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  1. I'm always surprised to find a album or track with a talkbox I didn't know. Like Jeff Beck on Wired.
  2. Alice Cooper 1973 Joe Bonamassa 2017 ELO 2018
  3. Pedal board suggestions ...

    I was using George L's (I know, some guys hate GLs. I had good luck with them if you take time to cut them cleanly and tighten them correct.) These new ones work great and save a lot of space. They come in different lengths for any install.
  4. Pedal board suggestions ...

    I use these cables, they are much smaller, so you can put more pedals tighter together. Sound good too. I also agree, put the Fuzz first. (Try it and see) https://reverb.com/item/2387372-ebs-flat-patch-cable-28cm
  5. Shure Mic is sold. Just have the Boost and the Flanger left. Both are really nice pieces!!
  6. Big Price Drop.
  7. I can totally see Courtney Love playing that.
  8. Big bands - small shows.

    Craziest show I went to was back in the late 80's. ELP in a bar in Boulder CO. The last time I saw them was in Madison Sq Garden in Quad sound playing Brain Salad Surgery. Seeing them in a local bar was mind-blowing. Also, seeing U2 in a small club in Denver was amazing.
  9. I just checked the nut size again and it's in the middle between 9/16" and 5/8". The neck shape widens out as it goes up. 1-11/16 at the 3rd Fret, 2-1/16" at the 7th fret and 2-1/2" at the 12th. So, its only a bit thin at the nut.
  10. Bruno Mars covering Jimi

    I totally agree, the Bass player just owned that song!
  11. I'm in no rush, I'll just hang or keep her. She just doesn't get enough playtime and I'm getting close to retiring.