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  1. NHD Chap in the 'ouse !

    One more pic ...
  2. I always thought Chaps looked cool but I was turned off by the whole Floyd Rose/Kahler thing. . I'm not exactly a shredder and I heard those things were tone suckers., plus they looked complicated and problematic... changing strings must be a bitch! And the (supposedly) thin necks ... not exactly what I'm looking for. On the other hand I've been a big fan of Hamer for at least 10 years now and have always been fascinated by Hamers 80's "heyday" period. Boomers! Stadium logos! Big hair! Sustain for days! So when this 86 Chap popped up on the HFC sales board I was intrigued. Boomers >>> Check. Stadium logo >>> Check. Black >>> Check. OBL pickups >>> Check. Set neck >>> Check. Original condition >>> Check. I figured even if it sounded/played like crap I could just look at it and have a piece of Hamer history all my own. So I took a chance and went for it. I'm happy to say that it is now one of my favorite guitars ... and that's saying a lot after just receiving that Fujigen that I'm totally in love with. Perfect neck ... best neck on a Hamer I have ever played. Medium fat, perfect profile not obnoxiously thin at all and those OBL pickups sound fantastic. Relatively light weight. And the best part is it's all original. Nothing has been "modded" or fucked with. Just call me "Happy Camper"
  3. Too cheap! Raise your price!
  4. Chap! Switches! ???

  5. Chap! Switches! ???

    Haha, good point! I knew that! The switches each have 3 positions. The middle position is off. To the right is on ...
  6. Heading west in search of......

    If you make it to Santa Barbara you are welcome to crash on my couch
  7. Chap! Switches! ???

    Can someone explain to me (or point me to the direction of a diagram) exactly what the switches control on a 86 Chap custom SSH? I understand that 1 -2 -3 switches correspond to SSH pickups but why does the middle pickup only work when the other two pickups are on? Does the split coil feature only work with neck and bridge? Edify me O'great HFC !
  8. That's a great price
  9. Recommendations for headphones to record

    I have the Audio Technica ATH M50x ... got them at guitar center for around $160. I think they're great
  10. Yep, that's the cool color alright. AND the one I've always wanted. Tempted but just spending too much money these days ...
  11. Too bad the guy is such a bad photographer ...
  12. What Color for S-Type Partscaster

    Black !
  13. OHD: '81 Graphic Special

    Very cool!