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  1. Silent Velcro - Totally stealing that for my next band name!!! hahahahahaha.
  2. Thanks Paul for the nice words! The Jr is still available.
  3. Well... Monaco III SOLD to Paul. Hamer Jr is still available.
  4. Thanks Dave, We just re-did our floors with re-claimed Barn wood.
  5. FOR SALE: 1999 Hamer Korina Junior - Limited Edition #003 I just picked this up a few weeks ago and need to let it go, I also have a Monaco for sale too (I have my eye on a vintage LP, that will be mine!) This is #003 in a series of Jr/Specials produced for '99 NAMM. Super nice example, near-mint with no marks, scratches, dings or dents except a small ding on tip of the headstock and a little Hameritis at the nut. Nothing too bad, she's really a beauty! Straight neck, low action. A little bit of light fretwear around the Cowboy chord frets. Factory Grovers tuners. Looks all original except the Wraptail was swapped for an intonation one. Pickup and solder joints are all original and un-touched. The original tailpiece is included the case, but the Intonatable tail is better. Nice weight at 7lbs, 8oz. Comes with a near-mint original Hardshell case too. Please message me with any questions. $1,550. Shipped/PP'd (Exactly what I paid for it) (A PPGift would be nice if you know me) Thx, Ernie
  6. Everyone needs to own a Huber at least once. They will rock your world.
  7. Bid early, bid often

    I grew up right near the LI Arena. It was a freakin' tiny Ice Rink. Saw a ton of amazing shows. 10 Years After, Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Skynrd... and was at the Frampton show where they recored part of Frampton Comes Alive! That place is rock n roll history baby!
  8. The natural finish on 335's just grabs me. Love 'em!
  9. You know me... give me a few weeks. hahaha!
  10. I just bought it. And not an April Fools joke. I really did and he took my offer. Also, funny, but I think I owned that one #003 before with it's Korina Special mate. I will check my records.
  11. Switch help

    Thanks guys! I knew I'd get help. ernie
  12. Switch help

    Peeps, I'm looking for a full-size (not a mini) DPDT on-on-on switch. Anybody know where I can find one? I checked and all I seem to find are mini size. Thanks! Ernie