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  1. I have a lot of amplifiers. My Mesa Transatlanctic has been my hands-done favorite for a long time. Good luck with the sale.
  2. So.... I love Collings guitars. I own two of them, and right now, that is cheap for that... but, I keep thinking to myself... could that guitar really be nicer than my Monaco Elites?
  3. srvwannab

    Gentlemen... This is odd...

    Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  4. I picked up a Newport... and, I'm kind of confused. It has a few things that are different from the other Newports I own and I'm trying to figure out if the guitar isn't what I think it is. I'm pretty new to Newports, so... my concerns could be a non-event... Here goes... First, it is finished in Orange Sparkle which looks exactly like another Newport I have that is the same color. The seller included the Phat Cats that were obviously removed from the guitar- (FYI-there was a PSA regarding the guitar in the sale section) . The seller had replaced the Phat Cats with a Duncan 59/JB combo. Clearly a USA Hamer case... Here's where it gets weird. There is no "USA" stamped beneath the serial number and their is no Hamer imprint visible through the F hole. I took the strings off to clean the guitar. Here are some pics...
  5. Thank you. I used the Maguires Scratch X with the polishing ball thingy and got great results. Again, I’d probably do it differently if I were going for perferct (frankly, if I were going for perfect, I’d send it to Murkat )- but, for what I was going for, this worked perfectly and relatively painlessly. Although, I don’t know how the guy avoided a spray pattern of a good twenty feet with the polish like I got...sorry, honey!) Edited to add- you can’t get around showing wear on a black guitar. You either look at them, or play them. And, if you are going to play them, it IS going to show. I prefer to play them. Again, thanks to all for the education!
  6. I realize this ought to be a “cut and paste” comment for this because it is said so frequently around here, but... not only is that a TON of guitar for the money. It is a TON of a guitar! (in the very light hollowish body sense, of course ;))
  7. Which grits would you buy to go from haze to shine?
  8. I made a good buy on a black USA G&L Asat Classic at a pawn shop a while back. I really like the guitar- but, it’s got some some pretty decent scratches on the back and a place where a sticker had eaten through the guitar finish a little bit First, I realize this is amateur hour... I decided to use some rubbing compound on the back of the guitar and it really did a great job on the scratches. Unfortunately, it took the sheen off of the finish in those places where I used most of the compound. I then used some car wax- which made the finish in general shinier, but, I’m left with the haze. I’m not entering the guitar in the concours at Pebble Beach- but, I’d love to know if there is a remedy. (Obviously, other than the whole “quit while you are not ahead thing”) clay bar? An electric car buffer- (which I have, but thankfully have never been stupid enough to use on my car...) Thoughts? Thanks!!
  9. srvwannab

    Tom Petty in bad shape

    I've got a long commute and this morning I listened to "Damn the Torpedoes" from beginning to end. Not only a great- great album, but pretty much the soundtrack I hear in my head of my life in 1979/1980.
  10. I've bought it. The original Phat Cats are in the case. The seller really likes the 59/JB combo- I might leave it that way for awhile.
  11. I did. They said it would go out Monday. DaveL's comment was hilarious because Guitar Center is infamous for separating guitars and cases and getting them mixed up. These are two recent Guitar Center Hamer arrivals. I REALLY like the tone of the Duncan cool rails in the neck of the Centaur. I was going to put the correct Duncan in before I played it. Now I think it is staying.
  12. It's a very nice guitar- looking forward to setting it up tomorrow. Gorgeous rosewood board. The red sparkle finish is cool as heck.
  13. So, it arrived today. And... no case! In true Guitar Center fashion, they still have the case- they just forgot to send it!
  14. Wow! Beautiful top!! GLWTS!!