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  1. One of the things that I learned is that if you hit the $2,500 value level when importing, it may requires a more "active" clearing process. I had a higher priced guitar (over $2,500) shipped to me from Japan via DHL. I wanted them to use FedEx, but they made a mistake and once it was gone there was no way to change it. Anyway, I ended up having several phone conversations with the clearance department at DHL and filling out several forms (one was a Lacey Act form detailing the different materials used in the manufacturing of the guitar) to clear it. Back to the OP, glad it arrived safely.
  2. I'd love to get this to an HFC'r. Make me an offer. Trades are fine, but would really prefer to sell it.
  3. NGD: Hamer Special LE

    Original pickups or not, they're not going back in, the Rolphs seem to be a good match. I had it shipped from Japan using Rinkya, one of the many proxies over there. They're not may favorite, but they don't seem to care about rosewood. The others, like From Japan, won't ship guitars that have the word "rosewood" in the listing. For what is worth, I've had close to 20 rosewood containing guitars shipped from Japan since the new CITES restriction came on line without issue. I know there's risk involved, and I'm willing to accept it. On the other hand, I absolutely would not ship one to another country without the permit.
  4. NGD: Hamer Special LE

    Thanks Cam. Honestly, looking through a few threads here and seeing your references to Mr. Quilty pushed me over the edge to picking it up. What pickups were in it originally? I did get the Rolphs installed last night. It made a world of difference, obviously. The set is in the PAF output range, probably Pretenders but I'm not 100% sure on that. The tone is nice and clear clean and overdrives into a rock machine. I was afraid the neck might be a little thin, but it's not. More of a medium carve, feels good in my hand. I'm pretty sure the tailpiece (Gotoh Japan) and Duncan pickups are not original to the guitar. Here are a few more pics. The book matched quilt kind of dissipates and clouds toward the edges, which is what caused the sellers pictures to look like there might be a finish issue.
  5. NGD: Hamer Special LE

    Looks like this one is going to take a little work to get in playing condition. The guitar itself is solid and cleaned up nicely. Unplugged it played very well and has a nice ringing tone. However, plugged in, I noticed a huge volume difference that couldn't be explained by pickup height. The neck pickup sounded like only one coil was working. To me it had the unmistakable tone of a split humbucker. I can't even seem to get any resistance reading at all from it. The pickups look to be an early set of Duncans, a custom bridge and 59 neck. I went ahead and pulled them both. I think the bridge is fine, but it's super hot, resistance around 13.75. I'm going to send the neck to Josh and have him check it out for me. It's likely I'll install different pickups as the hot Custom is just not me. I have a set of old Rolphs that I might throw in there for the time being, see how they suit me. This is one of the risks buying from Japan, ending up with something with some issues. Thankfully, the guitar is great and exactly what I expected. The pickup issue is just no big deal to me, I like to tinker anyway.
  6. Had many Chicago Customs delays when getting guitars shipped via EMS/USPS from Japan. But that's all they were, delays. Eventually cleared and got to me the next day. I have a lot less experience with having things shipped via FedEx. However, the few times I used them there were no delays whatsoever. I thought FedEx acted as a customs agent and cleared items themselves. I did once get a call from FedEx customs clearance area asking if the guitar contained any real shell material. I answered no and that was the end of that. It was delivered on time. My guess is your package was probably randomly selected for inspection. Good luck.
  7. Here's a bit of a rare bird, a 94 Special LE limited run for the Japanese market. Basically a Special FM with body binding. Found it in Japan and tried for a week to talk myself out of it. In the end, resistance was futile. Looks a lot like Camstone's "Mr. Quilty" except for the amber finish color. The pictures look a little like there's some arm wear on the bass side of the body, but it must just be a reflection or the wood's quilting, the finish is intact with no wear. Overall it's in very good shape, there are a few dings, but nothing major or out of the ordinary for a nearly 25 year old guitar. There is a tiny bit of Hameritis at the neck joint and some finish separation around the fingerboard, very common for Hamers of this time period. The OHSC is in great shape and includes the original case candy. It was just delivered, so a playability/tone report will have to wait. Desperately needs a little cleaning and fresh strings. Here are a couple pics from he seller.
  8. Wonder what's going on under that control area?
  9. I had that exact guitar, with the working electronics, back about 35 years ago. Would love to get another one. I'll be watching that auction closely.
  10. Bump - Back on the market!
  11. That was quick. SOLD! I purchased a 79 Sunburst with these installed. Nothing wrong with them or the tone, but I wanted the pickups to be more period correct, so I installed a set of Dimarzios from '77. Both pickups read right at 7.9. The bridge lead is a little short, but was long enough for installation in the Sunburst. $100 shipped/paypal'd for the set.
  12. Sounds more like a Thunders description, to me.