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  1. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Going to be green? Or is that a secret?
  2. Pedals - Neverendingrabbitthole

    Oops! Missed this reply before I posted about the OCD. Stick with what works and be happy. Wish I could follow my own advice.😂 At least I figured out my favorite guitars, Hamer Studios all the way. (without jumping to a price range way too high for me at the moment ).
  3. Pedals - Neverendingrabbitthole

    Fulltone OCD is awesome, and you can get it for roughly $100 or so used. Quite popular, so even though they're great, there's enough around that they show up for sale regularly. Why did I sell mine again?
  4. Super nice! I haven't seen that many in Tobacco, Sunburst seems much more common. Good luck hunting it down.
  5. Pedals - Neverendingrabbitthole

    I just bought a Xotic SL drive, really loving it. I've bought/sold/bought again a few pedals. Lately I'm thinking of trading away a Fulltone Distortion Pro, I love it with single coils, but not with humbuckers which I'm mostly playing now. I don't want to end up having to buy it for a third time though if I change my mind again later! 😋😂
  6. Does it sound as good as the older one?
  7. Who gigs the "good stuff"?

    My acoustic was quite expensive (for me) about $2,500. But it's a Boucher, which isn't a super well known brand. Similarly, in my neck of the woods, my Hamer Studio doesn't get too much attention. I think there's more risk of theft with "big" names, Gibson, Fender etc. I keep a close eye on them at shows for sure but think I'd be more paranoid playing a Martin or a Les Paul.
  8. What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    The wood looks amazing, just amazing.
  9. So anyone digging Danko Jones ?

    Ha! Well, they're Canadian and not even that big here, so I can see how they would have slipped under your radar.
  10. So anyone digging Danko Jones ?

    They're good! Very intense. Been kicking around for a long time.
  11. CD sales vs. download sales: Recent statistics?

    Ha! Yeah, it's not quite the same, that's for sure. In some ways, digital has made stuff too easy. I love my Google Play subscription though! So I guess I'm caught between nostalgia and convenience.
  12. Volume knob

    It's weird, Hamers are known to have good pots that keep the mud away with the volume knob down. Is is possible that someone switched out the pots?
  13. There's a lot of grumpiness about music on this board! But really, there's soooo much good stuff being made now. You just have to dig around a bit.