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  1. How did you get to the HFC?

    A buddy at work, when I said I was looking for a non-vibrato, good-quality, humbucking guitars suggested Hamers. A couple weeks later I put an offer on the Redwood in my avatar, and while searching the internet to see if I'd gotten a good deal, found this place, with some of you wondering who scored the awesome Redwood at a great price. Some 17 or more Hamers later, I've been here ever since, and offer my thanks to the mods who keep this a great place.
  2. It is nothing that I'll ever consider buying, but others might. Good for them, if they do. Different strokes for different folks. Your mileage may vary. There is no accounting for taste, etc. Gibsons (that I can afford) have diminishing appeal for me (other than 335/345/355s. I'd like to have a nice one of any of those, (or more than one,) if I were to be fully honest. ) Regardless, my newest Gibson is a beaten up LP Firebrand from the late 70s that was given to me several years ago. I'm storing it for the giver's kid, who might want it some day. I'll send it, when he does. My other, an old wreck of an archtop acoustic that I got decades ago for very little money, and which is about 70 years old, is cool, but has very limited utility. (In other words, the bridge is broken and the guitar can't be played, and STEWMAC's replacement bridge won't quite fit) even if it has a great sunburst. I very much doubt that I'd ever spend ~$4K or more on anything else that Gibson makes or made. I do have a couple, OK, maybe a few more Hamers on my I'd-llike-to-have-list, however. Again, as Sly Stone said, Different Strokes for Different Folks. I wouldn't have it any other way. A.bandini
  3. I hope you can get it back quickly!
  4. Is this Sunburst legit?

    Looks great, Congratulations. So does your workbench!
  5. Well, that white single-EMG pickup Tally from a couple weeks ago also came from Westerly, as have other really nice Hamers I can recall, but couldn't afford. We've been told authoritatively the the seller of that Tally was a Hamer employee, and Westerly isn't that big of a town. Must be the same guy. I don't have much trouble believing the story, and think the current price is a great deal.
  6. Diary from a Time Machine

    Double Dog Dare you.
  7. Stike strikes again (NHC)

    Nothing looks quite as good as a nice sunburst, which that assuredly is. Well done!
  8. Artist korina

    It's twin is one of my favorites, so much so that I recently took delivery of a humbucker version. I doubt either will ever leave. I'd recommend grabbing one of these, if you've got the cash. They are undervalued.
  9. Wow, Polara. That looks spectacular.
  10. Update: I'm beginning to really dislike those Wilkinson bridges. There's a lot that can go wrong while adjusting them. Ended up scavenging some parts from the HT100 (normal T51) to replace the broken/worn parts on the HT 50 (Gold top T51 w/ P-100s). I'm not so sure I want to replace that one (the HT100 on the "normal T51) with another Wilkie. Kanegon recommends the Gotoh (available at Stewmac at ~$57). After looking at related, previous HFC threads, I just pulled the trigger on a Babicz Tele-style bridge. Johnny B steered me well on a stereo amp and some speakers, so I figure I'll be OK with a bridge that he, Bloozguy, and JWhitcomb all like. I even got a new T-shirt out of the deal. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know if the bridge answers the mail. Bill M
  11. Thanks Kanegon! I appreciate the advice and pictures - very helpful!
  12. Yes. If I believe what I was told when I bought it, it actually has P100s, not p90s. Whatever the reality, it has a very pronounced "V" neck, and is a super-cool guitar. If a replacement bridge doesn't show up at a reasonable price, I'm considering either putting a Hipshot bridge on it (kind of scary), or scavenging parts from my other T-51, and putting a Callahan or other replacement bridge on that one. I'd welcome other ideas from anyone who has been down this road before me. Thanks in advance!
  13. R.I.P. Jim Rodford

    Me too, Benjamin. I'm the biggest Kinks fan in the smallest state.
  14. HFC, I've got a T51 with P90s which has a Wilkinson HT50 bridge. The saddles lock down on those, (and on similar HT100 Wilkinson bridges that normal T51s have) and I broke one of the T-shaped brass female nuts that the locking "bolt" screws into, as you can see in the attached image. One of the locking screws' hex hole is stripped too, so I'd like to buy one or more replacement locking assemblies (T-shaped nut and the locking screw) from anyone who might have them lying around in their parts drawer. I'd also be happy to buy an entire HT50 or HT100 bridge, if you have one that is only missing one or two parts (which I have) and are trying to de-clutter. Many thanks for your consideration. Best, Bill M