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  1. Didn't see that happening for a very long time. More in the range of $3000-3500 . But...there always might be the one just around the corner. Good luck.
  2. Screw those kind of "manuals" that tell you that in order to get girls you have to pay for shit. In my time the instruction consisted of only 5 words - Wanna go to my place?
  3. Looks like a good score, although I'd get clorox wipes ready. with this amount of specific instructional CDs you do not know what those hands were touching before playing guitar
  4. Second time around. First put it up for sale a week ago with one pic for 800. I contacted him and was gonna put PSA here, but he pulled the auction and now put it up again with moref pics. In the message he sounded legit. In today's world it's pretty hard to scam someone this way. What scares me is the amount of "materials" on how to pick up women...I dont' think it's a girlfriend selling boyfriend's things
  5. Not much changed in the past 10 years. Last time I looked, about a week ago, they are still at 700-900 ( if you are reeeeally lucky) range ( for 3x3). Cool graphics tho, and I still do have a "corresponding haircut"
  6. It's not that the prices are going up. It's sellers, who want more for their guitars. But in most cases those high priced guitars just collect dust. They sell Gibby 25/50 for $4K+ but you can get one on the same ebay for 2-2.2, 4 digit Sunburst ( as we saw) was hanging for almost a week for 1690 with no real bites, Standard 4 digit went for under $2K ( kahlerized, but still..), Cali elites 1.1-1.4 in custom paints, Standard with crazy maple top crowned, bound w/bound HS for 2.3 or so. And all of those are visible to thousands of people. So that Standard bass for 900+ shipped, I wouldn't call it extraordinary cheap. If I didn't buy Gibson Explorer Bass from 85 a week ago, I'd probably take it. About couple months ago the guy puts up Vintage S for sale ( may be it was someone from the board, do not know), nice top and all - $1500 if I'm not mistaken. You can call me cheap, but I throw in an offer of 850. I get called lowballer along with something else, but nicely enough he thanks me for the offer. Two weeks later it's 1350, then 1200, last I saw it $1050 and it sold for $950. Hell, if seller countered me for a grand I'd probably take it. And no one wants to look realistically at what they sell. The guy will offer you a beat to shit cali std for the price of O'Connor painted Elite and will try to convince you. It's a strange world sometimes...most of times
  7. ^^^ That, and ebony fb if it's anything other than Standard.
  8. Was always wondering which guitar would be the longest hanging guitar on ebay. There is this music outlet from Germany ( if i am not mistaken), he had white blitz for over 1.2K hangin for as long as i could remember, and i am talking more than 5 years easy. At $6K this looks like another contestant.
  9. If anyone is interested. Too bad it's got no case, but still... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-Blitz-Electric-Guitar-1984-Red-USA/322865123102?hash=item4b2c42cf1e:g:XAcAAOSw0ehZ~u8a Oh, almost forgot...not mine.
  10. BTW, anyone knows what Jeff Beck model is? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-Jeff-Beck-model-guitar/322865561106?hash=item4b2c497e12:g:avoAAOSwUM5Z~yCs
  11. I know. 5 days at least. I think I made a mistake, but I've never been a big fan of the double cuts, and it's been a hard month for me. I brought home 3 top class guitars in a last couple of weeks ( and couple more before that). And was literally a hair away from hitting this one. And to get it just for a quick flip didn't feel right. I know I'd keep it forever. Somehow I thought someone from the board will get it. You know, sometimes you put a PSA and it's screws someone's hopes to get an axe without a fight (someone messaged me once, saying not to do that, guess he was pretty disappointed that he didn't get it). I was in Canada over the weekend and decided not to check ebay, hoping that by my return someone will snatch it, but it was still there on Monday and it was killing me.
  12. I'd be upset too, I guess. But - Did you sent him the money after you struck the deal? Because the way I see it, money is the only engine, that motivates people to do things. So you agreed, but if there was no payment, he didn't rush to take it off ebay. And someone hit BIN ( I am surprised it wasnt' me, because I was watching that guitar from the day one). Now if you sent him the money and he'd still screw you...that's kinda really bad. When I agree with the seller on some side deal, I usually pay right away and minute later ask him to take it off the market. Actually I was surprised this guitar stayed on ebay for as long as it did, almost a week, if I'm not mistaken.