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  1. I wonder if he has the half-case to go with it.
  2. Thundersteel


    Sold pending payment to Bigolsparky! He was the first to reply, so he gets them. My apologies to anyone else who wanted them.
  3. Hey man. I’ll take the GHS 10-46 sets if any are available.

    1. Thundersteel


      Another member posted right before you did, and he wants all of them. My apologies to you.

  4. I'm making the switch from 10s to 9s, so I have 29 sets of strings I need to let go. This is what I have: 6 sets of GHS "Boomers," 10-52, set GBTNT; 17 sets of GHS "Boomers," 10-46, set GBL, and 6 sets of D'Addario XLs, 10-52, set EXL140. I'm asking just actual shipping costs.
  5. Separated at birth?
  6. Thundersteel

    PIF: Zoom G5

    I'll take it.
  7. Sorry, but not with that mole above her lip. I'd rather "turn the Paige!"
  8. That's a great price! If I didn't already own one, I'd get this in a second!
  9. Mediocrity is something I strive for, but can't quite reach that level!
  10. Three times in the past two weeks, (twice with the Post Office; once with FedEx), I've been getting someone else's deliveries. Correct address, but not my name. No one near me has that name, either. One of these was a Dell computer! All have been returned to sender, but it's very odd. Edit: Just received another one from FedEx today. I have no idea what's going on!
  11. Thundersteel

    Just Standard stuff from MusicZoo

    Dots don't do it for me--I need crowns (or blocks, traps, etc.)!
  12. Thundersteel

    Cleveland Rocks! Or does it?

    Ian Hunter said it rocks...
  13. Thundersteel

    Ordering from Mike - #106 - Maverick or double cut?

    While I like my LPs, I like the versatility and easier upper fret access of my double-cuts.