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  1. Black beauty!

    The way I see it, once you buy used ( given, you look for the best possible deal), you never gonna lose. In my few decades of following guitar market, the prices are yet to go down . One of few guitars, I regret selling, my BB7 from 03, heavily played, but sounded like no other. Once every few months I try to get her back, but ...didn't succeed so far. BTW, what bothers me the most - lots of sellers, intentionally or not ( i personally think very much intentionally) name their black customs Black Beauty, therefore misleading most buyers. It really bothers me.
  2. Black beauty!

    Welcome to the family of Black Beauty lovers
  3. Pickups repair

    I was crazy about them. Whenever I saw one, I bought it. At some point I had 9. Some crazy times. Now it's down to 3 and one goes on sale now. Next in line is Randy Scruggs.
  4. T-Top Pickups

    Wow! $500 for a pair from throback...You know, you could find 2 pairs of original t-tops for that kind of money, you'll have to wait for them to come up, but you'll find them. I'd say they come up one a month or two. But the one's you would want would be t tops from 70-74, from 75 and up they are different, although the bobbins have same T on top, so technically they are also T tops, but you'll know by markings on the back. Beginning of the 70s will have the sticker with Pat Number xxx.xxx.xx , after 75 pat number will be stamped into the backplate.
  5. Pickups repair

    You'd think...but then I found this box...
  6. Pickups repair

    Damn, I'm getting an erection from just looking at this pickup... The dead ones are piling up And another pile needs to be checked And it all started long time ago when I got my first Ibanez Agent ( right) some 30+ years ago
  7. Pickups repair

    Yup. Was checking it today actually. And suddenly threw an offer to the guy for $50... now I got one more...why the fuck did I do that?
  8. Pickups repair

    I guess Josh it is then. Thanks guys.
  9. Pickups repair

    Ok. Ok. I'll do everything. Please dont shoot me.
  10. Pickups repair

    Thanks Jim. Looks like the guy specializing in bass PUs, but I'll give it a shot. Throw more names guys.
  11. Pickups repair

    During the usual spring cleaning, the box of old pickups was found ( only God know what you can find in my mancave). My favorites always were Super Distortions from 70s and there they were, about 10 of them among others. But the bad news is - 5 of them are dead and do not show any readings with no visual damage. They look great - old, yellowed ...very sweet vintage look. Rather then throwing them on ebay $5 bucks a pop, I was thinking about fixing them. Now the question is - does anyone know anybody, who'd be up for that kind of job. Obviously I'd like to keep the SD parameters and characteristics as close to the original as possible. Any input will be appreciated
  12. for sale

    There is no battery, so its not active, I'm guessing. So there is no need for 25K small pot, if that's what you are asking.
  13. for sale

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. Still a beautiful guitar.
  14. for sale

    Nice one, but why would someone scallop the neck on Cali?