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  1. Semi-Hollows?

    Lordy! THAT'S going to be a cool one. I think some sort of transparent deep blue or even transparent black would look bitchin' on it.
  2. Bill Kelliher talks Gibson

    I wonder if this dude lost his endorsement deal: Police: Iowa man killed mother with Les Paul guitar
  3. Kaki King in the Latest GP

    Nice little reference. In GP's 50th anniversary issue from a couple months ago, I noticed they included Hamer in their timeline of the evolution of the guitar since they first began publishing.
  4. Another Death Knell for the Guitar?

    So you're basically saying we either need to use less wood or more wood.
  5. An import Hamer neck slapped onto a Hondo body is indeed super-rare.
  6. All-New Les Paul w/ Built-in OD.

    I hope this will be in the Sears catalogue so I can ask my mom to get it for me for Xmas!
  7. Check out Dinkel's Bakery across the street!
  8. GCS, Henry's cleaning house.

    I was thinking the same thing... Almost like those models "playing" guitar in Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video..... At least there were some attractive women to ogle over in that video....
  9. I'm not in the market for anything right now, but that's a great price.
  10. Richlite

    I've been wondering about the same issues with Richlite. A few other questions I have : Is Richlite cheaper than ebony and rosewood? If it is cheaper, shouldn't that be reflected in the price of instruments? What about durability and lifespan? Will Richlite degrade over time? If so, how fast?
  11. Hamer 2017 website updated

  12. Hamer 2017 website updated

    They should just change the name to Hammer, or Hummer, or whatever else they think might help sell these things. There's a deluge of import brands out there (many of which are good, but there's just a lot of them), and no one is looking for some cheap import "Hamer" knock off years after the real brand shut down.
  13. Only $6.5K!!! https://sciacallobikes.com/products/sciacallo-bacio-kiss-bicycle?variant=36861122638
  14. What the hell are you drinking?
  15. Oh, and if you like donuts, check out Dinkel's Bakery across the street from CME! My favorite bakery on the city.