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  1. Gibson The Paul?

    I think Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys used one.
  2. Alright Gibson!!

    AND live down by the river for free!
  3. P.S. Get the hell off my lawn, you damn kids!
  4. Dantzig Guitars Tulsa P90 Review

    Speak for yourself....
  5. Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    I haven't tried one yet, but the John Page Ashburn has intrigued me since I first started seeing ads for it and it seems to be getting decent reviews: https://www.johnpageclassic.com/products/ashburn
  6. I was thinking the same thing. It seems like a fair price: You may not be getting the deal of a lifetime, but you wouldn't be getting ripped off either.
  7. Cold Shipping Guitars

    Thanks, guys. It's 0 degrees in Chicago today. I think I'll wait for a warm spell before getting anything that needs to be shipped.
  8. Cold Shipping Guitars

    For those of us that live in colder States, I’m just curious if anyone waits for it to get warm before having a guitar shipped? I know you should wait for a packaged guitar to reach room temperature before opening it, but does the weather affect anyone’s buying habits if you know it will be spending a good amount of time in an unheated stoarage area or delivery truck?
  9. Dude, a Kahler would be ridiculous, what it really needs is a Floyd!
  10. Semi-Hollows?

    Lordy! THAT'S going to be a cool one. I think some sort of transparent deep blue or even transparent black would look bitchin' on it.
  11. Bill Kelliher talks Gibson

    I wonder if this dude lost his endorsement deal: Police: Iowa man killed mother with Les Paul guitar
  12. Kaki King in the Latest GP

    Nice little reference. In GP's 50th anniversary issue from a couple months ago, I noticed they included Hamer in their timeline of the evolution of the guitar since they first began publishing.
  13. Another Death Knell for the Guitar?

    So you're basically saying we either need to use less wood or more wood.
  14. An import Hamer neck slapped onto a Hondo body is indeed super-rare.