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  1. G Man

    Gotoh Warranty?

    No idea about warranty, but as much as I like Gotoh's products, I find anything to do with dealing with their business to be about impossible. I would say your best bet would be to find an authorized Gotoh dealer in the US and try to work with them, at least they should speak English. Hauser is the name for that style of tuner. If you search for just Hauser tuners, you will see cheaper options from other familiar brands.
  2. About 45 minutes north of Hartford, in Easthampton MA is http://healyguitars.com/ Trevor is a very nice guy to work with and does top quality work at reasonable prices.
  3. My biggest complaint with the Ibanez SR 5 strings is the string spacing is tighter than I prefer on a bass. YMMV.
  4. I may be open to that. Shipping charges and logistics would be on you though. PM me details if interested.
  5. G Man

    major reconstructive surgery on a Les Paul

    Super nice work. Did it turn out neck heavy?
  6. Damn, can't seem to give away a fine US made guitar these days.
  7. Sorry I'm not in a position to take that Cruise Bass off of you. GLWS.
  8. Pretty good as far as Americana goes. Check out his Tiny Desk Concert on NPR.org, good stuff. I may be the only one here who has though, as most of the locals are aging out big hair rockers who still want their MTV, dammit.
  9. G Man

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    This. I friggin love my my Jack Casady bass, especially after adding better/lighter tuners and a bone nut. If I could get this bass, more or less, but with Shishkov quality and Josh's special winds, I'd be in bass heaven.
  10. G Man

    The drama when...

    I have been there myself. Poor kids.
  11. I've seen them a few times now, super high energy funk, lots of fun live.