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  1. Microphonic Minihums

    Thanks. I like sea otters too.
  2. Microphonic Minihums

    How low? Found some that melts at 130 F. After doing some reading, was amazed to learn that body temp "paraffin" is actually "petroleum jelly" (pure hydrocarbon, no additives). You can tweak the paraffin melting point by adding in a bit of p jelly.
  3. Microphonic Minihums

    Wow, had no idea. Did they do the same with the T-top buckers? Have one that also sounds great but with the same issue. (It so does TSRtS-era Led Zep)
  4. Microphonic Minihums

    Ahhhh, so it's a physical resonance vibration thingy. Thanks!
  5. Microphonic Minihums

    Got an early 90s Gibson LP Special DC that has a set of Gibson minihums taken out of an early 70s LP Deluxe. Previous owner had the work done. They sound really great, but once I get past any breakup and dive into distortion, they squeeel like a pig. Any solutions that don't involve wax potting? Would rather not go there. Thanks!
  6. Skynyrd announces final tour

    Yepp. Saw them in 76, and they were on fire.
  7. Aerosmith/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Ted Nugent/Nazareth (RFK 76). Was a big fan of Aerosmith, but Lynyrd blew them all off the stage. Wolfmother TBD
  8. Sounds like a neck pup to me. He normally used a HB-bridge loaded Strat, but that doesn't sound like a SC pup. From the cover of the EP you can see the edge of an LP. Found a full pic of it (on pinterest but can't seem to link to it). Looks kind of like a stripped LP Deluxe with mini bucker in bridge but some blade pup in the neck.
  9. Imho, Deadmen Tell No Tales from that EP is the definitive Motorhead track. They were just on fire.
  10. Master or Non-Master volume?

    For tone, much prefer NMV. With the caveat that the amp is designed to allow power tubes to distort before being swamped by preamp distortion. True test (for me) is to rollback guitar volume knob, and see if it cleans up. If so, you have a winner.
  11. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    McNaught Vintage Single Cut Jr. The neck is just sooo right for me.
  12. Identify my Hamer

    Calling Mt. Stike to the courtesy phone . . .
  13. Crap = Seeker. Got it from Turdus.
  14. Clayton Acetal standard shape, 1.26 mm. Since the early 2000s. Have tried others, but I keep coming back to them.