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  1. There's a blue Elite for sale on the Seattle Craigslist. Not mine. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/msg/d/usa-hamer-monaco-elite/6607165833.html
  2. That would be me. It's awesome and at this moment, your pedal is one of the few that hasn't changed on my pedalboard. If for some reason I decide to replace it, I will let you know.
  3. Camstone

    NAD Mesa MK III

    Thanks, yes it has the tubes configured that way and I have the original manual.
  4. Camstone

    NAD Mesa MK III

    I've been looking for an older Boogie combo amp and this one popped up on the Portland Craigslist. I was down there in Oregon last Thursday Friday and came home yesterday so I picked up this bad boy. It's an 1985 early Mark 3 "simulclass" with an ATA case. So it's switchable from EL34s (15 watts) to 6L6s (50 watts). Looks like it's brand new. Took it to a gig last night at a private party event that we did and REALLY love the tone. I've been playing through a Fender Super-sonic for the last three or four years. Love it!
  5. Camstone

    Roller Bridge for Newport w/Bigsby

    Don't know yet. Just put it on this morning and got the intonation and string spacing set. Rehearsal with my band this coming Tuesday night and then three gigs in the next two weeks. More will be revealed. I'm also going to pick up a bit of graphite powder at the local ironmonger.
  6. Camstone

    Roller Bridge for Newport w/Bigsby

    Here's the new Schaller bridge installed on my Newport Filtertron.
  7. I have lusted after this guitar since the first time that I saw it. But I at this moment I have the Duotone thing covered. GLWS!
  8. It nailed mine. Fender combo. Pretty cool.
  9. I wonder if he's willing to reduce the price slightly for the two missing knobs?
  10. Camstone

    Humbucker Single Coil Question

    I am really digging the Phat Cats that are in the Newport I bought last month. I would guess that any of the suggestions here would be great also, Fralin, Gravelin, Lollar etc...
  11. Camstone

    Roller Bridge for Newport w/Bigsby

    Update. I got a hold of the guy that I bought the Jazzburst Newport from and he told me that the Schaller bridge is a direct replacement and fits on the Hamer posts. So I ordered one from Stewmac for $55.00 and it's the way. Thanks for the input guys.
  12. Camstone

    Price check

    Not sure why you are looking for a price check if you already bought it??? It is evidently worth what you paid for it...... to you. You may find out what it's really worth if and when you attempt to re-sell it.
  13. Camstone

    Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    Just ran across this 8x10 promo pic from 36 years ago. The Pamela Moore Band circa 1982. Pamela is still in Seattle singing her heart out. At one point, she was doing some work with Queensryche. This band didn't last very long, but was a group of really good musicians. Left to right, Dave (guitar) Leslie (Hammond B3) Me (guitar & vocs) Steve (bass & vocs) Scott (drummer) & Ms Moore). Picture was taken in a spot in an alley below the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle where a lot of "brick wall" band photos were shot.
  14. The first band that came to mind for me is The Paperboys out of Vancouver BC. They are a Celtic rock band that are on the road a lot including tours in Europe. I've seen them a couple of times and they put on a great show.