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  1. Master or Non-Master volume?

    For tone, much prefer NMV. With the caveat that the amp is designed to allow power tubes to distort before being swamped by preamp distortion. True test (for me) is to rollback guitar volume knob, and see if it cleans up. If so, you have a winner.
  2. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    McNaught Vintage Single Cut Jr. The neck is just sooo right for me.
  3. Identify my Hamer

    Calling Mt. Stike to the courtesy phone . . .
  4. Crap = Seeker. Got it from Turdus.
  5. Clayton Acetal standard shape, 1.26 mm. Since the early 2000s. Have tried others, but I keep coming back to them.
  6. If not mentioned previously, would highly recommend reading a book by their recording engineer from that period: Geoff Emerick, "Here, There, and Everywhere" A really great read.
  7. seeker

  8. Simon Phillips is indeed a monster drummer. First heard him on "801 Live", which was a one-off supergroup (rehearsals and 3 shows) that included Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera. Simon was the engine and sounded like they had been playing for years; everyone was at the peak of their game. Still an amazing album to me. Robbo. He was member of Motorhead for the Another Perfect Day album, and subsequent tour. Actually one of my favorite ones. Hard and heavy, but also melodic.
  9. Tinnitus

    Big yeppers here, unfortunately. I used to love the quiet of out of the way outdoors, but drives me crazy now. High pitched whining. Just had a hearing test (2 weeks ago), and everythings fine until 2khz, then it's a rapid down slope. Fortunately my word-hearing comprehension is intact; just need a volume boost. For some, they are unable to to hear some frequencies at all.
  10. Gack. Me want, but would need to move something first. glwts
  11. As for construction, per their website, "You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware." I imagine your choices could answer some of your questions.
  12. Protos - aka Cobra and Maverick

    Yowza! Am partial to the Cobra myself. Not that I'm a meedly meedly kinda guy, but the upper fret access looks to be outstanding.
  13. That's the second thing that caught my attention. Serial number and stated date dont match.