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  1. Looks like it's back up for sale this morning. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-Hamer-Artist-Korina-HB-Jazzburst-Electric-Guitar-Made-in-USA-w-Hard-Case/253305140654?hash=item3afa29b5ae:g:xxcAAOSwc-tY7O2I
  2. I haven't heard a word either. But I think it's too early to worry. I didn't get any e-messages from my 1st order but the pedals arrived in good shape in a couple of weeks. I think he sold a ton over Black Friday and the week that followed. So while my inner ass-hat SOB wants to think about that dude took my money and went to Hawaii for the holidays, I imagine that he is burning the midnight oil trying to get my pedal in a box and headed my way. At least I hope so.....
  3. With this character I would not be surprised to hear that he posted a picture of the bronco in the back in the auction listing, and shipped the bronco in the front to the winner!
  4. Mine isn't. But it was my 1st, and I wouldn't sell it for $900.00 Wrap Tails Rawk!
  5. Posting 10 KB Images?

    How much of this, if any, is a result of the loss of Photobucket? I know that now I load pics directly here that before I would have put on PB and linked. I just don't load near as many pictures as I used to.

    Those are some good looking Teles Bubs. Give me a yell when that Shishkov hollow body is ready to go. You can send it up here and I'll knock the new off for ya.
  7. Looks very nice. But when I cite the new rules of CITES, it unfortunately becomes too far away for me.
  8. You can get it for ONLY $4800 at Reverb this weekend. Does this help bud? Sorry it turned into such a big thing. Never meant it to.
  9. Sorry Crunchee, but I didn't know which emogee to use to show sarcasm.
  10. You can get it for only $4800 if you buy it this weekend on Reverb. https://reverb.com/item/4878526-used-1981-hamer-standard-electric-guitar-refin-sunburst
  11. I saw it last night and messaged those who I thought might be interested. Both declined so this morning I posted to the group. 20 minutes!
  12. On Reverb. Not mine, just passing on the link. https://reverb.com/item/7352905-hamer-special-case#description-tab
  13. That honor has to go to Willcutts Improv doesn't it? I can't recall any guitar that's been there longer than it has.