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  1. I've got it bad. :(

    What ever that thing is that causes you to want more Shishkovs. I don't think its GAS, its worse than GAS. Heck I have another one coming, but that doesn't seem to be helping, its seems to be fanning the flames.
  2. Show us your Shishkov in action.

    Loving it a little more every day. Plays well with Monkeys
  3. I have a black tele that i'm going to post for sale soon and I would like to keep my Gravelins that I have in it. Looking for a quality set of Duncans or Dimarzios. I would prefer Dimarzio like a Hot Area T Bridge and Area Neck. Chopper T or Fast Track 1 T.
  4. Why not? It's only......

    Someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Its a water mark moment, getting your own signature guitar. Good for Viv, he is a hell of a guitarist.
  5. NGD 86 Hamer TLE

    Yes and Yes, LOL If you take them off just put them somewhere. Next to impossible to find and everyone ones a mint for them.
  6. I've got it bad. :(

    Power in #'s! That being said, i've escalated to Defcon 2 on Shishkov #3.
  7. NGD: Hamer Special LE

    Perfection! Seriously, love everything about this one. Great Snag!
  8. NGD 86 Hamer TLE

    Dude, I only have one eye. What a dick!
  9. NGD 86 Hamer TLE

    Nice score, I was eye that one.
  10. NGD: Hamer Special LE

    Yes, I don't think I could have talked myself down off that ledge either. Congratulations!
  11. @Jeff R Look to PRS, Paul mentions in interviews that the early colors that they rolled out with were to blend in the coloring that existed in the woods. Green Tint, Green Guitar, Yellow Tent, Yellow Guitar. Then theirs the guys that use Smoke and Mirrors to keep you coming back for more.
  12. I've got it bad. :(

    Too Long, yet not long enough. @Thundersteel
  13. I've got it bad. :(

    I only ask my self one question before I send Mike a request. Am I asking Mike for a version of an existing guitar or am I asking for a Shishkov? If its not the latter I don't hit send. I enjoy just kind of giving these loose parameters and letting him take it where it needs to go.
  14. I've got it bad. :(

    @The Shark well you know what to do then. Those who never ask, never receive. Those who never get rejected, will never truly appreciate the times they are excepted. For me, #70 Semi Hollow and #90 are tools, never about flash, but serve a purpose. I'm not a fan of Maple give me a stick with a wood with strings on it.
  15. I've got it bad. :(

    Your a sick, sick man.
  16. I've got it bad. :(

    Which just happens to be my initials.
  17. I've got it bad. :(

    Thats its right there, he just made a guitar that fits me. I don't look at #70 and go "I wish it had this", or " I should have don't that".
  18. I really think this Import Version of the Standard is really good. I used to go into Mars Music and play one just like this every week back in the late 90's. I miss that Mahogany Standard, great guitars.
  19. Something about Spruce man, that is just incredible. This guitar has a bit more snap to it than a Newport, yet warmer than a Studio Custom. Oh and it doesn't feel like either of them, definitely its own beast. The neck carve is to die for.