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  1. Hamer USA Artist?

    Right on, I figured he was busy...
  2. Hamer USA Artist?

    Good luck I pm’d like 45 minutes after and haven’t heard a word yet. Maybe he’s out for the day...still waiting to hear back...
  3. Love it! I will be thinking about it....Gotta see what NOV 1st brings... G
  4. I have heard the same since the new rules. Not only do they confiscate, they destroy the property in question, It is NOT returned to sender under the new rules. I do have a Horror story from a few years back and customs. I will never deal outside of the USA, save for Canada again, EVER! They pretty much Ruined a 6k guitar that had zero violations but decided it was their duty to Maul the guitar and just put the parts back into the case and send it along(I thought the guitar was lost since it had been 10 weeks). Couldn't even file a insurance claim since it was customs and not the carrier that did the damage. Never again. G
  5. Inbox is full for you...email me roane@cox.net I have a proposition for you. Consider this a PM... G
  6. First Act Custom shop guitars are awesome. I have had the privilege of playing through few and they are top notch. Not to be confused with the Wal-Mart first act crap. these are basically made to order and rock it... G
  7. A WHOLE lot LESS! In my opinion they are crazy. Just a post to show it off, Definitely not a go buy this type of post. -G
  8. Where can you get a NEW Hamer Standard? This is an honest question, please provide me with a link or something as I am VERY interested. -G
  9. Those FGN's are an incredible guitar. I own a few and quality wise are just amazing. And Used pricing is ridiculously low. Built in the Fujigen plant = Quality most of the time. G
  10. Do you have any idea what year this one was built in and what plant? Fujigen? It definitely makes an extreme difference. I know it can be hard to distinguish Tokai guitars due their nearly impossible to decipher serial number generation. There may be someone on the board that can help us. I LOVE old Tokai guitars. -G
  11. Can you get Pix up again somehow? I would like to see it...G I may be interested in buying, but want to see it first.
  12. So, here it is: A little pricey, but beautiful.. Here is the link, the Music Zoo https://www.themusiczoo.com/collections/used-vintage-guitars/products/used-1981-hamer-standard-electric-guitar-refin-and-re-topped-sunburst
  13. It has been awhile man, probably at least a year. I had no idea it had jumped that much. I used to ship with insurance - UPS - for around 40 bux typical sale around 1k...CRAZY how much it has gone up. -G