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  1. NHD

    I bought this a few months back but I never gave it it a proper introduction to the club. Ladies and Gents ...Introducing Mr. Hamer VANGUARD USA !!! With newly installed WCR pickups (applause, crowd noise etc) Sounds fantastic, light and easy to play .... basically mint condition (that I was going to put away and save but I like playing it too much) Oh well, someone's gotta do it
  2. It was originally metallic blue ... stripped it down to the bare wood (one piece mahogany) and applied several coats of Tru oil, sanding in between coats. Tru oil is what generally is used on gunstocks. Very durable. Its also used on fine acoustic instruments like violins etc. It dries hard like a lacquer or varnish. So what you see is actually the real natural color of the mahogany.
  3. HEL Custom Order

    I'm a decent carpenter but I would sweatin' bullets trying to build something like that ... impressive!
  4. What's Spinnin' ..

    Holy crap! Have you heard this one?
  5. I got the impression that maybe he is either old, broke, or has health problems/handicapped etc. So doing the things you or I would find ordinary would be difficult for him. Not that he is trying to be dishonest. Pure conjecture on my part.
  6. WTB Hamer ARTIST HB

    Artists are pretty darn nice guitars. After I got my Vanguard I realized that particular configuration really works for me. "Wow, I can actually play this guitar and sound good" haha
  7. WTB Hamer ARTIST HB

    It's more of a shipping issue ... what if it gets seized or damaged? Life is too short to have to deal with that crap
  8. I might sell you this one ... stripped and refinished in Tru oil ... beautiful!
  9. I emailed this guy and he wont ship or send pics. He told me to look on ebay. Haha
  10. WTB Hamer ARTIST HB

    I've had bad luck with ebay and Hamers on Reverb seem WAY overpriced. (Not to be argumentative ) That's why I was hoping to find one at the HFC. Never a bad deal!
  11. Imagine Dragons

    Live stream KEXP ... there is lots of new GOOD music out there. Currently I'm listening to The Black Angels, Mastodon, Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett... And "All them Witches" aint bad either!
  12. WTB Hamer ARTIST HB

    exactly ... that had occurred to me as well
  13. WTB Hamer ARTIST HB

    Hmmm, that one is out of Japan and the seller seems a little iffy, plus $133 shipping. Otherwise I would take it. Thanks for the info!
  14. WTB Hamer ARTIST HB

    Well they are a special edition ... plus I'm not really fond of red
  15. Beautiful grain on that neck!