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  1. That's what I was thinking, I recently purchased a set of NOS Hamer amber knobs from him to replace a couple with small cracks in them (yeah, I know, I'm anal). He doesn't have anything listed right now, but I'd contact him anyway, I'm pretty sure he still has a bunch of unlisted stuff. https://reverb.com/shop/big-sammys-house-o-gear
  2. Damn, Joe. You are certainly on a roll lately. Congrats.
  3. Aqua Tally on CL

    Obviously Ting didn't need me to come to his rescue.
  4. Aqua Tally on CL

    Hey Dude, there's a certain amount of back and forth that goes on around here among the members, especially those that have been around for decades. Ting was just being himself, no harm indented, and his post was certainly not made out of ignorance. You've been here for, what, 10 minutes. Hang out, get to know the members here before firing off like that. We're a likable bunch.
  5. Orville and Orville by Gibson guitars were made in Japan. I'm pretty sure there were no other Asian countries that manufactured under those names. I'm not super familiar with them, but believe that the Orville by Gibson models were a step up in finish and electronics from Orville's. I'd say that's a bass that would likely rival it's Gibson counterpart.
  6. CITES Question

    In this case, that document is the current document available on the Department of Fish & Wildlife website. It is applicable as it speaks to Appendix I and II items, not specific items in the Appendices. This exemption doesn't apply. If you look a little before that statement, you'll find that particular exemption applies to personal or household effects that are part of a household move or are accompanying the owner. Shipments wouldn't qualify as a personal or household effect.The document is pretty clear in the middle of page 1, if you are exporting an Appendix I or II item, you need an export or re-export permit. If I were planning on shipping more than a couple of items out internationally over the next 2 years, I'd apply for a master certificate and get a few blank individual certificates for export. Then I would document the age of the guitar to prove that it was manufactured pre-convention in case of an audit or examination. To me, the interesting thing here is that Appendix II items do not need an IMPORT certificate. What this tells me (keep in mind, I'm no lawyer) is that if I buy something with Appendix II material from another country, it's their responsibility to comply with their country's CITES export procedures. But I don't need to apply for an import certificate. Appendix I items (Brazilian Rosewood) do require an import certificate.
  7. Recent visit to Gruhn Guitars

    The first time I visited Gruhn's a couple of years ago, my girlfriend was chatting up the service manager while I was looking around. He invited us to the second floor, where we met George and he gave us the same tour of his snakes and reptiles. I think we talked to him for about an hour where he filled is in on his history. It was an unexpected treat.
  8. Bump. If you want an all mahogany Custom, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value.
  9. Newport is sold pending payment.