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  1. 2017 Shishkov/Gravelin HFC Pickup Special!

    Yep! It did the trick... with flying colors!! (Earlier longing for a LP to complete my stable. That idea is now gone completely.) The Charlotte bridge is simply fantastic in my Hamer Studio Custom. My son helped me install it today. We are both floored. Clear and distinct, both clean and with full on "metally" gain, a broad ranging perfect pup for my needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Josh!!
  2. 2017 Shishkov/Gravelin HFC Pickup Special!

    After it getting stuck in the swedish customs for 5 days (!)... yesterday I finally got the Charlotte Bridge pickup from Josh! You are a great person in all respects and again I thank you!! I will get assistance from my technically gifted son this Saturday to install it in my custom ordered Studio Custom - see my avatar! (This project is very exciting!) An audio report is forthcoming!
  3. 2017 Shishkov/Gravelin HFC Pickup Special!

    Shipment Activity Location Date & Time Processed Through Facility ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) August 13, 2017 6:43 pm ----- Hmm... it's a long way to Stockholm, Sweden... But no worries... I don't mind the wait. Honestly. You know, I'm waiting for a HANDwound Gravelin Charlotte Bridge Pup... A real sweetie, I'm sure!!
  4. 2017 Shishkov/Gravelin HFC Pickup Special!

    I got a message from Josh telling me "my" Charlotte bridge PU is ready, wound up and just about to be shipped to me (in Sweden!). I feel very happy about this!! My dear 10 year old Black transparent Studio Custom from 2007 will get the upgrade that she deserves! Thanks again, Josh!!
  5. 2017 Shishkov/Gravelin HFC Pickup Special!

    Yes!! PM sent! ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Sentinel

  7. Shishkov Problem

    Oh, I remember quite tangible, the wait for my custom Studio Custom Hamer in the spring of 2007... It was ever so stressful. Waiting from January 'til June. (Perhaps a relatively short period compared to yours.. but still.) You have my true sympathies. One has to be VERY patient and deliberately WAIT to check messages and email. Practice waiting to check...and it is SO hard to do.
  8. NGD. Bought a Les Paul

    Congrats!! Nice find! The good ones has got a really lovely tone. Too heavy for me, though...
  9. 0050 "Super C"

    It will be fantastic! :-)
  10. 2016 challenge

    Ok... I think I'm going to do a cover (i e new arrangement) of Nick Drake "Voices" - It might take a while so in the meantime listen to the fantastic song here. This video plays his original recording - one of the last songs he made.... - it is a very soft and nice song and I think I'm going to use electric guitars and going all Rock on it! :-) (His version is perfect as it is so no need to try to get close or similar of it. Better trying to do my own thang...)
  11. 2016 challenge

    I always use headphones... No-one gets hurt! :-)
  12. Something Wicked This Way Comes

    I love black transparent and that's heavy!
  13. Show us your new Shishkov thread!

    Have we seen all of the finished six first Ultimates yet?!?
  14. Show us your new Shishkov thread!

    Black transparent quilt and ebony... Just like I like it!! Sweet!!! (Congrats!)
  15. It is my custom ordered Black trans Studio Custom, from the spring of 2007. <--- The one in my avatar on the left.... I paid just about $ 3000, including shipping and taxes (to Sweden). As it is just about perfect and priceless etc it is the best buy I have ever made. I am truly one lucky guy, forever thankful to the Hamer workshop staff.