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  1. prototype-fan

    Jazzmaster .... ???

    I forgot about Toronados. I remember thinking they were a really cool design when they came out.
  2. prototype-fan

    What with Les Paul's Les Paul?

    I laugh every time I see this pic. He can even muster the courage to let his fingers touch the fret board!
  3. prototype-fan


    Boomerang inlays and a Floyd, maybe? 😈
  4. prototype-fan

    Cry Baby question

    Have any other gear you're throwing out?
  5. prototype-fan

    Eddie Van Halen in Bad Shape

    Did anyone else hear that Buddy Holly died?
  6. Can't believe this is still around. I'm buying a new home so I'm not in the market for any new gear, but the price seems more than fair for this.
  7. prototype-fan

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    I think he'd be great in an advisory role on the board of directors or as the "face" of Gibson for public relations, but I don't see him having the time to run the company if he wants to continue to perform music. In addition, while having a passion for your company's product is important, there's a lot more to running a company than just that, like financing, employee relations, distribution, marketing, etc., etc.
  8. prototype-fan

    NGD: 1984 Hamer Phantom A5 6 Inline

    Whose autograph is on it?
  9. Purple Prototype II listed in Greater Chicagoland Metropolitan area: https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/msg/d/rare-hamer-prototype-ii-circa/6558244965.html Not a common color for these and seems like a reasonable asking price. Not mine. No affiliation.
  10. No kidding. I've seen plenty of pictures of him rubbing elbows with the spandex crowd and looking like he was having a grand ol' time.
  11. prototype-fan

    For you Gibby fans out there...

    I don't have anything against Gibson guitars whatsoever. I own a couple and think they're great guitars. Now Henry and many of his decisions, I'm not so crazy about those, which is why I found that video amusing because he plays guitar as well as he's been running the company.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/TheGuitArchive/videos/1818885694823348/ You're welcome!
  13. Doesn't appear to be CGI. Check out the pic on Music Radar: https://www.musicradar.com/news/jack-whites-unlikely-new-favourite-guitar-the-evh-wolfgang
  14. I dig the blue hardware. Anyone know where you can buy it or that totally custom?