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  1. Stike

    Under the paint

    I forgot to add-I’m pretty sure all the SS models got ink stamped serial #s over the color/under the clear so if it was stripped the serial is gone. If it is a guitar where the serial is actual stamped into the wood then you might be able to still make it out if there wasn’t too much sanding during the stripping process.
  2. Stike

    Under the paint

    If the original finish was stripped before the refin then no. You can try carefully sanding the back of the headstock to see if the the original finish is still there. Use something like a flat pencil eraser as a sanding block and not your fingertips otherwise you’ll creat low spots.
  3. First time Starr has avoided an attempted blow... Was the assailant from Oklahoma?
  4. Stike

    For the Love of Seafoam

    I keep wondering when @Jeff R will be adding a pic to this thread?
  5. Yeah but if Clapton or Bonnamassa or Allman or whatever guitar hero to boomers everywhere had done/played this Gibson Custom would have done a run of replicas and people that otherwise that would be calling for the amputation of the hands of the person responsible would love it.
  6. Stike

    Need a Sunburst Refinish

    Thanks Kiz. I’m currently slammed, not taking new work until July. Marty and Pat are great, both west coast though. I think Southbound is no longer doing refins.
  7. Stike

    For the Love of Seafoam

    That one was white sparkle pearl over seafoam.
  8. Stike

    Everybody Wants Some!

    But aren’t pine bodied Teles super tone machines full of vibe and mojo, why not an Explorer copy?
  9. Stike

    Everybody Wants Some!

    No thanks, I’d probably just post a video of that old SNL sketch where Shatner is playing himself at a Star Trek convention and asks Jon Lovitz if he’s ever kissed a woman.
  10. I hate lists/rankings, it’s music not sports.
  11. Stike

    Saw Steel Panther Last Night

    I’ll be the contrarian, I like the schtick. I enjoy SP as a straight sketch comedy group as much I as I enjoy their musicianship.
  12. Stike


    Will do guys, I got picks and fridge magnets too.
  13. Stike


    I’ll get you some soon. Hey Guy, pm me your address.