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  1. Hey man,

    Im about to list the 1980 special that was Jakeboy's and when I let him know it was gonna go up for sale he mentioned you might be interested.  I figured I'd reach out to you before listing the guitar in case you wanted it.

    Think your inbox may be full because I tried to PM you and it said you couldn't receive messages.

    let me know if you want to discuss.


    1980 SPL.jpg

  2. Case

  3. Case, I am planning on selling my 1980 Checkerboard Special to raise fundage for a Newport. I am asking $1k I think....I am trying to determine what the going rate is....pic in the main forum. You get first crack, my friend.

  4. Shredder search update: - tried the G&L. quite liked it. played it for 30 mins in the shop, was ready to pull the trigger, then they told me it had sold earlier that day ?? oh well. - tried the Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas at GC -- needed a good setup, but I didn't find much I liked about, even with that in mind. Can say I'm not a big fan of unfinished necks. Was sitting in the GC parking lot, feeling kinda bummed, and got a text about a Hamer from my local CL. Guy had an amazingly clean 1990 Hamer Centaura in the granite finish. I bought it on the spot after playing it. This thing smokes. Love the neck. It sounds great -- though I will definitely switch out the single coils. Look for a NGD here soon. thanks for all the help. I dunno, the Hamer feels like home
  5. Slight tweak to my original thread: anyone ever play one of the old G&L Climax Plus guitars? I know it's quite a departure from the Modern, but it looks cool. The one I'm scoping is an Ash body in cherry burst, maple neck/board. Old Gotoh trem. I'd be getting it for about $500 -- I have not had a chance to play it yet, and won't until later this week. Any cautions/kudos? There's very little info on the net about them. Or eBay Thanks
  6. Thanks again, fellas. 24 frets isn't necessarily a deal breaker. I'm goanna check out a used Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas style 1(HH, black, maple board) at my local GC. They have it listed at $749 -- is that a descent price for a used MIJ one w/case? I'll report back any thoughts.
  7. Hadn't considered a Wolfgang. Hmmm. Well, I guess I have a lot to consider - which is a good thing. Nathan, those look pretty cool. I'll check them out.
  8. Thanks folks. Nathan, I actually have a Yamaha RGX620s. It's super cool, but it lacks the refined quality of a Modern that I've had a hard time finding in any other shredder-type guitars. I may have to give the Diablo another shot -- I had one years ago, before I knew what I had -- that I ended up selling in favor of an Anderson Drop Top. Chap could be cool too. I've never played one. Are they mostly alder? Or I may just have to pony up for a Modern Thanks again, Case
  9. OK, so I love the Suhr Modern. I feel like it was the most versatile "shredder" guitar I've ever played. It could do a lot more than shred. Which for me, was perfect. I don't really shred, but I love the quick playabiltiy, super resonant Alder body, neck shape and Gotoh floyd trem for subtle stuff. Unfortunately, can't quite swing the cost at this time for a pro, let alone a custom. I've been looking for a Rasmus Modern, but apparently, they don't make them anymore, and NO ONE is selling. I'm looking for suggestions for other 24 fret shred-ish type guitars I should consider, with the Suhr Modern as the comparison. For under $1k. Any Hamers fit the bill? Thanks, Case
  10. Tommy, if you get a reply and he won't ship, I can potentially enable. I'm in Lawrence KS, near KC. Case caseygree@aol.com
  11. oohh. That's cool. I'll PM you for more details. thanks, case
  12. Thanks for the leads, folks. Potential trade deal, and possibly one to buy that I found on a deep google search. We'll see. I'll let you all know how it turns out. Anymore floating around, hit me up. thanks again, Case
  13. Thanks dudes. Let me know if you see any floating around that aren't on here the bay. Figure here's the place to look. Darren, I think I actually sent you a message today on HC about an Emerald one. I take it it's gone? thanks, case
  14. All right, been looking for one of these for years, have watched plenty come and go here, but think it's about time I take care of business.. I have a few things I can trade, but that is not a deal breaker. (Tom Anderson Drop Top w/Floyd, Dobro Hound Dog) The only catch -- I'm not really looking for a $2k flamed elite... or $3.5K, for that matter... The beat-up solid color or even sparkly ones are more my type (and price range), but I'll listen to whatever you've got. If you have a super-awesome Centaura or Chap you think I should consider instead, let me know why and how much. Also might consider a JP6 - but again, would prefer an older/less purdy one between the $800-$1k mark.. thanks all, Casey