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  1. I just received yesterday a Digitech Luxe de-tuner pedal (from jisham) and re-worked my pedalboard to make room. It replaced a compressor that wasn't getting much use. This is my ziptie-free Holeyboard sitting on it's case. The new pedal sounds killer and I'm looking forward to giving her a test drive at tonight's gig at "Wally's House of Booze" in Wenatchee.
  2. Lollar Imperial gets my vote.
  3. I had an idea to do a Harem picture using 24" pieces of rebar. I stuck little felt feet on the top of each rod so it wouldn't hurt the back of the headstock. Hats off to those of you that take good guitar pics. It's a f-ing bitch to get the angle and the lighting right. Anyway, here's how it turned out. Left to right: '96 Cruise Bass 5 string, '03 Superpro, '04 Superpro A/E, '94 Special L/E Quilt, '06 Newport Custom Filtertron, '94 Duotone, '91 Sunburst, '03 Duotone Custom, '05 Duotone Custom P90 And here's a closeup of the '91 Sunburst that just arrived Wednesday.
  4. That's a beauty! Thanks for sharing. The guitar just arrived and made it in one piece. Looks just like the pics and very much like yours (Gene) except that the finish has yellowed a lot, which is pretty cool. The guitar is in very good condition for it's age. Greg did a great job on the neck heel repair. The body seems thinner than a Studio. The neck is pretty thin front to back, but wider than some Hamers of this vintage that I have played. I plan to do an updated Harem photo shoot this weekend.
  5. UPS tracking says it will arrive tomorrow which is awesome. Got a gig at a club in Chelan this Friday night and plan to bring her.
  6. 2005 Duotone that I ordered from BCR Greg. Flame maple top & headstock, ebony board, bound f-hole Lollar P90's 2007 Korina Junior, Quilted maple top, tortoise binding, Lollar P90, also ordered through BCR Greg. 2004 Superpro with an LR Baggs power T.O.M. acoustic bridge (bought this from Django49. Hamer made it for the 2005 NAMM Show)
  7. We are doing all original songs written by the guy in the middle of the group shot whose name is Eric Link. Kinda Dave Matthews-ish I guess. We have three 45 minute sets with 80% of it danceable. 6 or 7 cool reggae tunes. It's a lot of fun, I am really enjoying doing all originals and the creative license that brings of being able to write all of my own guitar parts. We have been recording a cd in a local studio over the last couple of months, so I will have some tunes to link soon.
  8. I switched to a Fender Super Sonic 22 recently and love it. Plenty loud and great tone. Like a Deluxe on steroids. I've got an ATA flight case with casters for it, so in it's case it's pretty heavy, but the case keeps it from getting abused.
  9. Another cool Hamer connection. When we finished our 90 minute set and were hustling to get our gear off the stage so the next band could set-up, the guitar player for that next band "Loose Change" asked me what year my Hamer was. Then he whips out a '79 Sunburst in transparent red. Small world.
  10. My band Analog Jack performed at the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival last night. Brought a few guitars, but "Mr. Quilty" got most of the playing time. Wenatchee Washington is in the Columbia River Valley and is where 80% of the apples grown in the USA come from. The festival has been held since 1919 as a celebration of the fruit trees going into bloom. A two week party. I played my Duesenberg Double Cat 12 on three tunes. It's got a really cool chimey Byrds kinda vibe.
  11. Love mine that I acquired last fall. The Filtertron pickups are lower output so she's a very different beast than my humbucking equipped guitars. More of a strat-like output level. Cool out of phase sounds in the 2 & 4 position.
  12. In honor of my 1000th post (only took 12 years) I have an older Hamer inbound from Austin Texas. 1991 Sunburst from Dan Carney (hfc-er djcaustin). It's the one that had a broken neck at the heel and BCR Greg repaired 6 years ago. I worked a deal with Dan after the ebay auction ended with no bids last night. He's going to ship it out tomorrow. Sweet looking, nicely yellowed honeyburst.