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  1. Thundernotes

    Deal Breakers

    My last band’s drummer was also a sound guy at a local venue. He knew every cliched tune and vetoed those that were overplayed. We were mostly in agreement as a group. We played good recognizable covers - just not the same ones ever other band would play. The crowds liked it and the bartenders LOVED us. Anyone who works in these venues must get sick of the typical setlists. In the event we had to do a tired old song, we put a different spin on it. Weezer does Seger. Van Halen does Van Morrison. You get the idea.
  2. Thundernotes

    Mini reunion of HFCers

    Next time then! 😊🎸
  3. This ragtag bunch all ended up in the same place at the Northeast Guitar Expo today. Teleman Dave didn’t make the shot but he was there too. 😊 (L-R: Darc, Stonge, Thundernotes, and the incomparable Mr Shishkov)
  4. Wish I could buy it again, but still recovering financially from last year’s medical misadventures. The bass is crazy light and the pearloid octave string knobs helped balance the weight. Great deal for some lucky player 🙂
  5. He was a super nice guy. Met him a couple of times 3-4 years ago. The shows always kicked ass and he took time to talk with everyone afterward.
  6. Thundernotes

    Carvin Audio Closes Factory

    They aren't the inexpensive guitars they once were, but they are putting out some interesting work
  7. Thundernotes

    Tom Petty: Early video where he's playing bass (!)

    I've seen a lot of pictures of TP with Hofner basses in recent days. And here I just thought he played guitar
  8. Thundernotes

    Lifetime Veto Songs

    Takin Care of Business, Old Time Rock and Roll, Gimme Three Steps, Summer of '69 and Keep on Rocking in the Free World ...and anything by the Grateful Dead.
  9. Thundernotes

    R.I.P. Glen Campbell

    He was the reason I picked up the guitar at an early age. RIP old friend
  10. Taking every opportunity to jam with players better than me has always been the best teacher. There are also some very good players who will do Skype lessons if you're just out to pick their brains about a particular song or technique of theirs. I took 4 lessons from Dave Weiner (the other guitarist in Vai's band) and he showed me some very cool stuff but the best things I learned were what I didn't know - the holes in my knowledge base. It really opened my eyes and has made me a better player over time.
  11. Thundernotes

    When Venues Screw You Over

    Pizza joint gig with a blues band way back... the agreement was for a guaranteed amount. We get to the place and set up and the manager asks if we have someone collecting at the door. (Oh, and people there for dinner were not to be charged). Apparently the owner had called from the Bahamas and told the manager so. After a brief argument and discussion with the band, we packed up without playing a note - and quietly explained to the patrons that we don't play for free. We told all of our friends in the circuit about the place and they were effectively blackballed. They were out of business within a few months. I'm sure there were many factors but it's fun to think we had a hand in it.
  12. Thundernotes

    Carvin: Quality?

    I've been using a Bolt for years. It's a good solid guitar I'd rank ahead of any MIM Strat and they can be found at decent prices. I agree with the above statements about the single coil pickups. The new Kiesel line is just miles ahead of anything they've done in the past.
  13. Thundernotes

    Saw Iron Maiden Last Night

    Bruce had a bout with throat cancer a couple years ago ( same one I'm currently in treatment for) so I was curious how his voice is too. Judging by the way I currently feel, I'm glad to know recovery is possible. I can't sing a bit right now.
  14. Thundernotes


  15. Thundernotes

    Favorite "majestic" guitar solos

    Gary Moore - last solo in "Still Got the Blues" Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Boston - Peace of Mind