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  1. currypowder

    1980 Special Crowned and Bound

    Is it for sale?
  2. Bump. Trade offers considered.
  3. I'd say given the rarity and how infrequently they come up for sale that price isn't super inflated, if inflated at all.
  4. Damn, that's a guy who I'd love to see. Was a big RG fan, his first two albums with Link Wray are fantastic. His later stuff isn't bad, but those first two got heavy play on my turntable. May have to pull them out. Pretty sure Chris Spedding played on his Bad Boy album, I'll have to check.
  5. Both Strats have sold. Bump for the Studio Custom
  6. currypowder

    Honoring the USA

    A friend has a original Harmony Buck Owens guitar. Bought it years ago. Listed it on Reverb a few months ago. https://reverb.com/item/6077361-vintage-1969-1970-harmony-buck-owens-american-f-70-h-169-ryan-adams-nirvana-hee-haw Recording King just came out with a cheap imitation. The few RKs I've played have been much nicer than I expected. https://www.recordingking.com/p/roa-9-rwb
  7. currypowder

    MIJ Edwards E-LP?

    Most Edwards with a flame top are veneers over a maple cap. I say most as there was a small 31 guitar run in 09 with select mahogany, solid flame tops and all lacquer finish called Pure Material. And I know of at least one instance where a regular Edwards has a solid flame top. If your friend's Edwards came with the Antiquities, it's likely an all lacquer relic model.
  8. currypowder

    MIJ Edwards E-LP?

    I'd say 6 bills for an Edwards is a damn good deal. The model number will give you an idea of what the guitar sold for new. For instance, the MSRP of The 130 would have been 130,000 yen or about $1,200 at today's exchange rate. In reality, they go for about 80% of that, so it probably sold new for about a grand. Used, I see them go for about $800 and up, depending on the model. The last Edwards I sold was an E-LP-130ALS (ALS means all lacquer finish) for $1,050 with a HSC. Bottom line is that for a grand or less you can get a high quality Les Paul with nice pickups and electronics that will rival any production Gibson for tone, playability and fit/finish.
  9. currypowder

    MIJ Edwards E-LP?

    I own and have owned several models. All of them have been excellent regardless of their configuration and finish (poly vs. top coat lacquer, all lacquer). Neck carves tend to be a pretty consistent medium-ish, maybe between a 59 and 60 carve. I find all of the Japanese necks pretty comfortable. Are you looking at any particular model/configuration?
  10. currypowder

    Woods used on the 78s Sunbursts/CITES problem

    Not if it's coming to the US. No import certificate is required for non-brazillian rosewood (Appendix 2 woods)
  11. Of course you're correct, don't know what I was thinking. Thanks for catching that for me.
  12. I've once again allowed my collection to balloon beyond all reasonable measures. Time to let a few go. I've decided to keep one Hamer and one Strat and let my others go. All prices are shipped and paypal'd,. A friends and family paypal payment would be appreciated if you know me, but is in no way required. All the prices are HFC-only and, at least for now, am firm. Since 3 of the 4 have been sold, I'll now consider trades of guitars for the Studio Custom (no amps). I'm not looking for anything in particular, but would like to keep any trades at roughly the same value as the Studio Custom, +/- a few hundred $. Without further adieu, let's get started with the Hamers. First up is an `03 Studio Custom in quilt Aztec Gold. It has an ebony fretboard and headstock overlay, fully body, neck and headstock binding and crown inlays. I'd describe the neck as a medium carve. I acquired it a few months ago from KofSeattle. It came to me with some unidentified double cream pickups. They sounded fine, but I had a set of Gravelin Hot PAFs so I installed those. I'll include the original pickups as well. Here's Josh's description of his pickups: Bridge: 8.6 - 8.8k, Unoriented A5 magnet, 42 PE wire, traditional PAF spec steel and build throughout. The unoriented A5 is a winner in this position: all the power of a normal A5, but the highs are a touch softer and less spiky - bass is tighter too. Very even mids. Neck: 7.5 - 7.9k, A2, 42 PE wire, traditional PAF spec´╗┐ steel and build throughout. Alnico 2 in a neck position is so nice and in that range will not only sound great but also play well with the bridge. Really balanced middle pos.´╗┐ sound. Condition-wise it is in excellent shape with one issue, the binding around the bass side has separated slightly. It came to me this way (fully disclosed) and has not gotten any worse. See the close up below. It's one of those things that don't bother me, so I left it alone. This is your typical modern Hamer build, great quality, feel and playability and it sounds phenomenal with the Gravelins. $2,000 shipped. I'll go to $1,800 if you would prefer the pickups that came with it installed. I'm happy to hang onto the Gravelins. Includes OHSC. Many pics here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoLRRT1O_HxXrhQXZXUlrh6xY8P8 SUNBURST IS SOLD G&L IS SOLD FENDER IS SOLD
  13. Did you kick him in the balls, just because?