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  1. What’s the difference between the L90 and the L500? I’ve installed a couple Wilde noiseless singles before and thought they sounded really good and the price is great. The website however leaves a lot to be desired, light on information.
  2. Have a project that is in need of something kind of hot/shredder-y/80s. Has to be white and in pretty good physical condition Dont really care what the colors are on the Rio’s.
  3. '91 Sunburst Binding Discoloration

    Definitely related to a nitrocellulose finish and the binding is also celluloid. Neither are real stable substances and the discoloration is probably from the nitric acid breaking in one or both breaking down.
  4. I wonder if those are made in the same factory as the Eden’s?
  5. I haven’t been interested in going to a big arena show in quite some time. I probably go to more stand up comedy shows than music shows now that I think about it.
  6. Checkerboard Blitz

    Maybe this.
  7. Checkerboard Blitz

    I’ve done a couple where you butt up strips of 1/2” Fineline tape and go to work with a straightedge and Exacto knife, I didn’t keep track of time but it was a lot. The last couple I’ve done I had a sign shop cut adhesive stencils which does save some time but after the black is sprayed there are still a lot of little square masks that have to be peeled off.
  8. Checkerboard Blitz

    Another checker’d Blitz.
  9. Checkerboard Blitz

    I have an old Blitz in my project pile that I want to do a nod to the b/w checkerboard without recreating it. I think houndstooth would be pretty cool but every time I hit the bar at this local mid centurytastic hotel I think the tile work in the entrance is pretty cool too.
  10. Sounds off guard to me. Not a “Shreds” either.
  11. Alright Gibson!!

    You’d save a few thousand bucks that way. I own a car from the 70’s, budgets another $5K for repairs. Speaking of, there’s something at my shop that is starting to resemble that bus, Hamer content too.... Back to those LP’s. I have a feeling if those finishes were on Charvels/Jackson’s/ESPs/etc. folks would be so repulsed. LP’s just don’t seem to lend themselves to shit like that.
  12. Anybody got something in their stalled project pile? Additional specs needed. Rosewood board, Floyd nut ready, rounded Strat heel, 22 frets, 25.5 scale. Angled headstock would be great but not required.