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  1. Finally, another Reunion Jam!

    Thanks. It seemed to fit the lyrics.
  2. Finally, another Reunion Jam!

    Been to busy to mess with the recordings much. Downed Cheap Trick cover. a little sloppy and pitchy in parts but not too bad.
  3. Sounds really good so far. Seems almost everything by the band is available on Amazon prime. May have to buy the album to show monetary support.
  4. Vocal Help Needed! (Processing/Processor?)

    It is on sale now for 69$ but I got it for 29$.
  5. Vocal Help Needed! (Processing/Processor?)

    Part of the skill of singing on a mic is changing the distance of the mic from your mouth. Also, controlling volume on vocal tracks is hard to do. I use use a really clean limiter and a compressor on my vocal tracks. i also edit the volume after I record using automation in logic. Last year I bought a plug in called vocal rider from Waves. It works really well. It finally went on sale really cheap.
  6. What's Your Personal Grail Guitar?

    There would be two. A Hamer 12 string Bass and a Hamer Standard. There could be variations of kind in those two categories. But that are the basics.
  7. Let's see those home studios

    IkMultimedia is ALWAYS having sales and their amp sims are getting very good. Their metal amps are not quite as good as others, but they have a great set of Marshal's and Fender amp sets. You can try any of their amps and you get a few free with the amplitude custom shop setup. http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/amplitubecs/
  8. You're never too old

    He looks cool to me.
  9. Ting,... I still laugh calling you that,... Michael, I didn't realize that the dog attack was that bad. Sorry, skim reading. Glad you are okay. Or at least getting better.
  10. Fuck me, there is no emoji for that. Thankfully, you were able to defend yourself.
  11. The leads I am thinking of are sustained notes and simple patterns, like some petty songs. More background type fills. Song sounds good. Good luck. You have great rythyms.
  12. This is why I love writing songs and hate trying to finish them. There are endless possibilities and directions you can go. You just have to decide what you are trying to convey and see if you can do it.
  13. Finally, another Reunion Jam!

    An early not finished version of Synchronicity II
  14. I am thinking yes, subtle lead fills. Almost in the vein of a tom petty song if you get my meaning.