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  1. Temple of Switches

    My friends latest project ... enjoy
  2. NGD sorta.....

    Now I want to try a kit ...
  3. NGD sorta.....

    Great job!

    for those of you that expected this ...

    Recently acquired a PRS CE22 here in a trade deal. The playability of this guitar is off the charts. It's my go to guitar when I grab for something here at the house. Anyway, the Dolphin 2 pickups didn't sound bad at all and I was perfectly happy with leaving it stock ... but I got to reading on the net and it seemed like most people changed these pickups out. Voila! I sprung for a set of Bare Knuckles ABRAXAS pickups and I'm glad I did. The Abraxas is similar to the BK "mule" but hotter. I now own the world's most bestest guitar Jealous?
  6. How did you get to the HFC?

    I found a Hamer Standard (korean) in a pawn shop for $275. Beautiful guitar, wish I would of kept it! Mint cond. natural finish, put Duncan destroyers in it and it sounded awesome.The only fault was the fret ends were sharp ... I didn't realize you could have them filed down ... Hell, I could have done it myself! Anyway like others I didn't know much about Hamer and I came here seeking knowledge, although I had read an article about the 4 digit standard being a "Holy Grail" guitar. And then to my dismay, quickly realized that I couldn't afford one
  7. I need the home wattage version .... My 20 watt Soldano Astroverb is already too much for the house
  8. Jeezes ... Thats beautiful
  9. What's Spinnin' ..

    Look what I picked up >>> Ozzys "Speak of the Devil" double LP. Mint $20. 1982 with Brad Gillis on guitar. They do all the best Black Sabbath tunes. I was really unsure on this one ... it could have really sucked. (I made the store owner promise that I could return it if it was horrible ) But NO ... it's actually quite good. Score!
  10. 30K Hamer

    Could I have that cut in half?
  11. guitar wall hangers

    What are the best ones to use? I don't want to damage my guitars. Thanks!
  12. What's Spinnin' ..

  13. Liked the guitar and the song ... Honestly never heard of Alter Bridge though. I've been preoccupied listening to AIC, Sade, Spacemen 3 and The Stranglers recently.
  14. The Dead Weather

    Jack White! Hmmm, wasn't really getting into it though