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  1. silentman

    Mini reunion of HFCers

    I forgot about that one. Next time
  2. Local sale only. If anyone is in the neighborhood - 495 belt MA - we can arrange a pickup/meet Excellent-condition With footswitch $550
  3. silentman

    Stoopid music stories

    I neglected to give the soundguy half a twenty on a gig once
  4. First: 1986 Dokken/Loverboy Last: Dream Theater last Nov Next: Thinking about seeing G3 or Neil Morse
  5. silentman

    Got a Strandberg

    I've played a few. Both their low end and high end. Even played an 8-string. I dig them but the control layout is not the greatest for me. I would like to own one someday
  6. silentman

    Carvin Audio Closes Factory

    Been using a carvin portable 12 channel mixer and a 12 inch powered wedge for years now. Sad to see them go. Always remember browsing their catalogs when I was a wee lad. Their guitars have pretty wicked looking wood these days. Like previously mentioned they are not the deals they used to be. Certainly aiming to the metal crowd with most designs. Unfortunately unless you live near the factory you will likely never see one in person. I've only run into a handful of used models in my travels.
  7. silentman


  8. silentman


  9. silentman

    0050 "Super C"

    Alright. Enough with the BS. Show us the the headstock already.
  10. Keller chapifornian or whatever we wanna call it...
  11. silentman

    Experience share.....Music Man Silhouette....

    I have played many EBMM guitars and own several. They are very much like Hamer. Underrated, excellent quality USA made guitars.
  12. silentman

    Stolen guitars alert

    Sucky. Hoping things turn up. And justice is served.