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  1. Speaking Of Yamaha THR's...

    That looks like a great set up, Rob. And that is one hot FGN LP Custom sitting there ready to rock!
  2. NGD Supro Westbury

    I picked one up for $350 also, but I didn't get a case 😖. I'll echo Arnie's comments, I really like the way the neck feels. It's good and wide and the satin finish on the back is nice.
  3. I saw that. Had no idea there is a market for shit can Broncos.
  4. I'm with you guys on the seller and his rep. But not everyone is as enlightened as this group is. So why do you think it went so cheap? I would think that being on ebay in an auction format would have brought a higher price. Is there something obvious I'm missing? Maybe the required overnight shipping which will probably add 3 bills to the price. But even then, it seems low. His e-bay feedback profile looks good, so that shouldn't have turned potential buyers off. Maybe just bad timing.
  5. Saw Setzer last night

    He's been one of my favorites since the early 80s. I still remember the excitement of getting and hearing the first Stray Cats album (the Dave Edmunds produced import, not the US release Built for Speed). I got to see the Cats at Cantrell's in Nashville in 82 right before they started to gain some traction in the states. Cantrell's built a tent off the back to maximize the crowd. We got there hours early to make sure we got a place in the front, which we did. Still ranks as one of the highlights of my concert experiences. A few years later, he came to Louisville in support of his first BSO album. He played at a small-ish place with the whole orchestra. I bet there were less than 100 people there, but that did nothing to reduce the energy. Again, I spent the entire show right at the front and even got to meet him very briefly after the show. He came back to Louisville last year with his Christmas show, which we attended. Our seats were good, but not great. Still, even after all these years he rocked the place from start to finish. I would not hesitate to see him, in any iteration, again.
  6. Hey guys. The Talladega Pro is mine. I just haven't had an opportunity to list it here. Starting to raise funds for my son's impending college costs next year. I'll sell it here for quite a bit less than reverb/ebay, $2,500 shipped (PP Gift would be nice if you know me, but in no way required). I'd also be willing to consider partial trades as long as it included at least half in cash.
  7. This doesn't really answer the OP's question, but it is an interesting article that was posted on NPR today. https://www.npr.org/2017/11/30/566927001/the-tree-that-rocked-the-music-industry
  8. Is this a Hamer?

    There's a 1980 Washburn Falcon on my local Craiglist. Looks pretty cool. https://louisville.craigslist.org/msg/d/1980-washburn-falcon-rare-and/6397303386.html
  9. For the vast majority of HFC members, that's a given. But for the ex-member in question, absolutely not. I'm not saying everything he sold was tainted in some way, I just wouldn't trust him to own up to an undisclosed issue. He showed his true colors on his last FS post that got him banned.
  10. You're a braver man than I!
  11. Acquired this 2003 Studio Custom from a board member earlier this year. I'd say it's pretty close to what I would custom order given the chance, quilt top, bright aztec gold, ebony fretboard, crown inlays and neck/headstock binding. The pickups aren't original and I have no idea what they are, there are no markings on them. They sound fine, but I have a set of Gravelin double creams that I'll drop in eventually.
  12. Worst shipping job contenders

    Yes, it's an Elitist that's MIJ.
  13. Worst shipping job contenders

    Once had a Robin Ranger shipped to me in its unlocked and unsecured hard case with a shipping label slapped on. I was 100% sure that the case would be empty when I opened it. But the guitar was there and unscathed. I also had a Japanese dealer ship a brand new Epiphone Elitist Coronet in it's case in a box with no packing material at all. It made its way to me all the way from Japan in perfect condition. The Robin is long gone (and I have no pictures), but I still have the Coronet.
  14. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    It's not exactly the same situation. I imported a USA Hamer from Japan. Typically, shippers there will use EMS which is picked up by the USPS once it clears customs. I have never been hit with duties when using EMS/USPS. A couple of times, there was a duties invoice attached to the box, but the delivering post man never collected and I didn't offer. Anyway, the Hamer came in a pretty big case so the shipping box exceeded the EMS maximums. The guitar had to be shipped via FedEx. The shipping charge itself was about $50 more than EMS, but after it was delivered I received a duties invoice from FedEx for about $160. I dug around a little and found the statute stating that re-importing goods manufactured in the USA were not subject to duties. I called FedEx and they sent me the dispute forms which I filled out and sent in. In the meantime, I did not pay the invoice.I About 6 weeks later, I got a call from FedEx and was asked to submit some additional documentation to support that the guitar was made in the US, including a statement from the shipper that it was a USA guitar since they noted that it was MIJ on the paperwork. That was it, I never heard from them again and was able to get the duty charge eliminated.
  15. Guitarlington

    Here's the cocktail drum kit I picked up. I just need a couple of cymbals and it'll be ready to rock. Included an original storage bag for the big drum.