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  1. Buy the PRS and Ill throw the Cruisebass in for $600
  2. https://reverb.com/item/12271418-prs-ce-22-2002-whale-blue 2002 PRS CE-22 $1420 plus $80 shipping https://reverb.com/item/11671958-hamer-cruise-bass-1982-natural 1982 Hamer USA 1st gen cruise bass $600 plus $80 shipping
  3. Punkavenger

    My Pink Paisley Tele in action!!!

    the church of Satan ROCKS
  4. Punkavenger

    Best tone ever - at least for today.

    I had it all figured out but then my friend took his soul bender back. Dang it
  5. Punkavenger

    The revised Gary Moore

    The first thing I thought was black rings would really set that finish off ... But who am I to say?
  6. Punkavenger

    Vanguard Value

    This is the one to buy if you are seriously looking ...
  7. Punkavenger

    Vanguard Value

    I just sold mine ( Vanguard HB with WCRs) in excellent cond. for $1550 on Reverb
  8. Punkavenger

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    Those are cool!
  9. Punkavenger

    Black beauty!

    That was my calm post
  10. Punkavenger

    FYI Shipping Getting Expensive

    I just sent my Vanguard out USPS with $1500 ins. $83 ... only charged $50. The cruise bass left the building this week as well USPS $88 with $750 ins ... only charged $75 and I thought that would for sure be enough. Plus I bought $35 worth of tape and bubble wrap. From now on shipping is $90 on guitars/basses.
  11. Punkavenger

    Black beauty!

    Thanks everyone for your input ... I am truly a novice when it comes to world of the hysterical reissue. After reading a few pages on some LP forums I understand why HR owners are so often made fun of. Most comments are of some trivial nature regarding pointers, or color or burst or some other minor cosmetic issue. Oh yes, the truss rod condom, Thank you Stike for bringing that up. Its a shame because these are (at least mine is) great guitars that deserve to be played the snot out of. Anyway, heres what I found out about the color bleed. Its because of the cherry pore filler that was used to be historically accurate. It bleeds into the lacquer top coat. Lacquer is much hotter than pore filler (oil based) so it leaches out the color. During reading through a few threads some say it goes away if you play the the guitar a lot. Some say it gets worse if you play it a lot. One guy said he just took it to a guitar refinisher and he fixed it BOOM simple easy peezy no problem by stripping the binding and respraying the clear. The two guitar refinishers I called said it was a very difficult fix and it would never go away. The one refinisher said some counterfeiters actually paint the binding red because everyone knows the reissues bleed. There was a story on one forum where a guy took his reissue to a TANNING BOOTH 4 times to fade the red from the binding. Can you imagine doing that? I would rather masturbate in public. Another guy taped off his entire guitar except for the binding and left it out in the sun for a few days. That doesn't sound like a good idea. Anyway, the guy I jam with came over and he liked it and said that it makes it look old. I admit when you walk into my living room it looks like a old LP the the Allman bros might have played back in the day. That's good enough for me ... time to toss my OCD tendencies to the wind and play some fucking guitar. Can I get a FUCK YEAH???!!!
  12. Punkavenger

    Black beauty!

    The best guitar I've ever had ... the only thing I don't like is the binding color bleed, but I guess I'll have to learn to live with it.
  13. Ill take the real picture wah ...
  14. Punkavenger

    Black beauty!

    LOL, 19 pages on the GO. I read the first page ... thats enough!