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  1. Definitely one hell of a beautiful guitar! Not to sidetrack here... but my question being: What's the idea behind a first fret inlay? Is this meant to be the epitome of "luxury"? At least in terms of crowns and from a historical Gibson point of view? When I spoke to Mike recently I was trying to get my head around this (for specific reasons). I had never given it much thought before to be honest.
  2. #80

    That was my original idea. Sadly Mike said no to opaque pink! He's a wise man...
  3. #80

  4. #80

    I can't reveal much at the moment but that much I know: 6 strings, 2 humbuckers, maple top (that I got to choose last year in April when I was visiting the Shishkov Empire) matching headstock and Mike is already on it .I've got proof (and no, it's not a lefty :-) .....Thanks you Trish, for the pictures!!!
  5. The way I understand it (EU viewpoint here) is: Can't import/ export instruments with Brazilian Rosewood period! (But you may keep it, if you already have it and can provide prove of ownership before January 2017, at least that seems to be the regulation in Germany at the moment). Indian Rosewood must be accompanied by paperwork that verifies the wood used on the guitar. This accounts for international trading through customs (US/EU for example). EU trading may be less problematic. Again with the exception of Brazilian Rosewood that seems to be an absolute no-go. My information is partly based on paperwork (NRW, Germany) that I have received in regards to my guitars in early 2017.
  6. Post Graphic Special Pics!

    you bet ;-) edited to add....@serial still mighty pleased it's in THE book!
  7. Saw some nice shite today

    It's happening!!!! ....No 80.......
  8. Some studio time with #0066 today!

    Great story even though I dare say you went with the full intention of playing the Shishkov anyway ;-) I hope we get to hear the final tracks some time. Can't wait to hear back from Mike. Apparently I'm no. 80 ....
  9. From the sound of the ad I believe it used to be mine. Sold it in Scotland (for quite a bit less mind you). I had it checked at Strung Out in Glasgow (nice people) and they thought it was the truss rod making the noise/ buzzing. I'm awaiting a Shishkov now ;-)
  10. DHF new 5track EP on bandcamp

    I'd love some penguins on it. I forgot to mention that there are some Scottish friends on it and a young kid from Syria...so it's more international that I made it sound first.
  11. Hello everyone, I recorded some more tracks recently with the help of several friends. German Lyrics, American Guitars and British amps hopefully make for an international approach to ...well...Rock Music, be it Post-something or not. It's an EP on bandcamp for now. If this fully detailled description whetted your appetite I may point you towards this link ;-) Cheers! C.
  12. cornjulio

  13. Spiderman's axe is gone apparently...I did ask
  14. What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    My wife and I went to see Mike and Trish two weeks ago. I'd never been to a luthier before and with Mike's long history at Hamer and now having started his on brand I just knew I was in for a treat. I got to see what he is currently working on and I have to say I was more than excited. Mike and Trish let me choose the top for my Shishkov, I got to play what I believe must be one if not the original DC-Custom prototype (signed by Mike on the back of the headstock as a pice of art should be ;-) and we all went for dinner afterwards. The whole experience was unforgettable. Thanks, team Shishkov! I hope he'll get to start on my order soon....no pressure of course
  15. The CITES regulations are also not helping to improve any guitar collection in EU... Love that Zebra though. What a fantastic story that they used ripped newspaper to create the stripes....