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  1. I always liked the E'lites with shrimp fork headstock.. Obviously many want the series 2 headstock, but this one works well on this body style. Still waiting for the right E'lite or caddi like Ocaseks... This body style has always been one of my favorites, and it's odd that Ive only owned one over the years.
  2. I love that guitar, always will... Just really cool !
  3. My beater ... J068X '85 Soloist Custom. This guitar was one of only 2 Soloists that ever came into the famous Ralph Hanzel Music in West Allis WI, this one with a kahler and J070X Factory Floyd . Loved the pink , loved the shred neck, but simply couldn't do the Kahler. History goes, I had both hanging in my repair area for about a month when my boss came in and said it was time to make a decision as Princes band was in the store , and were wanting to see the Jacksons. I decided on the Floyd, and the pink one was purchased on a bad check. The guitar made its way to San Francisco and was pawned, where Nicholas Del Drago of the Alameda All Stars picked it up and had the Floyd installed, [ no nut mod thankfully] . I searched high and low for this guitar starting about 1995 on and finally found it a few years back. The guitar had PJ Marx Brad Gillis Pickups in it, [ a gift as the 2 are good friends] which I did not care for , so I shuffled them off to Brad. Today she is as close to original as I am going to go with her.. Date correct Jackson pickups installed and the Floyd work is what it is, She's blocked and I use it as a hard-tail today. She's seen better days> I thought about blocking / topping and refin, then thought why ruin a guitar that's been fixed It's funny the things you remember about a guitar , Nicki freaked when I asked if the 4th fret was cracked on the high side and if the neck single coil mounting screw was dimpling the finish through the back of the guitar on the high side... We had a good laugh and conversation and we both knew it was the guitar I was searching for. Paid too much , but it left a mark on me as a kid. A couple pics , including Brad playing it at some point.
  4. '81 Namm show Vector ! Miss that one ! Is the red striping gone ?
  5. Re-uniting with old flames can be magical. Congrats !
  6. peedenmark7

    Pedal board re-vamp

    That's the route I 'm going to go. I'm looking at.... Walrus Audio Phoenix Clean Power True Tone CS12 Any recommendations on a good by pass ?
  7. peedenmark7

    Pedal board re-vamp

    I've done an awful lot of playing/recording during the past 45 years.... In one band I used nothing but a boost to kick my Marshall in the rear, I like playing for lack of a better term , naked. In another band, I am highly processed, depends on the work I am doing and with whom.. There is a place for everything..
  8. peedenmark7

    Pedal board re-vamp

    Sorry guys, I've been out of town.. For power supply, I'm running an original Boss PSA120 not the new one, the old Japan made one with genuine BOSS daisy chain cables. The cable between is Belden 8218, it's actually Bill Lawrence branded from the mid 80s, with Switchcraft 228 plugs The new board will have Lava Mini Ultramaffic with Lava 229 plugs.
  9. peedenmark7

    Pedal board re-vamp

    Well they are all noisy to some degree, but the reverb is especially. By eliminating the PSM5's or by not using a pedal looper, am I really resolving anything ? It's not that I cant live with it, it's been this way 30 years, just would like to tame it a bit.
  10. peedenmark7

    Pedal board re-vamp

    Okay .... I'm redoing my pedal board after 32 years... She's served me well, but it's always been noisy. Especially whe I put a boss FA1 in front of that signal chain into a 2104 Marshall. My board was always pretty simple, Boss PSM5, DD2 Delay , DC3 Digital Dimension , RV2 Reverb [noisy] , BF2 Flanger. I'm mainly using a GR55 with a VG99 now as I go through the modern era learning curve, but have decided I'd like to build a new board for sh!tz and grins. My first thought was a new board, with double rows of pedals powered by [2] PSM5's... DD2 , Dc3, Rv2, NS1 Dm2, Ce2, Ph1r, Bf2 I had considered leaving a spot for the gr55 on this board as well, In the hopes I could pass through it ? So analog pedals on the top shelf, digital on the bottom, Y them both to 2 jacks on the side of the box, but I have to believe if this was a noisy rig during the 80s, doubling it has to be even worse now. The first thing I'd like to eliminate is potentially the PSM5's , where as I love being able to pre select pedals before a song, or bypass during one, the PSM5 's always had a bit of drop out when activated or kicked off. I'm considering the following isolated power supplies.. *Walrus Audio> Phoenix Power Supply *True Tone Pro CS12 *Accel Power Source 8 I want to keep this somewhat simple as the VG99 is already somewhat complicated for this caveman, and I really don't' want to get into a dedicated pedal looper selector jobby. I just want to quiet down what I have, or may be adding, and keep tap dancing, as eventually the VG99 or something else will take their place. Your thoughts guys ? thanks P
  11. Ooofda ! Rev Booms and a Floyd ! If only Jol had been more open minded to revisting past glories
  12. Yep, that's a seldom seen color... Love it !
  13. Nothing like single hum goodness !!!
  14. I never should have sold my last.. It was black, with maple board, 21 fret skunked, but had chrome hardware, mint with warranty card, I think it went to a guy in Minnesota. Another one that I'm still trying to pull my foot outta my 4 point contact over.