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  1. Hamer Dave

    ? Shipping a USA Sunburst from Germany back to US

    Thanks for the input. I talked with Fish & Wildlife Services, and read an article or two at Reverb on this. Need to include a preconvention certificate, confirming prior production. Labeling as preconvention when shipped. Also, they suggest that showing verification of production year by a serial number should satisfy verifying when it was made. Then they know no protected rosewood was harvested for the build since the new restrictions. Believe Brazilian Rosewood is prior to 1991. Being that it is coming back to USA (country of origin), I should expect NO customs/duties/tax fees, correct? F&W Services realize they need to make this practical for our guitars, but may take a couple years to see the process fixed. Interestingly, if I were to bring the guitar back home on a plane as a personal carry-on. No one would care. Frustrating. Dave
  2. Hamer Dave

    ? Shipping a USA Sunburst from Germany back to US

    I was hoping I’d be exempt of cites being that it’s coming back to country of origin. Maybe I should call Fish & Wildlife Services to see what they say as well. They came up on a search of shipping.
  3. Hi all!. Having an early USA Sunburst shipped from Germany to US. Any special instructions besides stating country of origin as United States? Being it’s coming back to within miles of where it was manufactured, I expect NO customs or duty fees. Please confirm I’ve nothing to be concerned of. Thanks. dave
  4. Don’t tell me... They scalloped the neck too. Lol!
  5. Hamer Dave

    for sale

    Have to ask. Is the 12 neck scalloped???
  6. Shredding on a 12-string. Wtf
  7. Near me. Checking it out.
  8. Yeah. He seemed bitter in my correspondence too. In reply, I welcomed him to call me. He never did. No clue.
  9. I spoke with him earlier, and he said it’s had some routing or repair work near neck pup. I was questioning the two holes(?) in the photo. He’s going to send me better photos, and I’ve a friend out there. If nothing crazy I’ll be good. He didn’t play it much, as he’s a bass player. So, not the one who wore it out. Frets may be gone. Trem, etc. we shall see. Been up a couple months too, so may be something we can’t see. He was, ‘Well take a look, and see if you like it’ on the adulterated area.
  10. Downloaded the app. Seems To be for Facebook etc. How’s it help me post photos here? Think would help to compress the file size? Trying to do a 1.8mb photo upload, and errors.
  11. Ok thanks everyone. I should be more concerned. Jay, I couldn’t upload more photos, getting error msg ‘problem processing uploaded photo’. I’ll look inside, and try that test. I know what your referring. I think I saw Joe Walsh(?) explain his using the same test when choosing guitars. Don’t want a wet noodle for a neck.
  12. Yeah Jeff, I know that’s a heck of a lot. Listing mentions no refunds, and I’d actually like to keep it. Not a lot of these. Get the upper frets leveled, and accept it as it is. However, I understand the value is diminished. So, what amount of reduced value is there?
  13. Photo of heel can’t be posted, but believe me there’s a definite break repair. Trying to post photo of heel
  14. Hey guys!! Got this early Sunburst. Seller disclosed body was busted/repaired, due to jealous girlfriend but NO break to the neck. I got it and can see the heel was also repaired, thus broken along with body. Section of binding in the area replaced (incorrect material), one non-original tuner, and though repair respray finish was pretty good, they used BROWN, instead of the proper red in the burst. Why?!!!! None of these were disclosed. I should also mention the neck angle now, isn’t what it should be, which I believe is due to the repair taking a way a bit of original back angle. Upper frets will also need leveling. Saddles can’t go any lower and action is just ok. Ideally, I’d like it a bit lower. He admits he doesn’t know much and wants to make good. I’d like to keep the guitar, but feel it should be valued less due to the mentioned items. He asked what I think is fair. Cost was close to $1500. What do you all think would be a fair partial refund amount? I’ve an amount in my head, but wonder if too low? Let me know what you’d ask. Thanks! p.s. will try to include photos