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  1. Keep your eyes peeled in the near future for Diablo I'm overhauling to sell then.
  2. I should post a video of my Iceman. 😄
  3. I'm not like a bee and it's sting, it's a repeatable process. 😄
  4. And that pic isn't even a good one. Check the video. Also, not Rust-Oleum.
  5. That might explain my total disinterest in boutique pedals.
  6. Stike

    Wait, what?

    I've heard people say the same thing about Steel Panther...
  7. Stike

    Satchel's Pedal KO'd

    Their schtick is as much satire as it is tribute-if not more so. If they did what you have suggested then they would cease to be a satire act.
  8. Stike

    Satchel's Pedal KO'd

    Having been to a few SP shows I've observed ALOT of people in the audience that have no clue that it's satire.
  9. Stike

    Happy Fourth of July

    My fifth grade teacher was a a great storyteller and most of my class looked forward to the history lesson part of the day. While incredibly silly the Comedy Central Show Drunk History can actually be fairly informative. Theres a podcast I really like called The Dollop. It’s done by two standup comics and gets pretty ridiculous but my kids actually used things they learned on that podcast in their AP history class.
  10. Stike

    Under the paint

    I forgot to add-I’m pretty sure all the SS models got ink stamped serial #s over the color/under the clear so if it was stripped the serial is gone. If it is a guitar where the serial is actual stamped into the wood then you might be able to still make it out if there wasn’t too much sanding during the stripping process.
  11. Stike

    Under the paint

    If the original finish was stripped before the refin then no. You can try carefully sanding the back of the headstock to see if the the original finish is still there. Use something like a flat pencil eraser as a sanding block and not your fingertips otherwise you’ll creat low spots.