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  1. Ooofda ! Rev Booms and a Floyd ! If only Jol had been more open minded to revisting past glories
  2. Yep, that's a seldom seen color... Love it !
  3. Nothing like single hum goodness !!!
  4. I never should have sold my last.. It was black, with maple board, 21 fret skunked, but had chrome hardware, mint with warranty card, I think it went to a guy in Minnesota. Another one that I'm still trying to pull my foot outta my 4 point contact over.
  5. Recommendations for headphones to record

    I ended up getting the 50X AT's... Gonna give them a shot, they came today.
  6. Finally getting around to finishing up the pre production recording project I began last fall and am finding I absolutely need some type of quality headphones to do vocal recording. Over ear, closed back, no batteries, etc. I've done some reading and at least at this point feel I don't need anything over $200 , but that may change , for now I am looking for recommendations and keeping things simple. Using a Korg D3200 digital recording studio with an Alesis Monitor One as the reference amp/speakers. The phones I've seen the most feedback on in order are: Audio Technica ATHM50X Sony MDR7506 Beyer Dynamic DT770 Sennheiser HD280 Shure SRH8407 V Moda MD1200 Thoughts on the above ? thanks, for looking !
  7. Facebook is the new CL... At times I wonder what I am missing out on, but then think to all the countless hours I spent on forums 15 years ago waiting for the next fix. I should just be happy I made it out alive and without a permanent mark in my forehead from a cast iron pan or other hard blunt object wielded by my wife.
  8. I'd call it someone was too lazy to measure and cut out some 1/2" checks !!
  9. I love the Stadium logo..... Couldn't get Jol to put that on the Spalted standard though.
  10. Would anyone agree to these terms of sale?

    " once sent that's it.," pretty much covered what you said.. As much as I don't care for paypal, it is easy and for the most part safe.. I'd say most guys negotiate the fees prior to absorbing them especially with the exchange rates. With the new C.I.T.E.S. laws, I wont be buying or selling much abroad anymore, to many hassles for buyer and seller.
  11. Would anyone agree to these terms of sale?

    Getting a bank transfer is simply a way of avoiding crazy paypal fees, it can cost you to send , and him to receive depending on the bank, and once sent that's it. I did my share of bank transfers in the late 90's , but even with collectors with whom I've dealt with countless times , no longer do so. My banking info floating around the net, these days especially, is not something I want to come back and bite me
  12. I just sold 2 black ones.. my last , other than with a p'up.
  13. Nice one ! I've always had a soft spot for black and white graphic Hamers, especially the Graphic Series Special .. Every guitar as individual as the folks that built them.
  14. That's an original Hamer Lubritrak nut.. Boy , the TLE's sure have dried up.. Ive seen only a handful of boomed ones for sale the past few years.. Most have issues with the ebony board being cracked or are beat to death. Dot, Boomed, they are all great guitars ! I had always hoped that Hamer would have done a TLE with a beveled edge like the Proto/Phantoms, That would have been a nice take on a classic body style.