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  1. One of the best custom Hamers ever!
  2. LordsoftheJungle

    PSA - Several Hamers on eBay

    That Baker is tempting,,, I could put my "spare" set of Thorn Staple P90s in it,,,
  3. Easily the best Snoop Dog performance I've ever seen,,, awesome!
  4. LordsoftheJungle

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Always lovin the burl! The symmetry down the center is very nice, hopefully the hardware doesn't obscure it too much.
  5. LordsoftheJungle

    For the Love of Seafoam

    I'd be interested in hearing what you think of it if you don't mind sharing. Lately I've been window shopping baritones and hadn't read anything about Chandlers,,, looks like they're kinda rare.
  6. LordsoftheJungle

    For the Love of Seafoam

    I'm late to the table too,,, never owned a seafoam green instrument until recently and then I decided "what the heck" and painted the music room the same color. I like the deeper color of the one you pictured,,, nice!
  7. LordsoftheJungle

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Any Baritone players here? I'm shopping around, the favorite so far being the Reverend Descent though it is supposedly better for rocking chugga chugga than it is for the spaghetti western twang.
  8. LordsoftheJungle

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Tough question,,, I wonder if it was a 'thing" before Clint's movies. Either way, I'm getting inspired with these vids, I might have to buy a baritone guitar and start playing some of this stuff.
  9. LordsoftheJungle

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Wild stuff
  10. LordsoftheJungle

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Yup,,, I read through the movie credits way back when to get his name and actually stumbled across a 45 record at the music store which I snatched up. "For a Few Dollars More",,,
  11. LordsoftheJungle

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Nice! I had not heard that before,,, here's an obscure one from Billy Duffy/Johnny Mar,,, kind of a night club/ dance vibe to it but I like 🙂
  12. I imagine most of you got this email from Reverb too, but I thought it was worth posting. I grew up with these westerns and always thought the musical scores were super-cool.
  13. LordsoftheJungle

    What's the "B" stand for?

    "Best" of luck figuring out a string tree for this thing,,,
  14. apparently I'm not nearly as funny as I think I am...
  15. "After the session Ms Dubrowsky verified that the hot flashes had indeed subsided, but complained that now her Ben Wa balls won't stop vibrating... "