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  1. Other than baseplate being swapped for from some $20 chinese knock off floyd, i do not see anything wrong with it.
  2. May be it’s not “inbox me” but “unbox me”??? Even then....doesn’t make much sense
  3. Shouldn't be too much problem to add one right triangle with two more frets, right? Just have to have the right tools 🔨 🔧
  4. The shape of the top and the top itself looks like Jackson's SLATQH, which I absolutely love.
  5. You can tell by looking at the serial font/size - it is USA
  6. When you see something like this, you hit Buy button instantly and think how you gonna pay for it later.
  7. I think it sold before this message got posted 😁
  8. After you've seen all the possible Cali's, the excitement is kinda gone, but then there is this one, like a splash of an ice cold water in your face. Nice entrance foggy, with the "bang" I'd say. She is beautiful.
  9. That was a very strange dude. To my one simple question, sent me 3 messages via ebay telling me things i am not really interested in, like the story of his life and current events, and was pushing for off-ebay deal so hard that i just decided to split. Sounded like a grandpop who thinks he just came across some holy grail ans was doing a big favor offering it for sale. Nice guitar thou...
  10. JustKid

    Black beauty!

    you mean where red body tint goes into the binding? They do not clean it on purpose. It's pretty much on every reissue I've seen.
  11. As always, there are two sides. I shipped LP ( copy ) with the case to LA and paid $75 with UPS . And just bought 92LP Classic from LA and paid the guy $150 and he complained that it was not enough and sent me a copy of his receipt, where it said $160.xx ( expecting it today, kinda wondering what did he pay $160 for). If one uses the box of an enormous size, of course he ( or in this case me) ends up paying double. But if you shape the box a bit without jeopardizing it's structure, you'll pay much less and literally every inch counts. But all those V's, Explorers and such, were always on a more expensive side. And yes, it did get more expensive to ship. What I do not understand though is how those chinese sellers can sell you 3 sets of pickguards and control cavities covers, give you free shipping, charge you $4 and ship all three sets in three separate fat padded envelopes, which you get in a week after the purchase, and still make some money on it? F...cking Houdinis...
  12. JustKid

    Black beauty!

    I call it R zero. Had few 0's and G0's ...same guitar, no difference whatsoever , except that on first G0 the put regular flat caps, after a year or so switched to bumblebee.
  13. JustKid

    Black beauty!

    R0 you mean. Very nice guitar. Congratulations.
  14. JustKid

    Black beauty!

    Didn't you say Black Beauty or did I miss something? This one looks like G0