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  1. Why not? It's only......

    I like the new Viv LP. Looks cool. Seems like he grew his hair back. Hopefully the cancer will stay in remission. Can't deny the gold top came out awesome - stellar work... as usual. Yawn.
  2. Did I remember wrong, but did your son go see them last week?
  3. GT is the man! Thanks for posting that.
  4. It's priced about right. Since the seller is open to offers, go ahead and ask if they'll accept a different offer. You never know the seller's situation. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm selling one too. So obviously I have an interest in propping up prices. But I will say that I've researched prices and don't think that Jazzburst is out of line.
  5. Newport with the Seth Lovers. Love 'em. None of the phat cat headaches. Never tried it with 'trons. Never had the itch. Too bad mine has thinner neck, I'd keep it as is. otherwise.
  6. I've done that. I'd show my wife that some gear was on sale knowing that it wouldn't go anywhere. Nice guitars nonetheless.
  7. I've got it bad. :(

    I always wondered about what happened to the Avalon. And if that ever got reduced to schematics.
  8. Pretty cool. She's got the swing down. Weird sounding but readily identifiable. Too much energy to play in the background when I do my wazas.
  9. I've got it bad. :(

    Yup. U#40 has pretty much been the only guitar I've really wanted to play for months. No doubt that I can coax the tones I'm looking for out of the gravelin pups. Despite the large body, it's surprisingly light and very well balanced. But the deciding factor is neck carve is perfect for me. It's like working with a top notch tailor. Mike made a guitar that fits me. So much so that I've put down my down payment for another Shishkov.
  10. Go Tele on The Mountain

    Nice! Enjoy
  11. That's another great guitar coming out of the vault. GLWTS