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  1. In a small room, I was lucky enough to see the Blackcrowes in a small venue back in the 90's, Frampton in 2012. I think that would be a killer show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqxyCFdpufY
  2. Board loading slow?

    LOL, OML we may have to find other things to do and hurry Hamerheads wife wants to talk to him!
  3. You were just a tad bit slow.
  4. Ok, i'm willing to separate them and I can wire the cab either 16 or 4 Ohms OR I will consider selling it empty. Fuchs 2x12 Front Ported, one piece sealed back. Loaded with 2 WGS Green Berets for that classic rock tone. Great Cab, full 3d Sound, that rocks! Cab does have some light marks on both sides. $400 Shipped and Paypal Fuchs Black Jack 21 MK1, this sounds very close to the clean channel of the MK2 Black Jack but a little edgier. Perfect match for the greenback and a 2x12. Loaded with JJ's and comes with an extra set of matched 6v6's. Head shell and amp are nice and clean. $700 Shipped and Paypall'ed.
  5. Virtually like new, comes with all the cables, power supply and universal connectors. As you can see you can move it and lay it more than just on its bottom. They designed it to a pretty damn flexible unit. I gigged with one on my board for two gigs with NO NOISE Issues at all. Just reworking my board and while laying it all out I decided I wanted to go with CAE MXR Power Supply . $110 Shipped and Paypal
  6. Have you ever put it direct into headphones? I'm tired of burning thru my tubes for practice and rehearsals. So i'm getting a Trademark 30 for Rehearsal and contemplating a Flyrig for home and travel.
  7. Master or Non-Master volume?

    Non Master for me, if I can get away with it. The issue with MV is that not everyone does it the same. Most of the amps are usually Pre Amp Gain and actual Volume. My 3 Monkeys has it right, I keep the pre around 3 and turn the volume on 10 and bring it back down until I sit with the drummer. Which is usually around 7 or 8. I have to sit it up on another amp or a cab but its perfect. I can also turn the pre amp gain up and get overdrive but then volume goes to 10. Usually set it with the Pre Low and the Volume up and just goose the amp a little with the Saucy Box or Saucy Box HC. Lesson really is to much gain is to much gain.
  8. I have the rest of the day off, so if anyone takes it today I can get it on the truck ASAP.
  9. One fine Un-Telecaster. Started live as a James Burton Tele, Lave Red Finish (kinda swirley/blotchy). The neck is pretty much the same as the BAJA Telecaster, nice full handful of maple. The guitar was really clean when I got it but had been played in the Cowboy Chord area and the frets were worn down. I need a Tele to run with my Junior for live shows so I bought this one and reworked it to suit my needs. Frets were Dressed and Leveled Cheap Tuners Replaced with Sperzels new shallow holes added for grip points and holes were reamed to fit new tuners. Bridge Replace with 3 saddle instead of 6 saddle Added String Saver Saddles Gutted and wired with CTS Pots, 5way. Pickups changed to Dimarzio Chopper T in the Bridge and a Cruiser in the Neck. Body was NOT Routed to fit strat size neck. It just fit. Ditched he White Guard and hand made the new guard. Still sounds great clean, great mids for dirty tones. Finish is in great shape, Neck is in great shape, I put a lot into and sometimes I just get a kick out of doing the projects. Specially when they come out this good. You get this guitar with a gig bag, no surprises from some strange seller off the internet. Plays like a million buck and I will add more photos tonight. $650. Shipped to your door.
  10. More like BINDING, you push the string through the shaft out the back and as the string wraps around it ramps onto itself. This is a fairly new project for Sperzel I think.
  11. Best pedal I've ever hear was a 70's Electric Mistress. I never hear another like it.
  12. Ok pictures uploaded, the string tree was added by the original owner. It actually was an improvement and the original is in the with the parts. I just didn't see a need for two trees. I"m pretty sure I bought everything new that I put on it. Needless to say it was a labor of love, not some hack job.
  13. Bigger Neck, less bright, this is a pretty beefy sounding Tele. Still clear, just less chime, but that is mostly because of the blade pup. I have it wired with 500K pots instead of 250k. Sounds more 50's and the T51 sounded more 60's. I'm trying to load pictures, but my computer is not working correctly.
  14. NO, and I don't plan on it. I'm keeping what i'm attached to. Lester, Minneapolis Tele and the Junior. That should round everything out pretty good with what I have coming in. My project guitar that I just bought had to go back because the damage wasn't worth chasing.
  15. New Tolex

    All too cool!
  16. Tempting? Sounds like I need to up the ante. I will also include all the original hardware minus the pickups.
  17. Why you ask, easy enough I've gone all in on Shishkovs.
  18. Awe Crap, were both Jake E Lee fans! Crazy LOL
  19. So I decided since I like the Plexi sound I would try to get a pedal to work with the Fuchs before I actually sold it and he is what I found. Wampler has id down with the Plexi Drve and Brian really has it down with the Deluxe. The deluxe is amazing if you are going to used it on top of a clean amp and really adds what you like and don't like about a Plexi. The Carl Martin Plexi Tone (original big pedal) for me was another that just knocked it out of the part for a pedal that was almost perfect. You get the Base Plexi Tone, Modified Plexi tone and a Volume Boost and they all sounded great. Put a TS in front of it and you have everything you need to get the job done. JHS Andy Timmons, liked it but didn't love it as much as I did when I had it the first time. If you are going to use it as your lead tone or your base dirty tone it is a fine, fine choice. Put a boost in front of it and you got a screamer. I tried 3 other "PLEXI" pedals that I felt didn't hit the mark for me and I wont' name them, because they just might work for you. Now that being said, what did I end up keeping after everything was done and the amp was sold and I have no reason to keep the pedal but I can't let myself toss it back to sea? The JHS Angry Charlie V1, no wonder this thing is as popular has it has been. Now that the prices are coming down, I snagged one for $99. and even though the AT had more choices, I didn't need more just that pedal. Now its not a Plexi and maybe that is the reason I kept it, firm bottom end, smoother top end but the Presence control really makes if flexible. It works really well with small combos to give them a thick yet articulate tone.
  20. In between songs last night I kept picking at Rock the Nation. Love that song, but I've been playing it wrong so trying to hone it in a bit. Finally our other guitar player/singer looks at me and says "Whats up with that song", "Play it again". So we pile drive into unfortunately the other two guys are not versed in Montrose like we are. That fingering in the bridge sounds easy but i'm still not up to speed. Lucky for me we didn't make it that far!
  21. #0068

    Elegant and deviant at one time. Another Smoking hot Shishkov.
  22. Happy birthday .

    Happy Birthday TRISH!
  23. Plexi Pedals: After the storm

    I didn't hate any of them, these are the ones the worked for me. Oh and I didn't get to try the KOB Pedal, I was definitely overwhelmed by how many versions were out there.