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  1. bump for some trade options. MIJ Les Paul styles, Jr styles, Hamer shredder types (24.75 chap??) Open to ideas. case
  2. howdy. It's looking like my new studio is going to be getting most of my 24 3/4 playtime these days So I'm selling this AMAZING 1998 Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra. Features: - HO1 and HO1+ pups - gorgeous honey burst flame maple top -Hollow mahogany body - Original case It is in Very Good+ condition with only very minor fret ware, a few tiny scratches on the back clearcoat, one ding on the binding and some super minor “ring dents” on the back of the neck More Pics to come - hoping to get the OK to use the previous owners pics as they are better quality than mine. $2150 shipped/PP Trades possible that involve a decent chunka’ cash
  3. Case

    96 Studio incoming

    Thanks all. JB is growing on me (and I raised it a smidge which seemed to smooth it out) loving this one
  4. Case

    96 Studio incoming

    How do you upload photos in this site now? Google Drive, Dropbox and Photobucket didn’t work ...
  5. Case

    96 Studio incoming

    Guitar made it safely from GC. This thing is killer and in nearly mint cosmetic condition. Finish is gorgeous. I can tell it’s likely a keeper, because I’m already considering swapping the bridge pup any suggestions on a “tight” gain-friendly bridge humbucker? The JB is a little loose for my tastes. Thinking a Tone Zone maybe? Is that sacrilege.
  6. Bought it. Threw a lightweight tailpiece, Tone Pros bridge and swapped the stock pups for a GFS him-sized P90 in the neck and an old 80’s Yamaha SBG pickup in the bridge. Sounds killer and plays surprisingly well. Not as “inspiring” to play as the USA Studio that also showed up yesterday, but a very solid utility guitar and a perfect mod platform. thanks for all the tips. And BTW, it’s not an arch top like I thought from the pic, but a flat top like an old Special vs. a Studio.
  7. Weeping Demon is the only one left! Could it be yours? Yes. Yes it could...
  8. that's not the one, though the GT is a looker. I'm looking at an Aztec Gold flametop. Speaking of which, do these use a flame-maple veneer? Thanks for the encouragement! (as if I needed it
  9. Thanks. I guess, to be more frank, is three-fiddy too much for one of these?
  10. Howdy, in my recent Hamer splurge, I've come across a nice (looking) Hamer "Slammer Series" archtop/studio in Aztec Gold. Are these still the most sought after of the Korean-mades? Anything to look out for that is particular to those models? Are they easy to unload on the forum should my incoming 96 USA Studio put it to shame? Appreciate any thoughts. I WILL be able to play it before buying, so that's good.
  11. Welp, gotta pay for that new 96 Studio somehow. Unloading some great pedals and a lil' VHT Special 6 amp head. Discounts given for multiples purchased. - an essentially new Boss RV6 reverb. Sounds great. Original box and documents.$old- Ibanez Weeping Demon wah pedal. Great, tweakable and under-the-radar wah. No box, but very clean$75 shipped/paypalled- Fuchs Plush Verbrator w/power supply. (Reverb and Dumbleator tube effects loop buffer combo pedal) $old- Skreddy Echo (SOLD)- J.Rockett Audio Tim Pierce dual Overdrive. New condition. $old- Electro-Harmonix big box Holy Grail. Older, cosmetically worn. Works great. With power supply. $old- VHT Special 6 amp head. Great lil’ 5 watt head. $old- ISP Decimator 2. New in box. $old Thanks! Case
  12. Case

    96 Studio incoming

    I checked the GC site, as I was going to grab the one with the EMGs, but then saw this one. Typically don't like darker bursts, but this one looks stupid good.
  13. Just bought this bad boy. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/USA-STUDIO-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc Happy to be rejoining the Hamer fam. It's been awhile. My fave Hamer of all time was a black '96 Sunburst (or Studio ? I can't remember) that I sold back to someone here as it was one of their faves, too. Hoping this one (it's a 96 as well) is similar! Case
  14. Right? - adding a Special to the list now, as well