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  1. Bat Guitar!

    That ain't no Bat guitar. THIS is a Bat guitar- https://www.guitarslinging.com/gear?lightbox=image_tbo
  2. Thanks, Ben & Johnny. Funny enough, these youngin's have deep roots, and Siousxie is one of 'em (they even do a cover of "Spellbound" live sometimes). Here's their first released original single-
  3. Wanted to pimp a new, young (age 15) band I've been producing, had their first release a couple of weeks ago with a special release coming tonight at midnight (very fitting one for Halloween). They're called Vs. (as in "versus"- their tagline is "It's Us Against Them")- you can check out their first single by going to their site (the song will autoplay)- http://vs-band.com/ After midnight the song will change for the day to their special Halloween release, but revert on November 1st. They did a neat video for the Halloween release, it'll be on their Facebook page at midnight ( https://www.facebook.com/vsbandusa ). They used a couple of my vintage Hamers on some of the guitar tracks. Female singer, great pipes, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist that can shred but do it with soul (in the guitar solo in the first release "11:11" he smokes it from a killer sweep pick to tasteful tapping to a very nice neo-classic end run). And yes, I said "guitar solo"- rock ain't dead yet, no matter what Simmons or the critics say. Thanks for taking the time to check 'em out, and if you're on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc, please give 'em a like, follow, what have you. Happy Halloween!
  4. Guitarists that understand brands like Hamer and have the scratch are entering retirement, and the buying phase of life is pretty much finished as the purging begins. And with amazing guitars that play like butter and sound fantastic being produced and sold incredibly cheaply the up and coming young guns can't see the rational in dropping heavy coin on "museum pieces".
  5. I didn't know your wife's name was Clarity...
  6. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    I have them on my USA Bigsbys. Definitely makes a difference- the Bigsby manufactured piece is hollow, and noticeably thins out the tone and hinders sustain. I also added the back Callaham "holed" bar to one of my Bigs, but with the rest I just added the Vibramate Spoiler- the Spoiler is actually easier to change strings with (especially in a hurry onstage). The string guides on the Callaham are also a nice improvement. Don't regret getting mine.
  7. TV Jones Classic Plus in chrome with plenty of lead (almost 12 inches). Good shape, no issues. $100 "New", never installed EVH Frankenstein Relic Limited Edition pickup signed by the man himself, Edward Van Halen. These have become really hard to find, I bought it when they were released, had plans to install it in my Franklone but never got around to it (and the Frankie is pretty much just a piece of wall art at this point as I rarely play it). In all of them I've seen for sale, I have to say this is the cleanest, most intact autograph I have come across. $600 All prices are PP, shipping included.
  8. Might not have been smashed, but that headstock definitely was cracked pretty good at one point...
  9. A TV Jones Classic Plus would kill in that baby. 😉 Congrats on a nice grab!
  10. Evel Knievel Super Strat

    PS- his granddaughter has a band here in IL. Knievel Daredevil Band. Haven't heard 'em, but they do a lot of biker gigs (talk about a redundant statement).
  11. Evel Knievel Super Strat

    That killswitch arm is fuckin' awesome. Wonder if one could be crafted for other trem systems.... And Evel was the man- I'd rock that puppy in a New York second.
  12. Ernie is the best, buy with extreme confidence. And those Schallers r the fookin' B-O-M-B! Just wish he had a TV Jones Classic neck PUP for sale.