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  1. The worst hamer usa

    From my personal experience, the late 90s Phantom Custom. I actually loved the guitar, but it was in the boat anchor category as far as weight was concerned.
  2. Phantom Custom 82 Special 82 Blitz Korina Artist P90 Studio wraptail Newport Monaco Elite Eclipse x 2 Daytona Cruise Bass Gen.2 Unfortunately, I am down to just my Blitz and Cruise Bass, and the Blitz will most likely hit the market eventually, just not playing guitar these days, its all drums and bass.
  3. I made it about half way through. As with most music in this genre, I dig the music, can't stand the cookie monster vocals, basically makes it un-listenable for me. Obviously, YMMV.
  4. Live blues show from 1971

    Hey everyone, someone mentioned the Grateful Dead, let's all pile on!!!!
  5. Supposedly Dickie is getting ready to go on the road again. Sure would be nice to see some of that music live again.
  6. Apples to oranges. The Elite is bordering on coffee table guitar, and as such is a beautifully crafted instrument. The Jr is straight up rock and fucking roll, begs to be played hard and put away wet. Really depends on what you're looking for in a guitar.
  7. NGD Hamer Sunburst

    As well as can be hoped for.
  8. NGD Hamer Sunburst

    Dewey Finn, good to see you around these parts again. Hope all is well with you and yours. Enjoy that old Hamer in good health friend.
  9. This is a 2007 Gadow Custom Hollow with upgraded ReWind H.O. pickups that were specially wound for this guitar with a hotter slug coil, so when using them in split coil mode there is not as much of a volume drop as there normally is in a coil split setup. Push/pull pots on both the volume and tone knobs allowing for splitting either pickup. 25" scale, 1 3/4" nut. A beautiful and great playing guitar with tons of tonal options. Very light, easy to play for hours. These are made by Ryan Gadow in Durham, NC. I don't think Ryan is still making guitars, so here's your chance at a somewhat rare guitar at a great price. OHSC included. $1250 + shipping.