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  1. New Album Is Out...

    Thanks guys. It's sold a whopping 7 copies in the first month (6 of which were to friends), so I'm not anticipating corporate sponsorship of a world tour or a feature article in Billboard magazine any time soon. What is interesting is the impact of internet radio as a distribution source. I signed up with Jango Radio (www.jango.com) through CDBaby as a promotion tool, uploading 5 tracks and then targeting each song to genres and popular artists the songs match closest. In the first month, the songs have gotten ~1,000 plays in over 45 countries around the globe. This week alone, my music has been heard anywhere from the good ol' USA & Canada to Thailand, Israel, Serbia, Argentina, India, Australia, etc. -- Even Kathmandu, Nepal! Sure - I'm not making a dime on the "airplay", but knowing that at any given moment, someone somewhere in the world is listening to (and, hopefully, enjoying) a track I wrote & recorded is both incredible and humbling at the same time.
  2. Well, it finally happened -- My first album, "Long Time Coming", went public (Dropped, released, whatever) on October 14th. Recorded, mixed and mastered in the basement studio, I played all instruments with the exception of using "Drums On Demand" drum loops on all but one track (I was happy enough with my playing on one demo to keep them). Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results. Ten tracks, covering a variety of styles, it leans toward a more mellow with the exception of the opening instrumental that is more of a Keith Urban-esque country rock feel. It's available for purchase/download from the normal places -- iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby. As for streaming, it's on all the sites -- Spotify, Pandora, Iheartradio, Rhapsody, Slacker, etc. Just search "Dave Gutshall" and it should show up. If you use Spotify, can you do me a favor and follow me there? The more followers I get, Spotify will start working my music into their other playlists and promo activities. Thanks! Here's a sample track for you...
  3. Just my $0.02... I've found that shortly after buying back stuff I've sold off in the past, I remember why I sold it in the first place. Before too long, it's gone again. I don't do that anymore.
  4. I love most jazz styles as long as they are melodic. The eclectic and "Free" jazz stuff is a bit over the top for me -- Too much dissonance. I'm looking for a melody to get into. Definitely into Swing/Big Band, BeBop, Dixieland, some fusion and, yes, even a lot of the over-produced "Smooth" stuff. At the root of it all are interesting progressions and crazy talented players. On the guitar side, it seems the 50s/60s produced a lot of the heroes -- Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, Pat Martino, Johnny Smith, Jim Hall, etc.. As for modern players, Larry Carlton and John Scofield are definitely up there. I love Pat Metheny's sense of melody and willingness to experiment with virtually all sub-genres. I put him right up there with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane as true masters of their craft. Then again, a favorite thing to do is to pour an adult beverage, turn the lights down and relax with a torch singer crooning the standards -- Diana Krall (aka Mrs. Elvis Costello) is my current favorite these days. Yeah, I like me some jazz...
  5. Thanks Tommy! My computer is a 7+ year old Mac with an i3 processor and 16GB of RAM, and it handled everything fine running Studio One. Unless you go absolutely crazy with processor hungry plug ins on all your tracks, an average computer will do the job just fine. It took me a long to realize the only thing stopping me from doing this project -- was me. Ya just gotta throw the pride out the window and give it a go. If your music sounds good to you, chances are there good there are several others in the world who will feel the same. And if there isn't, well, at least you gave it a shot. There's nothing to lose - Go for it!!!
  6. Thanks guys! Will definitely keep you in the loop as we get closer.
  7. After too many years of screwing around in the home studio, I decided to try a release. I mean, what could it hurt. CD Baby makes it waaaay too easy to distribute to all the popular outlets, and the cost is minimal compared to the old days when you had to produce 1,000 CDs just to start off. Album drops on October 14th on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc... Here's a teaser I put together to promote the release a bit...
  8. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/walter-becker-steely-dan-co-founder-dead-at-67-w500956
  9. Larry Graham Tells His Story

    Larry's on tour right now with Dave Koz.
  10. R.I.P. Glen Campbell

    This one hit hard. Like many others, he was a true musical inspiration and my first guitar hero. I remember feverishly strumming a badminton racquet to his records as a 6 year old and watching him and John Hartford jam on his TV show. It was Glen Campbell (and Jim Croce) who made me push my dad for a Silvertone acoustic for Christmas in 5th grade. He was, is, and forever will be a guitarist's guitarist. Rest in peace, Glen. You will be sorely missed.
  11. best strings for a small acoustic?

    In 1995, Taylor was using D'addario PBs on their guitars, so using them now would set it up as when it left the shop. If I remember correctly, the '95 512 has an Engelmann top over Mahogany, so you're getting a bit softer top end with a nice midrange push. I have an '03 912 custom shop that's Engelmann over Cocobolo (same body dimensions and bracing specs - They added 1/4" to the body depth in '04). While EJ16s work fine, I've found that I get a bit more oomph by going with a hybrid/bluegrass set. The ones I use are the GHS Juber Signature Bronze in "True Medium" gauge (13-17-24-32-42-56) -- A bit heavier on the top E, B and low E strings than regular lights. ETA - The Elixir HD Lights are essentially the same as the True Medium gauge, but I hate the way they sound and feel...
  12. Board Software Update

    I'm having the same problem. Can't see anything unless I highlight it. Invisible ink!!! ETA: Changed theme -- Can see it now!
  13. Recommendation needed: Acoustic Amp?

    I totally understand on the AER being pricey. As for the Loudbox Mini, I have one on the shelf in my office. It works fine for checking pickups out and at home playing around (Would be perfect for Jeff's shop) but, IMO, is way underpowered for any real gigs and isn't the best sounding. The larger versions would be better suited. I've heard some good things about the new Fender Acoustic 100, but haven't played one myself.
  14. Recommendation needed: Acoustic Amp?

    The AER company gets lots of high marks from acoustic players, with their Compact 60 being one of the best known here in the states. I believe they are based in Germany, so the price for you may be more reasonable than on this side of the pond. http://www.aer-amps.com/en/products/acoustc-line-e/standard-line/compcat-60-e