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  1. So, I have been jonesing for a while for an electric 12 string and tried to find a Duotone 12 with no success. This popped up on Reverb for a steal and I grabbed it. I had seen Joe Walsh play in Tacoma a few years back he was playing a 6 string version of this guitar which I had never seen before. I kinda dig the retro art-deco style. Nice big neck and stays in tune well. It's a bee-atch to restring. Anyway, it's a great instrument, and I'm using it with my new band on three tunes. Duesenberg Double Cat 12
  2. Even if you can figure out a way to come to terms with the Aussie, what about the CITES documentation? Are you gonna handle that? Or is it a maple fretboard?
  3. StewMac sells the same one that Hamer used (unless your guitar had the bullet shaped t.r.c.) And the screws
  4. Ah yes, Laur is a Chicken Picker Like this guy
  5. Why not just get the real thing? Only $160K
  6. The baton has been passed, on to KofSeattle. Thanks to Gene for getting this going and keeping it moving.
  7. My most recent addition to the stable back in early December. These are some of the pictures that the guy I bought it from had on Reverb. Too much snow on the ground here for a photo shoot. The Filtertrons are cool, never had a guitar with them before. The top on this one is sick.....
  8. Superpros don't have a back plate. The guitar body is mostly hollow and everything goes in (and out) through the pickup holes.
  9. Got back from two weeks in Hawaii last night. There's three feet of snow on the ground here, talk about a wake up call. Here are my two Duotone Customs, both seen here before. I also have a '94 three holer. The one on the left is a custom order that BCR Greg and I dreamed up. It's a 2005. Custom appointments (different than a stock Duotone) are: flame maple top, ebony fretboard, maple overlay on headstock, iced tea burst, bound F-hole, Lollar P90s, gold hardware. At one point I sold it to DavidE and it was gone for about a year and a half, but he sold it back to me. Was my #1 gigging guitar for a long time (till I got my Superpro). The Jazzburst on the right is a 2004 that I bought from HFCer Dominic about a year ago. It has Lollar Imperial Low Winds in it and I keep it strung with 12's. It's killer!
  10. I have two, (including a p90 one) but I'm in Hawaii right now typing this on my phone. I'll post pics when I get home this weekend.
  11. Happy birthday fella.
  12. If the new Hamer company just made Newport 90's and Watsons, they would probably do OK. Ha!
  13. If you break a string during a live performance have another guitar handy. The other five strings will be out of tune.