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  1. Semi-Hollows?

    I don't want to be a tease, but that's mine. ...and it will be glorious.
  2. Oh, my heart is aflutter. Reeves is good amp!
  3. Tube amp impedance mis-matches??

    It seems like we are talking about two different things and possibly speaking on different frequencies (pun intended - that's as good as I get!) If I have a tube amp that has a designed output impedance of 8 ohms (not the tube's output, but the speaker out jack on the back of the amp). The ideal speaker load is 8 ohms. Yes, there is a large transformer to couple the output of the tubes to the speaker connection. But that's beside the point. The amp's output on the back was designed to see an 8 ohm impedance speaker. The original question was whether it would be better to connect a load of less than or greater than 8 ohms. I built many amps myself (not designed) and worked for a few years as an assembler for an amp maker (who shared lots of information - I learned a lot). We would always install a shorting jack for the speaker out because it was better than providing an infinite load if a speaker wasn't connected. It was still bad not to connect a speaker, but it was better if it was shorted than open. So, for tubes, I'd rather provide a lower speaker load than stated than a higher - knowing that the load intended for the transformer (however large) would be the optimum load that would work best to couple with the tube's output impedance. I have a Boss Katana amp (fun, relatively cheap, and sounds pretty good) that is solid state. The Boss states a minimum of 8 ohms in the manual - and I'm assuming that they don't want you to go lower for a reason. So, it appears that it is the opposite for solid state. I hate to quote forums, but here is just one page where every single answer supports what I just said: https://www.quora.com/Can-you-use-8-ohm-speakers-on-a-4-ohm-stereo-system Thanks for making me think! Have a great day everyone!
  4. Tube amp impedance mis-matches??

    Tomterrific's original question not addressing the design of the amp (or the cost?), but was referring to a mismatch of impedance from the intended design. I just did a quick search to make sure I wasn't crazy, and every single valid reference said that it is better (not ideal) to go with a lower speaker impedance with a tube amp (than stated at the output), and higher speaker impedance with a solid-state amp. So, I'll stick with my original statements. Actually, I try to stick with as much of a non-mismatch as possible. YMMV. Enjoy your day everyone!
  5. Tube amp impedance mis-matches??

    David Allen's tube amps I have built have the output jack shorted to be safer if nothing is plugged into it. It would rather see a zero load than see an infinite impedance load. (Not advisable to run that way long term...) He's a retired power engineer with patents, so he should know something. I also worked for another boutique guy wiring up amps, and all of his had shorted output jacks. So, you are right. On the flip side, I have a Boss Katana amp now (solid state) that says specifically a MINIMUM 8 ohm load. So, you are right again. Yay!
  6. Board Software Update

    The "white-on-white" theme is a little hard to work with...
  7. Recommendation needed: Acoustic Amp?

    Mesa has a new one. It isn't cheap, but is cheaper than the AER (at least here in the States...) I use a Quilter Mach II with an 8" speaker that sounds just great with my acoustic pickup.
  8. Semi-Hollows?

    Spruce? Might be mine? Excited either way!
  9. fractal

  10. Any studio One Users here?

    Studio One is great - a good alternative to Logic. The remote app works for me over wifi in the house, so it should detect it no problem!
  11. Going to California

    Not TOO odd...
  12. Hamer Acoustic Guitar

    I was always under the impression that some of the Hamer folk did some Guild acoustics while Guild was there. No?
  13. Lollar Dirty Blonde set

    Nash's come pretty cheap used. You may want to consider keeping your Daytona unmolested...
  14. What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    Remember that I wanted a thick neck!!! (I can't wait, so I'm pretending he's working on mine...)