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  1. murkat

    Under the paint

    and or, remove a tuner, see if there is any other paint, or do a scrape, sand where the tuner sits (?)
  2. shit sound with a shit ground.... that is something you will never forget.... argh.
  3. murkat

    Studio Custom Tone Questions

    try a set of Pure nickle strings instead of those bright as hell Xls, then magnet swap to a sand cast A2 from the stock A5 . That will warm it up a bit.
  4. https://guitarelectronics.com/humbucker-ring-mounting-screws-long-black/ same as Gibson, Hamer
  5. murkat

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    yes it is.
  6. Not your typical 4 digit Standard.
  7. murkat

    Black beauty!

    G0, plain top (mostly), R0 book matched flame top.
  8. A. Sign up, create an account on USPS, https://www.usps.com/ you will only be able to use USPS priority. If you "know", have a social type relationship with your post office personnel..., enter weight plus 4 oz., do not enter box dimensions, ins. if any, choose your packing. Price will be about 1/3 rd to half if you had just walk up to counter with unlabeled box. use your paypal account to pay. Print your own label, buy a can of 3m 77 to adhere label. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Super-77-Multipurpose-Spray-Adhesive/?N=5002385+3293242460&rt=rud Home depot, about 9 bucks.
  9. murkat

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    investors will not accept henry's terms. Ball is is in there court. no pun intended.
  10. murkat

    Ottawa luthier recommendation

    Rising tongue never really goes away. the neck jointed area swells and contracts as the weather changes, causing the rise. refret, replane the board, the chance of a returning rise is still there. Roll the dice, no guarantee.
  11. murkat

    Even more Gibson fun.

    Henry ripped off many vendors, Schaller being one of them, Duncan another. Duncan was shipping pickups (Slash) COD at one time in fear of not being payed. Specs would change on the fly due to accounts un paid. Gotoh and Ping hardware in lew of Schaller.... there are others. More lawsuits on the table, the more it hurts. The name Gibson will be fine, Henry on the other hand, will not. yup,, a pie slice
  12. murkat

    A couple of LP questions ...

    USA Plant guitar tail piece is making up the break angle. do not let the strings rest on the backside of the bridge, make sure there is at least a paper width of clearance between string and backside edge of bridge. that is why the tail piece is so "high".
  13. murkat

    T-Top Pickups

    On T-Tops character? even low wind, T-Tops have this gritty chime to them when pushed, then a nice 3d harmonic clean tone when relaxed. My 72' LPC is stock, the Bridge T-Top is hotter than most, 8+ k, still very T-Top ish with a lil more growl to it. They, the guitar sounds amazing. Even potting, re potting them did not change anything about them. Bench mark.