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  1. #0068

    Yet again... picking my jaw up off the floor. I totally love that angled wraptail. That deep green burst is awesome. Beautiful, enjoy.
  2. Happy birthday .

  3. The wrecking crew

    I just watched this. It's great. These guys come across as genuinely appreciative of the opportunities they've gotten and there's not denying their mad skills.
  4. Newly Acquired Talladega

    Welcome!!! I love Tallys. I hope you enjoy it for a long time.
  5. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    I love the journey. I won't deny that back in the day, the NGDs were some of my favorite posts - twas many a good day indeed. But this is taking it all to a new level. Seeing those pics from blanks to finished product just makes me smile. I won't lie - I've revisited this thread a bunch of times. And it's not even my guitar! Every time I look, I see something different - just now I noticed how the curves on the "left" side of the headstock are an echo of the curves on the "left" side of the guitar body. It's just too cool. We're lucky. Thanks to Mike and Chris and the rest of you who are sharing your Shishkov journeys.
  6. Another beauty from your vault. GLWTS.
  7. That British Thing...

    For me : YMMV.
  8. GC CS Sucks

    Yup. They're just sloppy. And I'm too busy to waste time with them. Sweetwater and my local guy have been good to me.
  9. let me know in advance if you want to meet up for drinks / grub in center city.
  10. Agreed. Definitely some tasty dishes there. Happy hour doles some great mixed drinks. Some of the prettiest girls in Philly hang out there too. Considering the neighborhood, I think they're girls. Lol
  11. El vez on Samson ain't authentic Mexican food. But it is tasty. Not great. My office is a block away. There's another Mexican restaurant a block away - more of a carry out place. It's ok. Frankly nothing I've tried in the Philly / NJ area comes close to the Mexican restaurants I've sampled in Chicago. El Pastor off Milwaukee Rd near wheeling was a neighborhood joint and excellent. El Jardin in wrigleyville had killer marguaritas. My bro lives in Chandler AZ and the food there is crazy good. YMMV. Philly has great bread. The cheesesteaks and pulled pork sandwiches amazing.
  12. There are no good Mexican eateries out here. But there's a ton of other things to do and great places to eat.
  13. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    Shishkov U-40; Talladega (gone). The honorable mentions are the newport, Daytona, TLE (g), DT & mirage - the necks keep them from being perfect for me. The DT-90 and various Studios I've tried just didn't click.