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  1. Guitarist for Motorhead & Fastway. Daily Mail UK
  2. I currently have both (sort of). My "ES Les Paul" is actually a Heritage H-157, which is modeled after the LP Supreme; I think the ES Les Pauls are constructed similarly. The Heritage has a slightly "woodier" and airy sound. I don't remember getting feedback from either; they both have Seth Lover pups. As for feel, the nod goes to the Artist due to easier upper fret access.
  3. New Judas Priest album

    JP has been one of my favorite bands, but the new song isn't doing anything for me.
  4. Gibson QC.

    I bought 3 new Gibsons last year. All of them had glaring finishing flaws. If I wouldn't have got them for "below used" prices, i would have sent them back immediately.
  5. I'll warn my sister...
  6. Reverb/Delay Pedals anyone using one?

    Both of my amps have tube-driven spring reverb--no pedals needed! I will not buy an amp without reverb--to me, they sound odd without it.
  7. On my Reverb account, my "store" policy is a 48-hour approval period. If I don't hear anything from the buyer after that period, it's theirs.
  8. It's...a Marshall!

    Yes, because: 1. The Swart sounded best when cranked; since my wife is mostly at home, I don't have the opportunity to turn it up as often as I'd like. 2. The Mesa LSS didn't have enough gain for me. 3. The Mercury's Tone controls are inactive when the gain control is set to boost. The new Mercury V doesn't have that problem.
  9. It's...Orange!

    Not at the moment--it sounds good as is.
  10. It's...a Marshall!

    I've had as many as four. I also used to have a Swart STR (great amp..when cranked!), a Mesa Lone Star Special, and a Carr Mercury. I think these two should suffice for the time being.
  11. It's...Orange!

    I noticed that. I didn't think my playing was so sloppy! Only four are preamp tubes; two are for the reverb send/return, and the other one goes to the effects loop. It does sound good!
  12. It's...a Marshall!

    Some of you have read my "It's...Orange!" post, and I mentioned that I stupidly sold my Marshall DSL50. Well, a day after I bought the Orange, a DSL50 came up on Reverb for a good price. I made an offer, and it was accepted. I just received it yesterday. Condition-wise, it's in the same shape as the one I sold (almost like new). The good things, though, are that I paid less for this one than what I sold mine for; plus, it's a model year newer! It has the same sound I remember from my other one. I don't see this going anywhere soon!
  13. Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    I asked for a couple of small, inexpensive things, and got them. If I want/need something, I usually get it myself anyway.
  14. Merry Christmas

    Just remember the Reason for the season!
  15. Looking ahead to 2018.

    I've had a revelation--the more guitars I have, the less they get played; so I'm going to thin down my collection even more. I've recently sold three guitars, with plans to sell a few more.