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  1. I haven't read the article so I'm talking out my you know what when I say this but... I would probably try one of those Sunburst Flat Tops If it had a double cream bridge pickup and a sustain block bridge.
  2. Good question. Tough one for me to answer though. I LIKE 'EM BOTH! Depending on the day, the song and the amp, they both have their proper place. Some guys will tell you that the pickups suck. I guess because Seymour Duncan isn't booooootiquey enough anymore. But I think they work pretty well. I usually prefer SDs over the pickups offered as stock in F, G or PRS guitars I must admit, I live a sheltered life and don't get to play a large selection of the same guitar. But the Korina Artist has been my favorite from the moment I played my 1st one. I liked the humbucker model so well that I had to try the P90 version. Just to see which one I liked best. Still can't answer the question. "Depending on the day, the song and the amp, they both have their proper place." Sorry I couldn't help. I hope someone can give you a more definitive reply. D
  3. Great catch! Sorry I ran the price up on you, guess I wanted it almost as much as you did.
  4. Very nice! CITES sucks more all the time.
  5. Hbom

    F**k Snakes?

    Snakes are Ok. But I really prefer chicken. To me they taste pretty much the same and it's easier to get chicken where I live.
  6. Hbom

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    Must be time for another call to The Shishkov Store.
  7. If you are referring to 252240. Humbuckers, not near the top this one has, and a questionable dealer. But 1100 for a AK is a damn good deal anytime.
  8. I agree. Only thing wrong with your price is that I don't have enough to pay it right now. That's a beautiful guitar. Try to be patient, someone will be very lucky to get it.
  9. Not sure if it was THAT ONE but a Chap 12 sold on Ebay on the 19th. They come around every so often. Good luck in your search.
  10. Looks like this one sold. Maybe 1300 on Reverb. Hard to tell. But I know he had reduced it once or twice. Not the big flipper price, but he still made a couple of scheckles. Beautiful guitar and probably worth every cent in today's market. I hope whomever made the deal RAWKS THE HELL OUT OF IT!
  11. That's what I thought. My profile pic indicates that I have already exceeded my quota.
  12. Yeah. This one is real hard to resist. But how many AKs should one old fumble thumb hide under his bed until he's dead?
  13. Oh my! That is nice. I wouldn't expect any of you guys wanting it though. They pretty much ruined it with that GT painted on the front of the case.
  14. Hbom

    Forum Suggestion?

    Yes indeed. I was all set to reply at the top of the page but knew it was going to get too deep for me way before I got half way down.
  15. Shipping with the 3 majors has gone up well above inflation rates in the past 2 years. USPS pretty much quadrupled everything with any side larger than 12". Not sure about the other 2. A lot of it seems to come from the idea that they need to charge individual shippers 3-4 times as much as a customer who ships larger quantities. That's the biased perspective from "some other God forsaken place".