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  1. Let's see those home studios

    I think it might have something to do with it's search feature. I arrive at the home page just fine but when I do a search for "bx_console E" everything goes to crap. I notice that the console G is on sale @ 50% off
  2. Let's see those home studios

    Every time I try and surf through the plugin-alliance web page it stalls out, the little time circle keeps spinning around while it tries to load and ultimately fails 9/10. I've tried at home and at work where we've got the top-end ISP speed/bandwidth and with no luck. Surely this isn't normal? I'm guessing they do so much download business that it uses up all their bandwidth.
  3. Slatwall Hangers,,,, any preferences?

    Congratulations! I have been considering doing the same thing (building a cab that is), an idea made easier by actually having one to reverse engineer. First I want to get my veneering chops down so I can make one using exotic woods. Django49 would be a good person to talk to about it, I believe he's already built one. We were exchanging info about it a couple of years ago,,,
  4. Slatwall Hangers,,,, any preferences?

    Yessir,,,, two Forte 3d 1x12s stacked in the corner on top of the wet portion of my w/d setup. There's also a Forte 3D vertical 2x12 under the Caro Ann amp. Great cabs! Incoming? You getting married?
  5. Let's see those home studios

    Thanks. I'm sure that the gear will not be the limiting factor in my projects, lol, but it would be fun to try out some of the high end stuff like what you scored.
  6. Let's see those home studios

    That's some serious gear there, way too professional for what I'm doing! I added a Presonus Fire 10 and the latest Studio One pro along with the NI midi-controller in my "studio" makeover, everything else I did was cosmetic really,,, oh, and the desk. Pics are above in this thread.
  7. Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    UPS is scheduled to deliver the bass today,,, fingers crossed there are no issues. I imagine that inspecting a bass guitar is basically the same as any other electric guitar (?)
  8. Slatwall Hangers,,,, any preferences?

    Safety factor? like actual weight of guitar(s) vs load capacity?
  9. Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    Thanks,,, I'm intrigued by those gloves he wears. I wonder why.
  10. Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    Duly noted! Thank you one and all for the advice, it will help me get started and then we'll see where it leads me. I've read good things about "Peavey Presents, Play It All Bass Guitar Beginner". That and Mel Bay's "Note Reading Studies for Bass" will be my starter books I think.
  11. 3/7/2018 NAD NOW WITH PICTURES!

    Two of the 3 Monkeys are gob-smacked and approve,,, the third one is still pissed off about the snub,,,
  12. Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    Okay, but first I need to learn the Barney Miller theme song and then "You Never Know" off of my first and favorite Jeff Beck album, then you can have it.
  13. With a Hamer Cruise bass en route to my house I'm looking for suggestions on the best approaches to learning bass. Best books, DVDs, on-line courses, whatever you think... thanks!
  14. 3/7/2018 NAD NOW WITH PICTURES!

  15. 3/7/2018 NAD NOW WITH PICTURES!

    Definitely,,,, amps always have different interplay with various speakers and the Deluxe Reverbs like 10s! Sorry about the big error message, I forgot that photobucket had sabotaged everybody's pic posting abilities. IMGR to the rescue!