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  1. USA Hamers FS

    Does the Artist have a bound F-hole? I can't tell from the image.
  2. my very first time... Duotone

    I gig with a Duotone quite bit. I run the mag pickups into my pedalboard and amp and the piezo into a Boss AD5 and then into the PA. It's not an acoustic sound like my Taylor, but is certainly usable. The blended sound (piezo with clean chorusy electric) is a VERY cool sound that is huge. Geoff Hartwell would be a good source here for the ideal set-up as he is a pro and uses a Duotone a lot.
  3. Heading west in search of......

    My place is on Hwy 2 in Cashmere, Washington. Long way from Minnesota, but it sounds like you will be driving right by me and it would be great to host you and show you my corner of paradise. I'm in Portland Oregon 9/27-29, but if you are here before or after that, I have a pretty cool gaggle of Hamers to show off. Oh and we definitely have a place for you to camp (we are on the Wenatchee River) or a guest bed if you want to crash for the night.
  4. Incoming Hamer

    Here's a couple of pics from yesterday's gig at Benson Vineyards. The Phantom in action, and my quiver for the event: Junior, Phantom, Superpro, Duocat 12 and Mr Quilty. It was a three hour show, so I actually played them all.
  5. Incoming Hamer

    The knob by the pickguard is volume, the next one back is tone and the rear knob is a five way pickup selector that works like a strat (bridge, bridge -middle, middle, middle-neck, neck). I have an inbound chicken head knob so that I can visually see what setting it's on.
  6. Incoming Hamer

    This guitar arrived a couple of weeks ago and after some tweeking to the setup is freekin' awesome! I love how I can get Strat sounds out of it. It is in unbelievably great condition and has a sweet maple top and sienna sunburst finish. I have a 3 hour gig today up at Benson Winery in Lake Chelan and brought it along as a member of the harem.
  7. OCD V2 - anybody try one?

    I have the V2 on my board, but have never owned the earlier iterations so don't have a benchmark to compare it to. I also use a Fulltone Fat Boost in front of the OCD for straight clean volume boost (or to add another gain stage if the OCD is on).
  8. After The GAS is Gone

    I have recently decided that there aren't any more guitars that I need. I own 26 electrics and 6 acoustics. I perform about four times a month and usually pull the same four. For a number of years I have had a savings account named "guitar savings". Any money that I make from performances goes in that account and when there's $1500 or so, I buy a Hamer. Next April I will turn 60 years old. I have decided that I want a Harley Road King. So the savings account is getting re-named to Harley Savings and I am going to stash what I can to hopefully pull the trigger cash on a big bike next spring. GAS has had it's grip on me for decades, but there really isn't anything else that I want that I don't have. But I did just take delivery of a Phantom Custom last yeek, so.............I am truly full of shit.
  9. Yeah right. And now I'm supposed to sleep at night knowing this guitar is for sale 180 miles away from me. Thanks for that.
  10. Incoming Hamer

    Pulled the trigger on this Phantom Custom off of Reverb. Made the seller an offer and he took it. Looks like a sweet top and super clean. Been wanting one of these for ten + years, ever since I played JohnnyB's at Pesocasters house. Prolly be here next week.
  11. Four to an electric gig, three to an acoustic.
  12. Who gigs the "good stuff"?

    Been gigging quite a bit this summer and my quiver is usually Hamer Superpro, Hamer Duotone, Hamer Sunburst, Fender Tele and my Duesenberg Duocat 12. The venues I am playing are all pretty tame. Wineries and brew-pubs in tourist locales. There's no smoking indoors in Washington. Not really worried about drunks or theft. But I do have a Heritage insurance policy. I own a lot of instruments right now, but there aren't any that I wouldn't take out to a show.
  13. For your consideration, a 1994 G&L Legacy Special in Sienna Burst. Nicely grained swamp ash body, rosewood fretboard, Sperzel locking tuners, noiseless pickups. Excellent condition for a 23 year old. No scratches on the body, one small chip on the back of the lower horn (see photo, that's my pinky) and one small indentation on the back of the neck behind the D string at the fourth fret (see photo). Some fret wear in the cowboy chord area, but not enough to affect play. New non-original hardshell case, certificate and owner's manual. $700.00 shipped, paypal gift. I'll give it a week here and then post on Reverb.