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  1. Just wanted to say "nice Power Factor Pro in the background."
  2. fractal


    I had to go out of town right after getting it, and just got back. Image how sucky that was! I have to keep this short, because I'm going to play it now. I can try to get some clips of it at some point...
  3. fractal


    Here's some shots of a guitar that just happened to show up today... I thought some people around here just may be interested...
  4. fractal

    Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    I got a tenor ukulele kit from Stew-Mac. ...kind of a mixed blessing.
  5. fractal

    Fender Mustang GT Amp

    The Boss Katana gets a lot of love. You may want to try one of those out.
  6. +1 on the Anthem. Great, non-typical-piezo acoustic sound.
  7. fractal


    I don't want to be a tease, but that's mine. ...and it will be glorious.
  8. Oh, my heart is aflutter. Reeves is good amp!
  9. fractal

    Tube amp impedance mis-matches??

    It seems like we are talking about two different things and possibly speaking on different frequencies (pun intended - that's as good as I get!) If I have a tube amp that has a designed output impedance of 8 ohms (not the tube's output, but the speaker out jack on the back of the amp). The ideal speaker load is 8 ohms. Yes, there is a large transformer to couple the output of the tubes to the speaker connection. But that's beside the point. The amp's output on the back was designed to see an 8 ohm impedance speaker. The original question was whether it would be better to connect a load of less than or greater than 8 ohms. I built many amps myself (not designed) and worked for a few years as an assembler for an amp maker (who shared lots of information - I learned a lot). We would always install a shorting jack for the speaker out because it was better than providing an infinite load if a speaker wasn't connected. It was still bad not to connect a speaker, but it was better if it was shorted than open. So, for tubes, I'd rather provide a lower speaker load than stated than a higher - knowing that the load intended for the transformer (however large) would be the optimum load that would work best to couple with the tube's output impedance. I have a Boss Katana amp (fun, relatively cheap, and sounds pretty good) that is solid state. The Boss states a minimum of 8 ohms in the manual - and I'm assuming that they don't want you to go lower for a reason. So, it appears that it is the opposite for solid state. I hate to quote forums, but here is just one page where every single answer supports what I just said: https://www.quora.com/Can-you-use-8-ohm-speakers-on-a-4-ohm-stereo-system Thanks for making me think! Have a great day everyone!
  10. fractal

    Tube amp impedance mis-matches??

    Tomterrific's original question not addressing the design of the amp (or the cost?), but was referring to a mismatch of impedance from the intended design. I just did a quick search to make sure I wasn't crazy, and every single valid reference said that it is better (not ideal) to go with a lower speaker impedance with a tube amp (than stated at the output), and higher speaker impedance with a solid-state amp. So, I'll stick with my original statements. Actually, I try to stick with as much of a non-mismatch as possible. YMMV. Enjoy your day everyone!
  11. fractal

    Tube amp impedance mis-matches??

    David Allen's tube amps I have built have the output jack shorted to be safer if nothing is plugged into it. It would rather see a zero load than see an infinite impedance load. (Not advisable to run that way long term...) He's a retired power engineer with patents, so he should know something. I also worked for another boutique guy wiring up amps, and all of his had shorted output jacks. So, you are right. On the flip side, I have a Boss Katana amp now (solid state) that says specifically a MINIMUM 8 ohm load. So, you are right again. Yay!
  12. fractal

    Board Software Update

    The "white-on-white" theme is a little hard to work with...