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  1. I guess that is a Gibson 167.5? It looks kind of half axed, to me.
  2. a.bandini

    Bireli Lagrene

    The bass player in the first video wasn't too shabby, either.
  3. Seems appropriate to me, though I'd love to have had it here. What a beauty.
  4. Well done, Polara. That's a happy kid. Get home safely.
  5. Good golly, William Topley is fantastic! His album Sea Fever is very, very, good. Way to go, Disturber! Here's my favorite:
  6. Hey Curt, I've been through something like that myself, (it isn't the least bit easy, is it?) and am glad to see you doing well. Good luck, and best wishes!
  7. Seems like a pretty lengthy description of guitars that actually aren't offered for sale, and a very short description of those that are.
  8. a.bandini

    You mad, bro?

    Thank the moderators, in both cases.
  9. a.bandini

    Which USA Hamer should I get?

    Excellent choice! Congratulations.
  10. a.bandini

    #73 is starting to come together...

    I'm sure your guitar will be great. But back to 1973: #48 and 68 are pretty wretched songs. I'm pretty sure other horrible songs are in that list, too.
  11. a.bandini

    Forum question

    Small, but friendly.
  12. Very cool. That makes two Hamers here that have passed through your hands. I'm taking good care of them!
  13. I've got the orange version of Django's 12 string. I don't play it all that much, but have no plans to sell, sorry. Edited to add photo.
  14. Price might be 10% high - don't know if they will budge, but if it is like mine, it is a wonderful guitar.