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  1. Wow - that was pretty cool to hear drums with that. You definitely got the feel for the verses -- where things got crazy difficult for me is in the sections that starts "She played by her own set of rules..." and the following "Na - na na na parts" -- I've been trying to figure out if those actually change in time signature because they certainly accent all different - either on the off beats or the two --- with some syncopation.... with the click running it's almost like having a poly rhythm going -- I just couldn't get anything into the drum grid that had that feel... Part of my thinks John Densmore crossed with Mitch Mitchell is what I need -- both economy and flourish..... does that section seem to suggest a complete time/feel shift to you? Here's a link to the project stems including a click source... you can see/hear how that section suddenly feels foreign with the click. It works but it's like the click is speaking Russian and the guitars are speaking Spanish https://www.dropbox.com/s/32rw2h7mvmxbb4p/Lonelyroadv2.rar?dl=0 For anyone that's helping out - have fun and take your time with it -- I'm learning lots on this one. It's been so long since I've paid any mind to time signatures and time signature changes or feel changes. I just want to understand what kind of treatment this is asking for. Thanks for your help guys.
  2. Thought I'd better post the demo with vocals and keys as well...
  3. I'm working on a demo and for the life of me I just can't sort drums out for myself. It's a song with a mixed feel, often back-beat focused.... I need solid drums to record to so I can really lock in (everything is scratch right now) and all my attempts at writing parts are just not good enough to use in any way and stock beats just are not working out either. If you are a drummer and are setup to record, or if you are a drum programmer and can lay something down I'd be eternally grateful. The song is in 4/4 and 110BPM. There's two full bars of silence (intro starts on 3rd measure.) Here's Two samples -- one basic scratch tracks (vocals and keys removed) with no drums.... The second one is with a basic drum sketch included just to show some of the breaks and the general feel What I hear here is semi-jazzy/nashville kind of thing -- lots of snare and ruffles with some good syncopation and some back beat ----- I've just no talent right now with drums at all and I'm looking for help direction so I can record this thing. I can provide proper stems to anyone who might be interested. Vocally it's just a love song about a girl from jr High school so nothing too challenging (it's not an ode to Satan or anything in case you were unsure about contributing to a project that would later be used in a black mass or something). Anyone interested in helping out ? Many thanks for considering! Rob
  4. 2017 Challenge Resilts

    Hi Kirk -- I'll often visit recording.org and post tracks there for mix review. The guys there can be really helpful with that kind of thing. I post as dogsoverlava over there. I'll listen again when I get a chance as well.
  5. 2017 Challenge Resilts

    So cool man! both you guys. Seeing a physical finished CD with artwork is just a killer accomplishment no matter how you look at it. You can hold it in your hand and feel its weight. Congrats! Dig those flying guitars too.
  6. Doug Pinnick

    Hey Dave -- it's cool okay? -- people can have tangential dispassionate discussion without upsetting or intending to upset anyone and without derailing a thread - I'm not upset in the slightest - I actually enjoyed the thread itself. What derails threads is the getting upset part. It's all for fun and interest as we expand and explore this great big world of music & life. For me this would open up a great discussion on the question of how does an aging rocker promote his new band in video these days - questions of what the market is/isn't -- how Doug understands that market etc.... but we don't have to go there if it's going to upset you - not intended by me at all.
  7. Doug Pinnick

    I enjoyed the music as well. I'd say the video was a fail though and not a cheap one.
  8. Doug Pinnick

    My tongue was in my cheek on that though I've been getting a little tired of girl as victim stories that refuses to address their culpability in dynamic relationships of this nature... In reality this shit happens all the time and the chick invariably comes crawling back; takes a backhand or two, and the cycle repeats... those bridges back are literally indestructible no matter how big a fire you make and the system repeats itself like a subroutine. But the whole rant was a setup for the Hep C comment and the pickup punchline.... good times!
  9. Doug Pinnick

    Not digging the video though I like the conceit of burning bridges.... Drunken abusive asshole throws his woman around -- this is not their first rodeo together. Looks like the money and blow has been flowing for these two for a while. So she's finally had enough (of the good times and the bad I presume) and she decides this is it... So instead of leaving and taking responsibility for the choices she made living and being in that relationship in the first place by walking out clean and not looking back.... She basically steals from him -- money, mementos, guitar, and car..... So she's "burned her bridge" I guess.... no more coke for her if she comes crawling back when her nose starts getting hungry But what she's actually done is GTA, Grand larceny, CC-Fraud, destruction of property... you list the felonies. Plus it looks like she's decided to replace the trashy drunken guy for a trashy drunken girl from the bar This is female empowerment? How about this for a message --- You make choices -- own 'em.... you can make new choices anytime but the echo and consequences of our initial choices are real and can be sticky... This whole video smells like HEP C. My video would be... She walks out the door -- moves to a new city, get's a job - maybe a little education, works on self improvement and gets a little therapy too trying to figure out why she's choosing these kinds of guys. Maybe she deals with her substance abuse issues as well. Basically instead of burning a bridge backwards she builds towards a better future. Maybe at some point she meets a guy or a girl and they form a stable pair bond together and after several years of stability they make the decision to raise a kids or two.... and while those kids grow up they are raised in a stable environment, and through the example modeled by their parents, learn to avoid all the mistakes she made as a young woman (because they wont be driven by the same kind of dysfunction that she obviously came from)...... Yeah! Happy Joy! Plus the black pickups on that Les Paul looked terrible
  10. Jake E Lee story

    Man Jake was a monster player.... absolute monster. I often wonder how much MORE SUCCESSFUL Ozzy could have been if he and Sharon had actually nurtured and protected their talent - can you imagine where is could have gone? Jake was a totally underappreciated resource and got used up and spit out waaaaaaaaay too early when he could have been making them all bank. I don't think he ever recovered from the slights.
  11. Saw that the album is finally coming out! in February --- I'm super excited about @coolfeel and his band -- I fell in love with Drive Me Wild and I can't wait to get my hands on this CD. We've had some real good music coming out of the board this last couple years __ I think the Hawthornes could really break with this album -- I see it as a potential cross-over album through several different genres/charts... Can't wait! http://www.thehawthornesmusic.com/.
  12. Alice in Chains Live Road Trip

    Never knew this was out there. Thanks! Killer killer band -- one of my Favs for sure -- top 10
  13. 2017 Challenge

    I'm going to come up a little late on my 2017 challenge as I've been involved pretty deeply in a family issue that has literally taken all my time the last 8 or 9 weeks.... I'm still gonna finish but the end product is probably 2 months away still. (the Badfinger cover).
  14. Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    You live in Florida - why you need jammies? I live in Canada and it's buff for me every night!