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  1. I have a ES LP, recently purchased for the CME blowout a thon. I got it fairly cheap... To back up a bit, The FIRST one CME delivered was junk. I called CME, returned the first one, got the second one. The second one is good to go. The ES LP is like a mini 335 / 336 hybrid. it is stupid light and not neck heavy. Issues. Fretwork. High spots, low spots. terrible. I took care of that. Pickups. even potted, they squealed under high gain. Replaced as well as the cpa, built to my specs. ABR bridge. apparently they have titanium bridge saddles... way too tingy on the notes. replaced with oldschool steel and or brass saddles. Better. Tail piece. Stock was the historic light, tingy sound (again) swapped out to a heavy, brought in some thump and girth to the tone. Neck. about the size of an almost 58' carve. I can deal with that... kinda. (the first one I got that I returned was HUGE) All in All, I like it. semi woody tone, light, chunks. It rocks. Nice addition to my LP family. A tottaly different guitar, tone print compared to a Hamer semi hollow Artist due to a carved maple top, construction, etc..
  2. You like Johns Playing? Your a fan? just askin. ( I know people, just ask Bubs when Jack walked up to me, blew him away )
  3. Best Cab to use with Axe-Fx II?

    Me bad. But, I did not want to edit, welch on my own passion in regards of. The bubs rabbit hole is real and deep
  4. Best Cab to use with Axe-Fx II?

    Yup, I am back, and less intoxicated, and more focused. Here's my experience and background. In the late 80's, thru early 2000's I built a stereo rack guitar system. A Top shelf system that bradshaw and Steve Stevens would give a thumbs up on. Later in life came the Axe Fx. I purchased and a controller. Cloned my tones, my vintage Marshalls, my pedals into the Axe Fx. (except my A/DA Flanger). Sold all the rack gear, pedal board, vintage Marshalls, etc. Kept my Marshall cabs. Tried the FX thru a PA type system, it was.... Okay, but "something" was missing in the mix. Percussion. The "notes". The guitar. Purchased a mesa tubed power amp, into the marshall cabs. Most that was lost that was missing has 90% returned. Basically I micro sized my Rack system with a tolerable sound and "feel" at a hefty cost. Axe FX II released. I was told by Axe people that I would be able to transfer all programs from Axe 1 to Axe 2 with no problems and have the added benefit of separate engines of FX and amp sims. I bit. Sold my FX1 to fund FX2. transferred files, settings, etc. Nope. All my presets gone, all my models of my now sold Marshalls gone. I am stuck re programming a new system (74 hours into Axe Fx I) and who knows how long that is going to be and how close I was going to get. I was crushed. Broken. SALTY. Presently, I am back to a couple of Marshall type heads, and cabs. Pedals that rival the past Rack processing gear I use to have. I have recaptured my own tone print for the most part. Lesson learned (at a very High cost). The Axe Products are wonderful tools. Troubadours, gigging Guitarists around the world rely on them 100%. You can get close to what your use to, a marshall 1/2 stack, with a bunch of bells and whistles. But you will end up with only a few programed tones with some fx, something that you are already using. If your in a band that goes from Black sabbath to Queen to Dire Straights to The police to Jefferson Airplane night after night, Axe FX make sense. any hit sound a foot stomp. Then you might as well have a solid state monitor, and a feed direct to the board, that is what the foremention usually do. If your application is "you" with some added features, I suggest a tube power amp and cab for that stage sound and feed to mixer. But, do not get rid of your Head and cab and stuff. You will eventually go back. Dweezil's rig. Even if your not into D, the rundown of is pretty much spot on into the rabbit hole.
  5. Best Cab to use with Axe-Fx II?

    your going down a slippery slope. Been there done that. If you wish to retain any of "your" tone, Axe FX > tube power amp> your 4x12 cabs. midi foot controller of your choice. Personally, if your into hours and hours and then even more fucking hours into patching, editing, deliberating, analizing, hair pulling agony, go for it. Ben there done that. And I am just waiting for those who will chime in and say the positives.... Don't get me wrong, it is a great unit. A unit that will suck your sanity and wallet away. Marshall, effects loop, 4x12 cabs, plug in and dialed in, go! I have to go now, here they come.....
  6. It was a nice place till Harmony Central shut down, thebrentrocks migration was real.
  7. NGD: A Looong time coming.

  8. The Dead Weather

    Sounds like something Jack white would do... wait a minute....
  9. Gibson QC.

    300+ per day (usa plant) Plus add in the factor of un skilled general labor with no training what so ever.
  10. Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    selfishly..... one of the CME blowouts. the first one, sent it back with a laundry list of wrongs, they sent me another and I like it. from the family, flannel, my favorite bottle of scotch, and amazon's alexi.... I don't know about that one, still on the fence with that. The real gift(s) are in the works thou.... a pair of old man and old woman chairs... we went and got fitted for a couple of Stressless recliners
  11. A = 432hz vs A = 440hz

    When I was younger... attempting to play guitar, learning, playing along with records, tapes, etc. One album struck me odd.... Scorpions, Animal magnetism. The tuning is sharper than 440. Baffled me for the longest time. why....
  12. I thought it was perfect for you.
  13. A = 432hz vs A = 440hz

    take, play your original music, and play it at 432, get back to me. might as well transpose your recordings to 432 and see what happens (and don't tell the misses, see if she hears, feels the difference) I think it effects people who are in tune within themselves, others not so much, but, like many things out there in the world. Personally, I like 432. More pleasing to my ears.
  14. I tried it. I did not like it. It works for you and that is awesome. Some stuff works for some, then some less... But... that PS2 with that Brixon.... ohmy