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  1. Kurt L is an awesome member. He helped me out big time on an Austin find. Handled shipping like a pro. Love that rosewood neck! I’m a bit tempted myself.
  2. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    UPDATE... Ok, I received a statement in the mail close to two weeks ago, from UPS for a reduced amount of $40. Appears they removed the dutie(?) fee, and I’m only on the hook for the ‘broker’ fees.
  3. Di Marzio PAF correct bottom plate?

    I’ve seen both in about 1980. Triangular thereafter. Thus, ‘squared’ prior. Yes, 1981 would be ‘triangular’.
  4. Shishkov Holiday SWAG!

    I’d be interested in ordering something. What fits a guy nearly 6 & 1/2 foot tall? To All, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Wish I’d have grabbed some of those glasses too.
  5. Hey Nick! I need to see what I’ve got that may need the case, and or projects. May take a while. I’ll clear out my box ASAP so you can stay in touch. Meanwhile, if Peter has something go for it. Dave
  6. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    The seller said he sent the email to the UPS broker as requested, clarifying its origin being USA. I guess I’ll just wait to see if I get an invoice for any fees? I too have never had to pay from other purchases from Canada, or the European countries. EMS was used along with parcel posts, then to USPS. I recall DHL trying once but they dismissed it when I questioned them. Appreciate all your inputs. THANK YOU!!!
  7. I may have an extra.
  8. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    Got to look at invoice. Country of origin has CA, someone screwed up there. I imagine the average person may confuse that for where it’s shipped from?
  9. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    There appears to be an invoice on the box. Had to run off to work, will look at it tonight. Seller also confirms he stated made in USA.
  10. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    I went and picked it up. No questions. I presume I’ll get a bill in the mail?
  11. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    OK, I'm going to go over there and see if they might just let me pick it up regardless.
  12. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    Can 'purchase' be an accepted 'Reason for Return'? I looked at the from 3311, not a clue what to fill in some of those fields. I also asked seller if he stated it was a USA guitar again, as I did ask him earlier on.
  13. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    Appreciate you guys knowing your $#i+. Declared at $2,000.00. CBP = Customs Border Patrol, or ?. UPS rep specifically identified 79.95 of the total 133.45 as duties, and the rest being Broker's fees like $40, plus $11, plus $2, I recall mentioned. My understanding is UPS has the guitar ready for me to pick up (I modify shipping so they hold it at my local UPS depot for pickup). I may go over there to see what happens if I try to pick it up. All in all, sounds like the 79.95 (at the least) should not be billed being that it is a guitar, Gibson USA manufactured, and NAFTA. Thanks.
  14. Import fees on USA guitar to USA?

    How do you not pay them? They don't request at delivery? I usually pick mine up at the nearby UPS depot. My call ended up with them suggesting Shipper email them the NAFTA statement, or modifying his initial shipping invoice to include the NAFTA statement, via a check off on the invoice. I sent the seller the message, will see. They gave me an email address to one of the broker/employees to use.