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  1. Yep pron shots are due, i just gotta set the mood just right, can't fake it with a beauty like this.
  2. Number 22 for sale. Excellent condition. 5.44 pounds of spectacular craftsmanship. Definitely rules for jazz, but can visit other planets within reasonable context. i was surprised at the volume levels i could get before feedback, as in a nice workable level for a reasonable ensemble. Kindly priced at $3,250 shipped, will spilt paypal. Cont. U.S. only please, no trades please. Thanks for looking, s (ps i may or may not have the certificate, i'll have to do a deep search) ( will do a pic heavy bump later this week)
  3. 2006 Studio Gold Topp- with Lollars--very good to excellent condition- slight string scratch/swirls on headstock slite swirls on back. No dings, smooth neck, very minimal fret wear, tuff to photograph--full neck carve ,probably standard 59 carve,no mention on certificate.------- this one has an excellent full bodied girth sonically, similar in nature to a R-6 i had ,and also a Bolin 54/56 i currently compared it to. It weighs 9.13 pound and it sounds strong and solid. Smooth balanced player with low action. i believe it's strung with 10's. Comes with hamer case in good condition. Overall a clean, excellent example. $1,325 shipped and pay paled con. U.S. only please. No trades Please. --- thanks for looking, s (more pics after i wrestle thru imgur transition gremlins)
  4. Gotta love triple p90's on the fender scale. Curious , what are the chacteristics if the 59 carve neck?
  5. I recently picked up this ones "cousin", cl deluxe ,root beer,plain fretboard, but with a wraptail. It really surprised me how nice it was, and I was expecting a lot. Excellent body fit/playing field, tone.The root beer over a killer quilt is a beautiful thing. The seller of the one above cost himself several hundred by useing pedestrian pictures. Any cl deluxe under 3k is well worth a look.
  6. For whatever reason, this run with reclaimed river maple over Korina w these pickups --- really sounds fantastic. Perfectly balanced package. And-- sneaky good looking.
  7. This is one GREAT guitar ! Very agile, a direct live wire. Glad this one has found an excellent home.
  8. That's one juicy hunk of Korina . HOF build. If i didn't already have a double cut Korina special, i'd be going broke on this one.
  9. i had that one,(aquired from another freak) sold it on reverb about 2 years ago. Great guitar, absolutely beautiful piece. I did post it here for 2 weeks before i took it to reverb, in compliance with HFC ethos. If it reappears , it will probably be on reverb.
  10. The Year In Gear 2016

    I let 5 out, but 2 snuck in, so I guess I'm being an adult. /???/.Did get a second CLR for my acoustic rig just in case Godzilla drops by and wants to get saturated.
  11. The Improv tailpiece is a fine piece of sculpture, beautifully scaled. GLWTS.