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  1. I noticed the change also. Tried to make a quick adjustment but it is still off. I'll play around some more.
  2. This is a quick mock up. Is this the style you are looking for? https://www.dropbox.com/s/hg9atpujek4yqkh/lonelyroad add drums - 1_22_18%2C 8.03 PM.mp3?dl
  3. I have a few options for adding drums, and I'll give it a go.
  4. I have a early 2000 Hamer XT Standard and it is a fine guitar. Tuners aren't great and the pickups where just average but it has a nice neck and it plays well. Still, I can tell quite a difference in the quality compared to my USA prototype II.
  5. Tampa HFC Jam

    I am coming. I plan to bring my bass and guitar. If it's okay, I'd like to bring my new bass amp so I can see how it does at volume.
  6. Eruption at 40

    When that opening bass thump for Running with the Devil came on the radio the first time it blew us away. We were skateboarding at a ditch and I always had my car stereo blasting while we skated. Then Eruption blew us all away. Saw VH in 78 with Black Sabbath. VH was amazing. Made Black Sabbath look old.
  7. First Santana Latest Jeff Beck next..... Don't go to concerts as much any more.
  8. 2017 Challenge Resilts

    Thanks, looking for an little help. Can some one with good ears listen to a part of the tracks and tell me if the treble is too strong. My ears aren't what they used to be. I tried listening in many different styles of speakers of my mix but I just listened in my wife's Honda oydessy. Her stereo is bright sounding already but it made me wonder if the high frequencies are too strong.
  9. 2017 Challenge Resilts

    If you want to hear the songs, I have posted them to my website. Currently uploading to cdbaby as I type. Knowledge Bass web page
  10. 2017 Challenge Resilts

    I'm done. Album complete, mixed and mastered (at least as well as a neophyte such as myself can do). Artwork complete and first version burned to CD. Account created on CD baby and just deciding how to publish through CD Baby. 9 guitar and bass oriented rock songs written over the last 15 years.
  11. Best Cab to use with Axe-Fx II?

    I don't have the axe fx so my answer may not fit how it works. I do use my digital amps a lot and that was part of the reason I bought the Bass amp I bought. It has a tweeter in the cabinet and actually sounds good as an audio player. So when I play the digital amps through the amp it sounds they way it should. I can tweak the eq as needed or plug in the to the MP3 input.
  12. Cd distribution sites

    Thanks, CD baby seems to be the best option.
  13. Cd distribution sites

    Thanks, I know of a few others but they are much more successful than I expect to be. Still, good info.
  14. 2017 Challenge Resilts

    Working on the album cover. Not sure if this is what I will use but it's an idea...
  15. Is it possible to learn the drums at 48?

    If you have basic time, some coordination, and determination. Of course! otherwise just have fun beating on them! Quite fun!