OC..) to replace on a sustainblock bridge?
  11. Thanks, that was my idea also.. But nothing move and it looks as if previous owner destroyed and break some tools inside
  12. Hello, I am looking for some saddle for my 81´s Special. (Srews do not move anymore I saw some on ebay but I think they are not original. (Srew look to big..) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-Strat-Style-Electric-Guitar-Bridge-Original-Chrome-String-Saddle/162880340222?hash=item25ec6cc0fe:g:GEcAAMXQ8OdRLCK0 Any hint??
  13. Mighty Mite MFG

    You like it? I'm still looking for a pair of original Di Marzio´s for my 1981 Vector
  14. This Pickup was on my Hamer Special build in 1981 in the neck position. ( It looks like DiMarzio Distortion) Google tell me it should be a rare US Pickup from the late 70´s/early 80´s Do you think it could be the original Pickup in a Special ?? (There was very old foam rubber under the Pickup which “atomized” as soon as I touch … Jochen
  15. Hello, I´ve buyed a Hamer Special from the original owner. It have a "wrong" warranty card with (he never noticed that ) It was his only Hamer guitar. He´ve buyed it in Music Store Cologne in the early 80s.. So: If anybody have the serial 2 5002 I got the card. (Perhaps you have "mine" from 1981?)