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  1. Sorry I have no way to record, or I would be happy to lay down a beat for ya. Good luck, sounds like a worthy project.
  2. Is it possible to learn the drums at 48?

    While I do consider myself a drummer, its been years and years and years since I've had any instruction. Drums is as much about feel, at least once you've got the basics down, as anything else. Print out a rudiment's chart and at least try to learn the top 13 or so, this will help with playing as you get better. 48 is not too old to learn anything.
  3. To be fair, the caption does reference this as a studio shot, but point well taken all the same.
  4. 1970 Princeton Reverb housed in a 1x12 combo cab.
  5. I just picked up a four string and own another five string, so this one has to go. It is a great playing bass, regardless of how crazy the fanned fret thing looks. The bart's sound great and there is a lot of versatility with the pre-amp and passive/active switch, google the model number for specifics. I also have a road runner hard shell case that I will throw in. This is an Ash body with a Jatoba/Bubinga neck topped with a Rosewood 24 fret fingerboard. Strung up with fresh Ken Smith half-rounds. Not too heavy at right around 9.6 pounds. Short money way to try out a multi-scale instrument. $650 shipped/pp'd.
  6. This annual show of Warren's has always intrigued me, maybe one of these years. Sounds like a fun night all around.
  7. Ting sent me a thing!

    I'm in agreement with you on Monster Magnet, and their last album was actually pretty good as well.
  8. Semi-Hollows?

    Maybe something a little more traditional in the clown barf genre.
  9. Semi-Hollows?

    So full clown barf it is then? A fine choice.
  10. Will I Get Banned For This?

    Wait, there's an Iron Maiden Forum? And your a member?
  11. NAD

    Well Fuch me, I must be in the wrong business. Nice amp, rock on.
  12. I've got a five string Guild Pilot, awesome bass, although I paid a premium at $350, and its passive with a set of SD jazz pickups in it, sounds phenomenal and the neck is perfect for a fiver. Currently waiting on a MIJ Fernandes PJ bass that should be arriving this week, also for the perfect price, $350. Good luck on that Fender, assuming you pull the trigger.
  13. Semi-Hollows?

    White burst, but unlike in the picture below, natural back.