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  1. Yowza. Which is another way of saying what Kiz already said. Cool axe though.
  2. It arrived safely, and in great shape. It sounds great, even when I'm banging on it. Many thanks to our brother in Birmingham!
  3. a.bandini

    Do these 2 things look the same to you?

    He wouldn't offer a refund if he didn't know it had that issue before sending it to you. There really isn't a cost to being honest, but some just can't be. Good luck.
  4. Clearly he has a dazzling intellect.
  5. a.bandini

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Looks awfully good, Don, Congratulations!
  6. a.bandini

    The Beasts

    It's hard to say "no"! Love it.
  7. If I get too many more Rhode Island might tip over and sink.
  8. a.bandini

    Guitar Center's Pro Warranty

    A decade or two back I took a few MBA classes. I remember one case study: Best Buy's annual profit was equal to what they charged for their extended warranty plans. I doubt much has changed. If you buy an extended warranty, you are betting against all the information the company offering the plan has. It is like betting against the house.
  9. a.bandini

    #87 Super-C

    Yeah. That's what I want.
  10. a.bandini

    It's kinda like "Where's Waldo?"

    You'd think he would have at least countersunk it.
  11. a.bandini

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    Try a military aviator's helmet bag.* Here's an example: https://www.armynavyoutdoors.com/pilots-helmet-bag/?sku=56-15. They wear like iron. *If you don't replace the zipper on that cooler bag you already have.