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  1. Spill it. One of the best sounds I ever heard, Les Paul> Rangemaster> band master silver front> marshall 4x12 > godly grindy crunchy hair straight fooking glorious.
  2. L500 is kinda built in a traditional form of a humbucker, mag in the middle, two coils side by side up on top, etc. While a L90 is built totally different, coils are on there sides, like and old EB0 bass pickup. The L90 is very HiFi and articulate, where the L500 is just a great modern humbucker, designed way ahead of its time, duplicated, but never replicated. Like a emg without the sterile, battery. More flavour.
  3. Kurt, questions. A. what are the controls up on front B. If it is a slave, power amp.... 1. why a effects loop 2. does power amp in, in the "loop" defeat all controls up front, end result just pure 100 watt+ power ?
  4. He is the marketing team. Seriously. All those robot tuners? Him. That F&^#%kng Xbird thing? totally Him. Anything that is deemed shit? guess who...
  5. Gibson The Paul?

    that is common. stamped prior to sealer and finish.
  6. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    If Henry relinquishes his tier (major share holder) to Bob Merriman, (second in share holdings, CEO of Epiphone) there may be hope. Bob is good ppl, and would steer the ship right out of the abyss
  7. Gibson The Paul?

    That issue of "The Paul" is basically the incarnation of the studio soon to follow. Good budget Les Paul, "LesPaul" sound. go try it out. not bad of a buy for a usa Gibson.
  8. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    that is why they bought Garrison, for the extra bump in stika spruce wood share, nothing else except for the write off.
  9. check the CPA cavity to see if its Korina or Mahogany Very Nice!
  10. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    I see what you did
  11. Locking tuners for 2017 Special Jr

    Ping, more than likely.
  12. Screw size for plate screws ?