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  1. Gone before I got out of bed. Probably a good thing. I hope one of you got lucky.
  2. The TGP Thread

    I don't "Like" much over at the TGP But I rushed right over there to "Like" your post. Now I can't wait to go read all the trash that gets posted about you and your Wang.
  3. TDC - Craig MacGregor

    Bummer! Getting to be a long list of bummers this year and it's only mid Feb.
  4. Anyone into Wang?

    I will NOT make a dick joke. I will NOT make a dick joke. I will NOT make a dick joke. I will NOT make a dick joke.
  5. Very nice. Good price. But maybe an old ad "Hamer is custom shop only now, so you can't get these anymore."
  6. No Newport? Hmmmmm.
  7. Which turds were you referring to? The Fenders or the Heritage?
  8. Welcome to The HFC. Congratulations on a nice guitar at a good price. Tread carefully though. Hamers have a way of multiplying that is hard to understand until you have experienced it.
  9. I don't know who bought it. But I'll bet 3 HFC picks that they are going to enjoy it. Love those Korina Artists!

    Bubs, I thought you were planning to have that guitar shipped to me. Remember? So I could knock the new off of it for ya.
  11. Hidden Truss Rods

    I didn't get to go to NAMM this year but there's a rumor that one of the big three, you can guess which one, has a new truss rod with a battery operated step motor that will keep the neck "perfect" for all players all the time! I guess it works in conjunction with the auto tuners and the new Perfect Tone pots.
  12. CoC Last Night. Short video, NSFW

    Nice pics Ting. bet you had a gooood time!
  13. 96 Studio incoming

    Nice looking Studio. Conrats.
  14. If there is a schedule I haven't figured it out. But it seems that the current program is to post new pedals immediately after I leave and sell out of the one I'm looking for just before I come back. But since I've already bought more Lovepedals than I can ever justify, it's just a game now. Catch as catch can or wait until the next round.