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  1. Jake, Did you know you can just drag your pics to the bottom of the page when you start your post? Then just click on them. Easy-Peazy! See below.
  2. santellavision

    Pedalboard Pron

    My latest board. 4-cable method with guitar inputs on the right side and Send/Receive, Output and A/C Power jacks on left side.
  3. santellavision

    Cool Pedalboard MOD.

    Saw this on a Premier Guitar 'Rig Rundown' for Paul Gilbert.A really easy and reversible mod for your pedals (And amps). If you're like me, my pedals sometimes get messed up when I pack them in my case. The knobs move around etc.I was using the Setting Saver marker for putting little dots where I want the settings. But, it makes a little mess and smears, plus, it's hard to get in tight spaces between knobs. So, this is it!!!!! All you do is put a little rubber O-Ring under the knob. Just unscrew the knob, put one or two little O-Rings, push down and screw the knob back on. It puts pressure on the knob and keeps it tight. You can still turn it, but it will stay tight. I went to Lowes and bought a box of all different sizes O-Rings, I wasn't sure which would fit ($9.) Now, all my pedals won't change. Brilliant!
  4. Those were great guitars. And with a Brazilian board, oh my.
  5. santellavision

    Looking for a Versatile 50-60 Watt EL34 Powered Amp

    Check out the PRS Custom 50 amp. Truly a sleeper amp. Huge cleans and great Marshall crunch, very versatile. And they're priced pretty fair too.
  6. santellavision


    VISA gave me a refund and they are going after Prymaxe. Like I mentioned, I would be wary of buying anything without protection by PayPal or VISA. Saying that... They are offering 25% off new products like a PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Strat. Hmmmm.
  7. For you KISS fans. Sweetwater is having a 2-day studio event with Gene Simmons. Looks like fun. I did a 3-day recording session with Robben Ford last year that was an awesome time. https://bit.ly/2zr4Fpw
  8. santellavision

    The Shark guitar PSA

    I could see Jimmy Buffett playing that.
  9. That is a beauty! GLWTS!
  10. santellavision

    Experience with Wedge Cabs

    I just got the speaker stand Veatch suggested. (Just came today) It should work perfect, it's really solid.
  11. santellavision

    Pedal-Palooza 3

    Price Drops on the last couple.
  12. santellavision

    Experience with Wedge Cabs

    The Bogner Goldfinger 2x12 is really a great cab. It's oversized which gives it huge punch like a 4x12, but much lighter. The combo of G12H30 and Green back are a nice combo of complimentary speakers. The speakers are also off-set which might add to the tone.
  13. santellavision

    Experience with Wedge Cabs

    Hahaha! This ones staying!
  14. santellavision

    major reconstructive surgery on a Les Paul

    Spectacular! Nice work!
  15. santellavision

    Experience with Wedge Cabs

    Me likey!!! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/RS7500--on-stage-stands-rs7500-tilt-back-tripod-amp-stand