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  1. BubbaVO

    Brennan B2 experiences?

    I'm seeing ads for this pop up, anyone have any experience with the BB2? I'm not sure it's a better solution than a hard drive hooked up to your computer and audio player. Maybe it burns the CDs faster? Or the hard drive is particularly robust so it doesn't crash (like my Seagate w/ thousands of songs on it recently did)? Quick review: https://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews/audio-player/cd-players/brennan-b2-review/
  2. BubbaVO

    Buck Cherry

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ6pLKlU-8Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cABZfkRcQ6A
  3. Good work outta ya!
  4. BubbaVO

    My 1980 Standard in 1980

    That is too cool.
  5. BubbaVO

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    This never gets old.
  6. BubbaVO

    Studio Custom Tone Questions

    Carefully with a heat gun (preferred) or a hair dryer. The JB pup I had was drenched in wax. I heated it up slowly and wiped away the softened wax with paper towels. It takes more time to get at the wax that'sin the windings to melt. Remember it's liquid at that point. Don't be blasting the hair dryer at full speed if you're worried about a mess. Some dunk the pup in naphtha overnight to remove wax- but I've never tried that. I didn't have to get too far to do the mag swap - I got rid of excess surface wax. The magnet was easy to remove and easy to install a new one at that point. There are videos on the net that show the magnet swapping/ wax melting processes. Im not a handy guy. A pinewood derby car is about the extent of my wood work. Hanging out here got me soldering and working on wiring. And not to mention the GAS and AAS. Good luck and enjoy the ride
  7. BubbaVO

    My Opinions on Guitar

    Now you're talking my language.
  8. BubbaVO

    Studio Custom Tone Questions

    My .02 is that the stock Hamer wiring harness is great. As for the bridge pup, l've done mag swaps and pup changes. You can use a hair dryer to melt the wax enough to dislodge the existing mag without unsoldering the pup. You then just make sure your mag is properly oriented before sliding it in. Plenty of online videos are out there to show how it's done. I prefer to smart small - melt the wax on a muffled pup - then go to more drastic measures - swap mags or pups outright. I think the Hamers were designed right. Just need to tweak mass produced pups at times. I like the all nickel string suggestion too. I've gone to all nickel and really like 'em.
  9. BubbaVO

    My Opinions on Guitar

    Yup. I had that itch. So I sold off a bunch of stuff and I'm waiting patiently for mine. :)
  10. Want. But can't. That one is really sharp looking. GLWTS
  11. BubbaVO

    Just bought back my old Robin Ranger

    That is all sorts of cool.
  12. Not if she works at Nordstrom.
  13. Merriam Webster online dictionary, def'n #2 - : a small company that offers highly specialized services or products boutique wineries an independent investment boutique Seems like a reasonable place to start. Note that prices don't seem to be a factor. Gibson - not small, nor specialized (thank you Henry for the life style branding effort) PRS - not small. Shishkov - yes. Small company - handful of people. Specializing in electric guitar building. No amps. Not very many production models currently available (3 - single cut, double cut and 1 arrow shaped guitar; Ultimates are not being made for the foreseeable future) Even my old paralegal (he was only posing as a paralegal - he actually was a professor of medieval music at the University of Chicago) is a boutique builder:http://masonguitars.net/guitars/grand-auditorium/ Hamer - At the very beginning and at the very end. The M-W definition works for me. Although it sure wouldn't work for TGP.