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  1. Ya gotta laugh...

    It was pretty clean but something just seemed so wrong about it.... right at the front door as I walked in --- I've learned to not fall for Sirens.... or toss my money at the first stripper who smiles at me.
  2. Ya gotta laugh...

    That's what I found was so funny -- like inches away
  3. Ya gotta laugh...

    No -- I could never buy a slammer.... it had what looked like an ibanez trem.... I felt dirty touching it. That's $150 Canadian for you USA guys
  4. Jesus Christ Superstar

    There's NO reason ever to accept a lip sync'd performance at the Grammys or AMA's or any music awards show or SNL ever again -- this was live and that band was playing live --- and they did it in a scripted time window with a cast of over 100 ------ new standard!
  5. Jesus Christ Superstar

    Thanks was bloody awesome!!!!!!
  6. excellent news on the physical healing --- your heart will heal too M., of that I'm sure. Just remember the spirit in which you loved that dog and take comfort in knowing you remained true to that spirit right till and including the end.
  7. That was my first instinct Ting -- I wrote this as a road song, and every time I started adding leads (when I first recorded this last year), it took away from that bitter sweet feeling you get with that lonely open road in front of you and put too much attention on the leads -- so I dropped them but then lost my objectivity. The issue wasn't the idea of leads or fills - most likely my orientation towards playing them -- so I'm going to try to get re-immersed in the original vibe of this track and see what materializes with everyone's input in mind.
  8. These are some great suggestions and great criticisms.... most of my stuff has been developing in a vacuum so it helps to get outside feedback for sure. I'll definitely break this open per the suggestions and see what I can do to make it better. For me I know I can't get better without criticism for sure so it really helps me. Sharing at the HFC has been important for me because I respect you guys and it was really all of you that inspired me and encouraged me to play again as well as to get into home recording. Thanks again to everyone. The Guitar is being played through a Roland JC amp with a tube compressor and Leslie/speaker cab rotator and some reverb (using Native Instruments GuitarRig 5 pro - which is getting long in the tooth now but is still delivering for me) I've got my boogie completely disassembled ready to go back to the factory for a 35 year check up/cap job etc so no real amps for me for a while.
  9. Thanks Man - I do -- I'll do some listening and deep diving there to absorb the vibe... any specific recommendations worth a listen to?
  10. Jesus Christ Superstar

    One of my favorite listening pleasures is the Movie Soundtrack.... Loved Carl Anderson!!!!
  11. Hey guys -- definitely looking for opinions here on this song arrangement. I always assumed I'd add lead guitar to it, but as I get closer to finishing it I realize that even as it stands it's got some serious momentum going and is still pretty clean -- when I start adding lead or soloing it starts to get burdened by it.... As it stands is it "missing" lead guitar to your ears and sensibilities? (maybe I just have not found my way into it yet?) or would leads get in the way? It's a simple song about a simple idea of leaving one's hometown --- having trouble being objective here. Any opinions welcome on that idea - yes/no additional guitar or lead or solo... Many thanks. (Rob).
  12. That's one of the things that's changed about how we listen to music with access and distribution being blown open with technology - we often don't get to build those relationships with the albums we bought that come about from repeated listens. I've made conscious efforts to try to spend time getting to know the music I've bought -- this year it was Aleks Sever, Vulfpeck, Joe B & Beth Hart (new album), this new Hawthornes release.... So I'm giving them a lot of attention. I did the same with the Harry Nilsson boxed set a few years ago and it really enriched everything for me.