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  1. No not authentic and no not in the same league as places I've been to/heard of in Chicago but it was a good dinner and a fun place, lunch that day had been John's Roast Pork.
  2. The dinner I had at El Vez a couple years ago was pretty damn good. http://www.elvezrestaurant.com/
  3. RTM is sensory overload, so many offerings that looked fantastic.
  4. Cali schmali, what’d you eat in Philly?
  5. Saw Setzer last night

    Those bastards are tricky!
  6. Saw Setzer last night

    You must be looking at tickets on a reselling sight? They make their website look an awful lot like the venue or Ticketmaster’s sites, they also are the first results in a Google search over Ticketmaster/venue sites.
  7. Hamer Poly or Nitro?

    I think in the early 90’s they were still using nitrocellulose for the the colors but eventually transitioned to PPG basecoat paint used in automotive refinishing systems.
  8. Saw Setzer last night

    But when he does tour with a smaller band or there's a Stray Cats reunion it's almost always in EU/UK.
  9. Hamer Poly or Nitro?

    Nitrocellulose up until about 1991. After that a catalyzed urethane clear was used for the topcoats. It was made by Lawrence McFadden who referred to it as “Urethane Guitar Lacquer” because it was a “urethane with lacquer like drying times”. Hamer called it Urelac. It’s acrylic urethane. I think for a time it was also used for the sealer as well. Pretty sure the delamination problems were compatability issues between the material of the color coats and the clear which were as I understand eventually sorted out.
  10. Saw Setzer last night

    He/they played my town just a week ago. I passed since I’d seen the show just a couple years ago. He’s pretty damn incredible. I really wish he’d tour more with a smaller band doing a non Christmas show but that would probably mean smaller crowds, venues, and guarantees for him.
  11. Hamer phased out nitrocellulose for topcoat clear going into 1992 and started using a CAB urethane instead which they referred to as Urelac. Anything 1992 and beyond is going to have a clear coat that will crack/check.
  12. If it’s from the 80’s it’s nitrocellulose lacquer which. Any checking/cracking /wear in the clear topcoat will allow air to come into contact with the basecoat color. If the gold is a bronzing powder like Gibson uses for goldtops it will oxidize. If they used a metallic (not really metal) automotive basecoat paint it won’t. Sorry I don’t know what they were using for colors then.
  13. I don't know if Hamer used the Crescent metal powders or not for their Goldtops. If they did the clear they started using around 92 was more of a cohesive film than lacquer so it's less likely that it would oxidize.
  14. Double WOW Neck

    I’ll third these sentiments.
  15. Malcolm Young RIP

    In my random "what if" thoughts that scenario has come up before, I'd hate for my immediate family to have to deal with that.